I’m a user of the Joovv Max Red Light Therapy. After doing a lot of research, I recommended the Joovv light to my parents who both have had some health challenges. The research and videos made sense to them. Thousands of studies over 30+ years, with ongoing research backing up the claims of Red and NIR light therapy. Dr Michael Hamblin, PhD Associate Professor at the Harvard School of Medicine, is on the advisory board for the Joovv light.

And…Dr. Michael Hamblin is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of light therapy with over 300 published studies on photobiomodulation. So, they bought the Joovv Max based on these studies. I bought a Joovv Max, as well. So this review will include my own direct results and my parents’ experiences.

My parents and I have been consistently using the Joovv Red Light Therapy nearly every day for several months now.

We became interested in Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy because of its claims of:

  • Rejuvenating, smoothing, and Plumping the skin…on the entire body
  • Healing nerve damage
  • Fading stretch marks
  • Healing the organs, with a special interest in the kidneys
  • Enhancing brain function
  • Regrowing Hair and preventing future hair loss
  • Increasing sex hormones
  • Reducing pain
  • Healing damaged bone, tendon, and muscle
  • Anti-inflammatory property that promotes weight loss, especially around the belly
  • Improving the retinas and as a possible pathway to the brain thru the eyes
  • Increasing recovery time from physical activity and enhancing athletic performance…even though none of us are serious athletes
  • Medical-Grade
  • FDA cleared

I started out this experiment with quite a laundry list of hoped-for outcomes. If the results I ended up with were similar or even the same as in the thousands of studies backing up this light, this investment of time and money would prove well invested. These are all significant issues and their solution, in one piece of equipment would be simply amazing.

DISCLAIMER: In posting this review, know that I’m not a doctor or medical provider, I’m not endorsing Joovv Red Light as a substitute for seeking medical treatment, and I don’t work for Joovv. My opinions are the result of my own experience and results and my parents’ experiences and results from using the Joovv Max light.

Mounting Joovv Light

We mounted it on a wall by first finding a stud and drilling a hole and anchoring a molly bolt to hang it from so the wall can safely bear the weight the Joovv light in place. This weighs quite a bit; it’s over 45 lbs. There are rubber knobs on the back to keep the Joovv away from the wall so the fans can keep the light cool while operating. Because I’m invested in keeping my Joovv light in top condition for many years of use, I placed a thin strip of wood at the top to further ensure this gap and to keep the Joovv in as vertical a position as possible.

Joovv Light Review – Does it Work?


The first time I used the Joovv light I timed it for 12 minutes on the front and 12 minutes on the back. I stood approximately 6 inches away from the surface. About 2 minutes in, I noticed a very subtle vibrating sensation inside my skin and body. It wasn’t alarming, and was, in fact, quite pleasant.

Red and NIR light therapy is energy-driven at the cellular level, so it stands to reason that this energy, and its absorption by the chromophores in the mitochondria of my cells, was producing this sensation.

Incidentally, I’m very sensitive to energies. My acupuncturist always feels gratified when I can tell her where the energy is moving after she places the needles…since she rarely gets this kind of feedback. So, if you’re like me you will probably feel this subtle energy, too. Neither of my parents has reported feeling this, but I hardly think it matters for the outcome. Again, it was very pleasant, I consistently noticed it after 2 minutes, and it’s a very alive feeling.

In one of his video interviews by Dr Mercola, Dr Michael Hamblin mentions that red and NIR lights heat up a bit.  I would agree with this. I felt some heat, but it wasn’t excessive. It felt like a warm bath of around 102º F. By comparison to the far infrared lights, which are used in physical therapy, this heat is nominal and won’t hurt you since the Red and Near Infrared light frequency is not thermal. This heat is from the LED lights and I suppose this is why it has built-in fans.

I’ve been using my Joovv Max for over 50 days, and my parents have, too. Admittedly, they have been more diligent with getting their daily use in where I have had times where either my work or just life kept me from using it every single day.

Despite this, we all noticed many of the same things and a few different things based on our individual health. I wasn’t too worried about this as the nature of red and Near Infrared light, therapy creates a mass signally event that can last for up to several weeks after a single exposure. Skipping a day, or even a few days, is not critical if you are using this for individual optimized health. Assuming you are not an Olympic-grade athlete in training or have critical health issues related to healing and organ function, you should be fine. This is supported by the studies.

