Update 2: Our hair mineral analysis came back and we did a review on it, check it out!

Update: If you are using Nutrafol for three months, you’re entitled to a Hair Mineral Analysis ($250 value), and a 1-on-1 physician consultation to optimize your hair-growth. More the reason to try Nutrafol!

Our (My husband and I) Nutrafol Experience

Backstory – Getting Our Hair Back

Both my husband and I have had hair loss issues. My husband is clearly DHT-related.  Without a doubt, his penchant for fast food has added to the chemical load his body has had to deal with, so this was a factor, too. On the Nutrafol website, the company talks about the many contributing factors to hair loss besides the usual, solitary mention of DHT. This was eye-opening, to say the least.

There hasn’t been a significant breakthrough in preventing hair loss in decades and hair loss affects millions of women and men. The emotional cost of hair loss is immeasurable. Silent desperation, loss of confidence, and self-doubt… These descriptions accurately reflect the emotional search people share as they keep up the quest for hair loss products that deliver. Especially today, in our highly visible, follower-measured, and the profile-driven world, looking brilliantly and youthful, with an enviable sexual appeal, is the formula of influence and power.

Hair loss can seize our focus, hijack our confidence, and sometimes end our careers.

According to Global Cosmetic Industry, people’s global investment into keeping or restoring their hair topped $85.5 billion in 2017 and is projected to reach a colossal $94.7 billion by 2021.

Per a study by the American Hair Loss Association, over 66% of men will experience some form of appreciable hair loss by the age of 35. As early as age 21, approximately 25% of men start the alarming process of male pattern hair loss, with 85% of men having dramatically thinner hair by the time they reach the age of 50.

With our greater emphasis on caring for our health and appearance, at age 50 many men expect to have the looks, physiology, and health of a 35-year old. This is not an unrealistic expectation. Looking, feeling and functioning more youthfully is a very realistic expectation for both men and women.

So, my husband decided to have 3,200 hair grafts two years ago and this procedure has been very successful for him. As part of his post-surgical protocol, his doctor had him taking Nutrafol to help protect and grow the new grafts while keeping his existing hair strong, healthy, and growing in the Anagen phase. The Anagen phase is the growing phase of your hair and determines its length.

Yes, your hair has a growing and resting phases.

Turns out, the hair follicle is very much like an organ in its own right with a hair sample revealing your overall health, chemical exposure, and nutritional intake or deficiency.

Tiny capillaries feed the hair follicle and deliver nutrients and many types of hormones to the hair root which is attached deep inside the hair follicle. This includes androgen hormones that convert to DHT while inside the hair follicle.

The least addressed, and the most pervasive contributor to hair loss is Chronic Stress.

Chronic Stress is a major contributor to hair loss. The cascade of pro-oxidation and pro-inflammatory chemicals, produced by both chronic and isolated stressful episodes, easily attach to receptor sites inside the hair follicle directly at the site of hair attachment. During the growing phase, any interruption will send the hair follicle into the regression phase as a precursor to that hair falling out.

The hair follicle, where the hair root attaches, is also the site of many mass signaling events affecting your hair and related to your overall health.

More contributing factors to hair loss are:

  • Diet & Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Styling Products & Certain Hair Styles
  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Genetics
  • Illness
  • Aging
  • Exposure to UV (ultraviolet, e.g. sun)
  • Tobacco
  • Pregnancy
  • Medications
  • Extreme Athletic Training
  • Tregs, a critical component of the immune system, is suppressed, throwing open the gates to inflammation & suppressing stem cell growth in the hair follicle.

With just this list alone, I’ll bet you’ve started to make some connections to your own hair loss.  I really like this medical term, Mass Signaling Event. I envision a Rube Goldberg Machine inside our bodies. Turns out this is a pretty good simile.

Aside from the Inflammatory Cascade, some specific sources of hair loss are:

  • Zinc & B6 Vitamin deficiencies
  • Anti-Depressants (Ironic, huh?)
  • Cortisol, which increases when you’re stressed and during pregnancy
  • Protein deficiency from dieting and weight loss
  • Nicotine, (Vaping, Cigarettes, Hookahs, etc) which constricts the blood supply to the scalp

New science confirms that all of these triggers lead to a cascade of chemical messages that spread throughout your body, producing chemical molecules that disrupt normal hair growth signaling. Many of these triggers have been demonstrated to stop the growth phase and induce a forced regression of the hair… In other words, exert an unnaturally large amount of hair loss.

And yes, stress and chronic stress have different chemical mediators with different causes of hair loss… With chronic stress being the more profound because of its prolonged effect on stopping hair growth.

Chronic Stress creates long, ongoing pro-inflammation and pro-oxidative damage that literally “drowns and suffocates” the hair follicle with a massive surge of inflammation signaling that stops hair growth, the Anagen phase. This sends the existing hair into a forced state of Categen, or a resting period followed by hair loss with no regrowth.

There are many other factors that have a massive, compounding effect on hair loss that are not addressed by typical hair nutritional supplements.

