My skin has been stressed a lot lately, and holding onto moisture and firmness has been, well, challenging.  Sleep deprivation is the thief of beauty and youth.  Augh!  So I decided to give TONYMOLY mask sheet a try.

Of course this Korean skin care kick I’ve been on has to include those famous collagen sheet masks that are so popular in Korea.  I had to get some and I found a collection of TONYMOLY mask sheet on Amazon.  Got it.  I tried this tea tree mask on a critical day for me, and this is how it went.

TONYMOLY Mask Sheet Review

So, I woke up again that day with only 4.5 hour sleep and looked rough, red, and lined around my eyes.  Second day in a row of almost no sleep.  (Still trying to figure this one out.)

The Routine…

I started off cleansing my skin with an oatmeal enzyme cleanser so my skin would be both receptive to the mask and any cream residue from last night would be out of the way so I could really judge the effectiveness of this mask.

Recently, I’ve been really using my handheld ultrasound device, the Jenu Plus, over serums and masks. Even though I’ve been limiting this to once a day, my skin seemed a bit fragile, red-ish, and blotchy that day.  It could also have been the combined effects of this together with two nights in a row of hardly sleeping.  Either way, I wanted something soothing that I didn’t have to use an electrical device with.  I chose the tea tree TONYMOLY mask sheet.

I like the easy to zip opening at the bottom of these mask’s packaging. Don’t know exactly why, since it seems very similar to other sheet mask packaging, but it’s easier.  Had to really reach down into the pouch to ease out the folded mask.  There was lots of serum left over and I always use this, too.



While carefully unfolding the mask, I noticed the TonyMoly mask didn’t have the little eye flaps that can be flipped up to cover the top of the eyelids.  They just have a circle cut out of the mask for the eye holes.  I rather like this extra eye flap.  Oh well.  So, I just put the mask, on applying the extra serum from the packaging to on my eyes, lips, neck, and chest.  I set a timer, and left the mask on for 30 minutes while I laid down and dozed.

Even as I was drifting in and out of sleep, I could actually feel my facial skin plumping.  It was subtle, but distinctive.  I could really feel it!  The sensation was most noticeable around my upper lift and mouth area.

Post Routine…

Upon removing the mask, I noticed my skin was significantly calmer, plumper everywhere I’d placed the TONYMOLY mask sheet, and my eyes looked brighter.  I put some cream on over this, sunscreen and my usual makeup.  I really looked so much better and I felt younger and beautiful.  My skin was slightly tacky to the touch, not so surprising given the glycerin in the formula.  I followed this with a good quality day cream and some sunscreen, and then my usual day makeup.  I kept looking at my face in the angled part of my mirror that gets true sunlight.  This shows me what I truly look like when I’m out in the natural like.  I was really stunned and very pleased. I looked so beautiful!

Now, I expected this to be strictly temporary, and I know it won’t last too long, but this hydration and moisture plumped skin of mine lasted until the next morning. I could still see the remainder of the TONYMOLY mask sheet effect. I was totally not expecting this!


So, I’ve very sold on TONYMOLY mask sheet.  The mask sheet also comes in various flavors.  I’m going to try them all and see how they stack up against each other. I’m very pleased and I recommend TONYMOLY mask sheet with all my heart!