I do value having a structured routine and I actually prefer not to be knocked off of my routine as this interruption can interfere with my many goals.

Joovv Max Product Images

Joovv Max front view

Joovv Max front view

Joovv Max close up view

Joovv Max close up view

Joovv Max side view

Joovv Max side view

Joovv Max remote control view

Joovv Max remote control view


After the 4th day of consecutive use, I noticed that the skin on my face was smoother and plumper like it was when I was younger. My face looked firmer, had a more refined texture, and smoother overall…even around my eyes.

By the 6th day of consecutive use, I noticed something interesting.

Now, this may be a bit of too much information, but I’m being pragmatic here.

What I noticed was that the skin of my breasts was, well, firmer. At first, I thought I was simply retaining water and my breasts were fuller and tighter because of this, but no, it was just that the skin on my breasts firmer and tighter.

I really hadn’t expected this to really be noticeable, but there it was and it has remained. Will it replace breast rejuvenation surgery? No, it will not. Have my stretch marks healed and closed up? No, this will require CO2 Laser treatments to fully seal them back together deep in the dermal layer of the skin. Is this still helping my breast look better? You bet!!! But you don’t get to see.

I also noticed my entire skin felt really soft without me putting on any creams or lotions.

I caught a glimpse of my own leg in a mirror and noticed it looked smoother and firmer, like a younger woman’s leg.

I know this is what I wished would happen, but a part of me really didn’t think it would be this noticeable. Do I have the skin of a 23-year old, no…or at least…not yet. I’m keeping at this. I’m curious to see the effects of long-term adherence for a full optimization of the Joovv light. The outcome of a good routine is like birth control; that consistency counts!

My neck is a real challenge and I’ve noticed it feeling thicker, less crepey, and looking smoother. It doesn’t look really crepe-y anymore and I’m very impressed. It literally feels thicker and firmer like it did when I was in my 30s.

My mom had back surgery three years ago, and despite this, she’d been unable to walk or exercise much due to unresolved pain from this surgery. When she started using the Joovv light she told me that within only a few days of use, she started feeling these twinges of nerves on her back in the area of the surgery. She said it felt like the nerves were healing. She’s felt less pain and the pain is continuing to diminish to the point she’s now back up to walking her previous two-miles a day. She feels it is continuing to help her.

My mom has also noticed that her face is fuller, smoother and that her neck is also firmer, higher, and tighter. This had not been her main concern, but she is very happy about this.

My dad is a Type II diabetic who manages his diabetes by food alone and he’s done well. However, diabetes is a terrible disease and it progressively deteriorates the health of people who have it, especially affecting the kidneys and circulation of the feet. So, I made sure my dad used the Joovv light over his kidneys, and on his legs and feet, and this appears to have made a definite improvement in his overall health and wellbeing. My mom tells me that he’s felt hormonally younger. Never a bad thing. And my mom tells me that overall he’s in a better mood more consistently and not so grumpy.

Regarding weight loss around the belly, I will say that I have had glimpses of a slimmer, flatter belly.

There are days I used my Joovv light and that day and the next several days I DID NOTICE my belly being flatter, my waist being slimmer and my hip bones more prominent. But then… I’d have some salt in my food and poof…I can’t tell what’s going on.

Yet, based on the results I’m seeing in other areas, I know it’s doing something good. As a stand-alone quick fix for getting rid of belly fat, I could see this being a huge help if you do not experience water retention like I do or you are better at not having salt in your diet. The literature and research back this up. If you don’t change a bad diet and are largely sedentary, this probably won’t be a stand-alone fix. Based on my own experience and the literature backing up this claim, it will help you help yourself.

Red and NIR light is highly anti-inflammatory and this alone is a profound and compelling reason to try it.

I’ve had some recent health and pain issues that kept me confined to my bed for a year and a half. It was awful!  It’s only been in the last eight months that I’ve been able to get out of bed for sustained periods of time and I still have to watch what I do. My upper body has been especially affected.

