Stem Cells in Skin Care Really Work?

Not because of the stem cells themselves, but because of the secretions that these stem cells produce.

It’s similar to why we buy speakers. It’s not the speakers that we’re seeking per se, but the high quality and astounding clarity of the sound it produces…which IS, of course, the whole point.

Many Different Stem Cells With Many Diverse and Overlapping Secretions

There are many different stem cells in NeoGenesis’ Recovery Serum, each one producing its own complement of cell signaling secretions.

These many different stem cells with many diverse and overlapping secretions, which instruct the cells around them to step up their game and get back their youthful mojo, because beautiful, youthful, firmer, healthy, resilient skin IS the whole point.

Beautiful, youthful, firmer, healthy, and resilient skin is the whole point

Research on the efficacy and outcome of the stem cells and the myriad growth factors, proteasomes, MicroRNA, Heat Shock Proteins (HSP), antioxidants, and chaperone molecules…all of this originated in research of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and has jumped into pharmaceuticals, therapeutics…and applications in serious skincare.

Many products now have stem cells in their formulations. The stem cells used in skincare can range from plants, genetically-reset stem cells from Somatic (body) cells, called Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS), and from Parthenogenetic cells which come from human eggs cells. However, there can be unintended problems from these because of genetic and epigenetic protein-folding issues or the egg cell’s tissue-specific secretions aren’t specific for targeting skin enhancement.

Simply including some stem cells in a skincare formulation is hardly a quick fix.

Exosomes are the Bomb!

The biggest reason I chose NeoGenesis is because of the extra time spent in the production allowing the full maturation to the point of exosome production. This final process, which is time-consuming, increases the final cost of manufacturing. Most stem cells used in skincare formulation are cheaper and therefore have spent less time in the lab and lack this final process. And…it’s this final process where these Stem Cell Released Molecules (SRM) secretions are then naturally packed into exosomes like a bomb of uber-goodness set to release where it will do the best. 80% or more of stem cell healing results from the SRM delivered via the exosome.

The exosome is much smarter, more functional than its denuded, poor-cousin the liposome 1.  You see, exosomes have the exceptional ability to interact with recipient cells and deliver their payload to target cells.2,3 This results in specialized cell-to-cell chemical signaling communication and provides an exquisitely beautiful method for the delivery of various therapeutic agents to the target cells and the surrounding area (the extracellular matrix).

SRM – Stem Cell Released Molecules

S2RM – SRM from 2 or More Stem Cell Types

70% Active Molecules By Volume

NeoGenesis uses several different types of stem cells with overlapping and specific targeting secretions that are naturally folded into exosomes produced by these stem cells. Therefore, they’ve named their patented Stem Cell technology S2RM.

And of course, by using more than one type of stem cells, NeoGenesis is packing an anti-aging punch that is the bomb! S2RM – SRM from 2 or More Stem Cell Types.

And… NeoGenesis Recovery Serum has 70% active molecules by volume. This is amazing!

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Creating significant improvement which is visible requires active ingredients at therapeutic concentrations in order to achieve these results. This is rarely the case with legal definitions of products allowing for listed amounts of active to be at any level…including far below established therapeutic levels.

Ex. An aloe vera plant could walk through a lotion and it can then legally be called “aloe vera lotion.” Will it perform up to established observed levels of aloe vera in therapeutic does…absolutely not. It simply can’t because of the concentration. Quality and other formulation factors figure into this, but you get my point.

Ingredients are expensive, so this is rarely the case in over-the-counter (OTC) products. While NeoGenesis is sold via professionals and medical offices, it is considered OTC since a prescription is not needed for its use.

They named their Recovery Serum S2RM to reflect their amazingly potent skin rejuvenation serum.

Recovery Serum Helps Re-establish Your Skin’s Microbiome

Stem cell molecules and microbiota work synergistically.

NeoGenesis Recovery serum significantly helps re-establish this healthy mix of good bacteria as part of your overall beauty and healing.

Never heard of probiotic skin care?

Many aspects of modern life, from our skincare products, the food we eat, even the water we drink and wash with, contribute to disrupting the microbiomes which exist on the surface of our skin… our whole skin.

This thin coating of friendly bacteria – the skin’s microbiome – is part of your adaptive immune system and is your first line of defense against invading disease-causing pathogens.

These microscopic colonies of good bacteria are what our bodies have been designed around. We are literally designed around a sea of good bacteria who inhabit us, call us home, and live their lives in specific places much like we do the surface of our earth.

We are a benevolent host..unless our lifestyle, stress levels, toxin exposure, inflammation levels, lifestyle, habits, even skincare products, strip away this healthy diversity of organisms into a near monoculture. With less diversity and a higher concentration of the harmful bacteria now in residence, you’re more susceptible to infection. When this stipped-down microbiome happens, this is referred to as Dysbiosis of the skin. This literally means “impaired life”.

With less of a robust defense, this “window of opportunity” is the source of much irritation, recurrent infections, acne, many skin conditions, and overall accelerated aging.

Good Health on the Skin Starts in the Gut

You see, probiotics (good bacteria) and prebiotics (the stuff the good bacteria eat and cling onto) help restore your skin and the gut microbiome. Eating yogurt, natto, cultured sauerkraut, kombucha or kefir are all part of this. Literally, good health on the skin starts in the gut.

This is a whole other article, but it all relates and I had to mention it for a complete take on how you can culture your best skin.

My Results from NeoGenesis

Now you know why I chose NeoGenesis. But what did it do for me?

Frankly, I was highly impressed.

I put NeoGenesis Recovery Serum on under everything else…on clean skin once a day. I chose night so I could capture those powerful circadian healing cycles that exist from 11 pm to 1 am.

I ONLY used five (5) drops each time I put it on:

  • one on my forehead.
  • one on each cheek.
  • one on each side of my neck.

This modest and restrained use really worked just fine. It spread quite far and covered my entire facial countenance…eyes included.

I did put a drop on my chest area and a drop on the back of each hand… But I felt decadent and wasn’t as diligent about this.

NOTE: The skin around my eyes and neck is my litmus test for anything new I test out.

  • After 10 days, I thought I could see a difference.
  • After 30 days I could definitely could see an improvement.
  • After three months…it was really good.
  • After six months, man…it was rocking my world!

Combining NeoGenesis and Red Light Therapy (Joovv)

I even put it on and then stood in front of my Joovv Red Light for 10 minutes so I could jumpstart some major cell signaling. By combining these two skincare modalities, I swear I could feel the biochemistry in my skin jump into action. I really felt it as a subtle, yet clear action.

Then I’d follow with my regular skincare products.

Here are some progressive photos of NeoGenesis Recovery Serum use:

NeoGenesis progress image

By using the five drops per night, the retail-sized bottle lasts on average ~34 days. This is why I’m so judicious with its use.

I have been using this NeoGenesis product for two years now. While I no longer am getting the dramatic changes, I’m maintaining my dramatic changes and heightening the effectiveness of any other skincare product I layer over it.

I am contemplating stepping up my use to twice a day, although it will double my costs.

My Conclusion with NeoGenesis Recovery Serum

Hands down, I would recommend NeoGenesis Recovery Serum to anyone! It’s an investment into me…without a doubt… but I see that it is the crucial bedrock of any deeply effective rejuvenation steps or daily skincare I am using.

Greg Macquire, Ph.D. is the Chief Science Officer and founder of NeoGenesis.

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