Can your hair regrow after hair loss? In many cases, yes.

Once the cause, or triggering event has stopped, the hair follicle often goes back into the Anagen phase of growth, restoring your mane. However, the turnaround to get back your hair back can take many months, even years.

With temporary periods of hair loss, a full recovery is very likely. But until the triggering condition is alleviated, or chemically blocked from influencing the hair follicle, hair loss continues unabated and in some instances can eventually become irreparable.

Nutrafol to the Rescue

Giorgos Tsetis C.E. is an engineer, and former male model whose modeling career was in jeopardy when he started losing his hair in his early 20’s.  At the time this was happening, he was taking a popular pharmaceutical, which helped his hair, but it drastically compromised his sex life.

His despair and quest to stop his hair loss resulted in the development, testing, clinical trials, peer-review paper, and production of a highly effective nutraceutical that dramatically negates the many triggers to hair loss.

Along with his two partners, Roland Peralta and Dr. Sophie Kogan, a highly advanced and amazingly effective new hair growth nutraceutical have been born: Nutrafol Formulas for Men and Women.

Nutrafol was the 2017 winner of three straight NewBeauty awards and the 2018 Winner of Essence Magazine’s Best Hair Growth Vitamins award.

Forbes, Men’s Health, Medical Daily, GQ, the Atlantic, the Huffington Post, and Allure are just a few of the dozens of magazines that are praising Nutrafol for stopping hair loss and regrowing their hair when other hair loss supplements barely nudged the problem.

Even more convincingly, 850+ physicians stake their professional reputations on Nutrafol and recommend it to their patients as a complementary product to other health and esthetic therapies or as adjunct modalities to maximize the growth of hair grafts and other hair restoration surgeries.

The clinical studies alone establish Nutrafol as something entirely new.  The $88(at the time of review) per bottle price is nothing to sneeze at, but neither are the impressive, consistent and persuasive results.  Many less effective hair growth supplements go for $100 per month.  With 1,500 hair grafts easily costing $20,000, Nutrafol is a more judicious investment if you’re not ready to jump into the hair graft procedures. And if you have had hair grafts, protecting your investment is imperative.

Giorgio now has a full head of hair and his career has taken a dramatically different and satisfyingly successful turn as part of his personal campaign to restore his hair. Let me reassure you… You’re not alone if you are losing your hair.

Benefits of Nutrafol

  • 100% Drug-Free
  • Clinically-Tested
  • Plant-Based
  • Multi-targeting
  • Bio-Optimization – Maximizes Absorption by the body
  • Extract the Most Potent Part of the Botanical Ingredient
  • Responsibly Sourced

What is in Nutrafol?

Answer: Nutrafol’s Synergen Complex®

Despite All the Convincing Evidence…

So when my husband’s doctor recommended this to him, we were both skeptical about Nutrafol as another doctor had recommended a hair growth pill that wasn’t great.  My husband’s hair grafts had been expensive. With such a large investment, both financial and emotional riding on the outcome, we were cautiously skeptical.

We did a bit of research, read the literature on Nutrafol’s website, looked up a few of the clinical studies this product is based on and decided it was solid science.

In the end, we both ended up using it with great success…  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My husband decided he was going to commit to using Nutrafol for six months. As an esthetician, I’d drilled it into his mind that sustained, long-term care is what yields the truly magnificent results. He’d taken this to heart.

So, my husband uses his first bottle of Nutrafol. And then halfway through the second bottle, we both notice he has this dense halo of new baby hairs all around his hairline and on top. This is new as we’d never seen this on him before. It was amazing and very impressive!

I decided to try it, too.

One month later, after completely using my first bottle of Nutrafol, I see this dense halo of baby hairs.

I’m beyond excited; I’m ecstatic!

You see, I have a strong reason to look for a strong solution as I’ve lost nearly all of my hair, twice in my life, on top of which it had been thinning for years.

My Hair Story From a Woman’s Perspective

It’s not just men who suffer from hair loss…  Women do, too.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, more than 21 million women are currently fighting some form of hair loss, accounting for over 40% of all active patients seeking a medical solution. With an even stronger emphasis on their appearance, women have even more life stage-challenges in preventing, stopping, and reversing hair loss: stress, pregnancy, weight loss, dieting, menopause, illness, along with all of the career, relationship, and family-related challenges of modern life. By the age of 60, 80% of women experience noticeable hair loss, with 12% proactively seeking restoration treatment methods.

With these statistics, you’d think that the hair loss industry would collectively respond to this much-needed opportunity. However, in the business ecosystem of unregulated supplements, with questionable sourcing, and non-standardized ingredients delivering less-than-therapeutic levels of product, profits over performance have created a market flooded with many products failing to deliver. Each new product touts hope. This has created a hostage-like situation for the millions of people cycling through would-be solutions and losing more hope as their hair loss progresses.

As a child, I had the thickest hair, but I contracted Scarlet Fever as a teenager and subsequently lost half of it during the year it took to recover. It was a hemolytic-strep bacteria and very toxic. I was anemic, had jaundice, liver and had kidney damage from this. In the end, half of my hair grew back. It has never been the same.