I’ve been working my lower body since this was not affected by my recent health and pain issue, and these are the biggest muscle groups of the body. So, in getting back into some form of cautious aerobic exercise, I expected to be sore. I haven’t had any soreness or recovery time needed in between exercise days. I attribute this to two things:

  • My carefully considered choice of aerobic activity
  • Increased Cellular respiration, the anti-inflammatory effect of NIR light, and the Increased absorption of the NIR light into the chromophores of the Mitochondrial that have sped up recovery.

I’m also very happy to report that I noticed a more sustained increase in my libido. This indeed does make me very happy. I feel like myself even more. What I discovered while using the Joovv light that there is definitely a Goldilocks region for use with the Joovv Max…  Finding what’s just right. Too little or too much will not give any results…so it’s imperative to find this sweet spot, this Goldilocks region.

For addressing both the skin and the deeper structures, it’s important to find that distance and length of time at that distance to get the results you are looking for. The dosage of light depends upon several factors, namely the light frequency, the luminescence, and the power. I’m focusing specifically on my experiences of the Joovv Max.

Spending some time at each distance, 6” away from the light to address the deeper organs, structures, and tissues, and then at 12” away from the light source to address the skin, is the best strategy.

I initially made a mistake and it caused my skin to be a bit reddened. It wasn’t exactly a burn, and it didn’t cause any harm, but it ended up being outside of the Goldilocks region of distance and time to get the benefits I want.

This is what I did wrong:

Both front and back, I spent 10 minutes standing 6” away and then for 7 minutes at 12” away from the Joovv Max light. This is the company’s recommended use for this model of Joovv light.

Not problem here… but then I started getting clever. In order to target my inner thighs I sat in a chair and let the light hit me in these hidden areas…inadvertently getting longer exposure on my face, chest, tummy and arms. My face became reddened and it did feel a bit like it was burned even though this went away by the next day with no signs of actual burning.

Turns out what I was inadvertently doing was adding to the exposure time at this distance…and pushing the dosage into a dosage time outside of the Goldilocks region…and rendering the treatment less than effective. I still saw improvement, but not like I did when I was first using the Joovv light more simply.

One of the reviews on Amazon about the Joovv light was a couple who live in Germany talking about getting burned and the Joovv light not working for them. I know why they had that experience and it’s all about adhering to the manufacturer recommendations.

Full disclosure, I’ve been a licensed esthetician for over 30 years, I have a biology degree and I’ve conducted scientific research on whole body regenerative in tunicates. Tunicates are part of the phylum Urochordata, closely related to the phylum Chordata that includes all vertebrates. Because of these close ties, I was part of a lab that was working hard to learn about their biochemistry, their developmental biology, and their genetic relationship to other invertebrate and vertebrate animals.

So, when I began hearing about the many profound benefits of Photobiomodulation, or Red light therapy back in the late 1990s, it sounded like a whole new branch of medicine was being born. The depth of time Photobiomodulation has been studied in the form we recognize today, has been since the 1960s. In the 1990s, NASA accidentally discovered Red /and NIR’s healing capability.

If you’ve made it this far in my review you are no doubt already well informed about the worldwide scientific contributions to research on Red light therapy or Photobiomodulation. Many, many countries, from Russia to Brazil to the US, have been exploring the applications of Red and NIR light therapy for neurogenesis, head trauma, mental health disorders, wound and Alzheimer’s disease.

Currently, and you’re here because of this…applications of Red / NIR light therapy are already underway for neurohormonal and endocrine functions, beauty, anti-aging, weight loss, wound healing. And extreme optimization for athletic performance.

There are already known therapeutic benefits of other colors on the light spectrum, such as blue, amber, and green. Flashing or pulsing the lights at different rates, referred to Hz, is being explored more with 40 Hz of NIR applied through the eyes currently being investigated for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

I recommended the Joovv to my parents because of Red light and Near Infrared Light’s long history of use and many thousands of studies supporting the overwhelming benefits. They are smart, pragmatic people and they raised a smart, pragmatic child, so they were easily convinced.

The Joovv light has a 60-day money-back guarantee, a payment program to make it more financially accessible, and fantastic engineering behind it.

The risk is minimal and the potential gains are many!