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Sentinel Plane Review – Hawk Freedom Squadron, Rank X, Level 240

Currently, the “Time is Matter” event is happening in Hawk Freedom Squadron.  Through opening chest, you have a chance to win the Sentinel plane which optimizes your contest run to win the Arcadia plane. You can watch my video review of the Sentinel plane here: Sentinel’s General Information Sentinel requires 120 cards to unlock.  Afterward, […]

Sac Anime 2019 Review (Sacramento, California)

NorCal Anime Fun for Anyone My first time at SacAnime was last January for their Winter 2018 convention. I really didn’t know what to expect for Northern California. Comic-Con has it all sewn up but is hardly user-friendly anymore. I liked it so much, I’m back again for Winter 2019. Why Sacramento? I wished to […]

Atelier Crenn Review (San Francisco, CA)

December 7, 2018, was a fortuitous evening at Atelier Crenn, but we wouldn’t know this until the next day. My husband, Kenn, has a few hobbies and the most expensive, albeit the most exquisite one, is fine dining. A very humble beginning for both us, combine with intentionally living beneath our means, allows us to […]


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