Then in my early 40s, I lost a lot of weight too fast and I was launched into premature menopause…and again, I lost nearly all of my remaining hair.

The Nutrafol website mentions weight loss as one of the many causes of hair loss as a result of not getting enough protein during sustained dieting. This was true in my experience even though I was eating a weighed and measured amount of protein, fats, carbs, fruits, and vegetables. It was clearly just too much, too quickly.

This rapid weight loss shocked my endocrine system and it affected my pituitary gland, inadvertently inducing premature menopause. It took years to straighten this out and get those hot flashes under control.

Independent research talks about your hair being the “canary in the coal mine” with it being a repository of your nutrition, hormonal state, and marking your exposure to toxic chemicals. It’s a very accurate snapshot of your overall state of health.

After the rapid weight loss, a lot of my hair fell out, became brittle, and just didn’t show any signs of growing back. I was devastated! I remember standing in front of my mirror, looking through my thin hair at my scalp, and just bawling.

So one month of using Nutrafol, I’m sprouting this halo of baby hairs all over! I’m excited. I’m massively encouraged.

So, we buy my next bottles, for Men and Women, and keep on going. To date, my hair is growing longer and becoming dense and thick.

I’m so happy!

Environmental Exposure in a Bottle

As I’ve been growing thicker and denser hair, I’ve allowed my grey hair to grow out and it’s rather stylish. I’ve admired the metallic pastels that young women have been sporting, with the Silver Metallic Grey being so dramatic on a youthful face. I decided that I was going to use my own grey hair as a canvas to imitate this, but without bleaching first.

You see, among other things, I’m an esthetician and I use NeoGenesis skin care products (Stem cells), retinoids, have Red Light Therapy (NIR) on myself.

I’m a professional and I know many tricks.

I’m currently 54, but I easily pass for my mid 30’s. Just like the young women using the metallic pastel look on their hair, the metallic silver teal covering my grey hair looked stunning and dramatic.

To do this, I used demi-permanent colored hair conditioners over my grey hair in Silver and Teal. I did this and it looks fabulous. Now, this is aging with power!

Substances that make their way into your body end up in the hair follicle and directly affect your hair.

Nutrafol’s developers speak about environmental factors acting upon your hair’s growth or stopping it. The environment in your life includes your food, the air you breathe, and anything applied to your skin.

This is a huge factor that has not previously been considered as a factor in hair loss.

So, for about four months I renewed this colored conditioner every week or so to keep the color deep and saturated. It was stunning.

But then I accidentally left it on too long; like two hours instead of just 40 minutes…and I accidentally triggered a significant hair loss of my new growth. Augh! Of course, I stop all colored hair conditioners.

I’ve been through this before and I’d come to trust Nutrafol.

I was right to trust Nutrafol.

Rescued Again by Nutrafol

My hair is growing back thick, dense, and fast! I’m remaining loyal to Nutrafol because it has continued to save my cookies.

I’ve included my colored-conditioner-hair-loss-event because it did happen, it threw me, and I’ve bounced back just fine.

I’ve been supported in this by Nutrafol before, during, and after. And frankly, I didn’t expect this to happen so soon! My hair has grown back very quickly and is nearly back to what it was after the first bottle and half of my initial use.

I’ve been amazed, I definitely feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth, and I’d absolutely recommend Nutrafol to anyone with hair loss concerns. It works great!

Nutrafol Clinical Trial

In a six month, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study published by the Journal of Drugs In Dermatology, Nutrafol has been shown to help women in their hair growth.  Here are the results1:

81% saw improvement in hair growth

81% saw improvement in hair thickness

77% saw noticeable growth of new hair

73% Overall Hair Volume

23% Hair Color

23% Skin Smoothness

27% Overall Skin Health

19% Overall Well-Being

15% Stress Level

15% Anxiety Level

Mean Terminal Hair Counts

Mean Vellus Hair Counts

Hair Growth Model 1

Hair Growth Model 2

Hair Growth and Quality

Getting Results You Can Measure

My advice to you is to stick with Nutrafol over a long period of time, such as six months.

Start by taking before pictures from on top of your head, front hairline, and both left and right side profiles sides of your hairline.

As you go along, using your hands to hold your hair back like a headband, look in the mirror to see the new baby hairs as they pop up all over. This is a great sign that your hair is growing.

Use Nutrafol for a whole six months and then take the same series of pictures and compare.

NOTE: Many people who’ve reviewed Nutrafol stopped taking it after one month, feeling discouraged even as they did notice tiny new hairs growing. They didn’t realize this is a terrific sign of their hair responding well. You know better now, so don’t be discouraged.

You’ll do fantastic!

Here’s a $20 coupon code to get you started, be sure to enter this code when you checkout.

Visit Nutrafol’s official website here and be sure to enter your discount code when you check out!


Quick Recap


1. Nutrafol Clinical Trial for Women