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Crush Them All Mobile Game Review

Be sure to check out the Crush Them All strategy guide here Crush Them All is a retro-styled RPG featuring fast-paced gameplay and a variety of humorous animation sequences. It takes place in a dark and scary forest and you will fight monsters in a rather fast paced battle system. It’s the perfect party RPG […]

Nintendo Switch OLED vs Original Nintendo Switch Review and Comparison

Just like the original Nintendo Switch, the New Nintendo Switch OLED is a portable system that works as a home console. A lot of people don’t like the idea of using a portable system as a portable system, but that’s the only way they can play Switch games. However, since the New Nintendo Switch is […]

Squad Alpha Game Review 2021 – Everything You Need to Know! SayGames Limited

Shooting games are generally the most popular genre in the gaming world. People love the feeling of being in control of a powerful weapon and using it to take down enemies. Squad Alpha is one of the latest entries in this genre, and it offers a unique and intense experience that is sure to please […]

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