Disclaimer: We will be going over some supplements I use in this review combine with Joovv red light therapy. I am not a medical professional and this video is for informational purposes only, please seek advice and recommendations from your healthcare provider on the course of treatment that is right for you. Now, back to regular programming…

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Joovv Review – My 4 Months Experience as a Middle-aged Adult on my Skin and Hair, Part 1

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Joovv Review – My 4 Months Experience as a Middle-aged Adult on my Energy and Brain, Part 2

Joovv Review – My 4 Months Experience as a Middle-aged Adult combining supplements w/ Joovv, Part 3

Some Background for Context on Why I am Using Joovv Red Light Therapy

I’m going to share with you my results about my skin, my hair, my energy level, my cognitive ability, how it impacts my nutritional supplements, skin care products, and sleep. But before I do this I’m going to give you my personal backstory which will show you where my personal benchmark was before I started using the Joovv light.

I’ve been living with a work injury to both shoulders that had progressed into an acknowledge and accepted pain syndrome, in my case it’s Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS. I’ve been living with this for over three (3) years. It’s been the kind of pain that changes your personality and changes your life. Work comp didn’t prescribe pain meds for the pain, so I used OTC drugs, alcohol, various analgesics, and heating pads to get a little bit of relief. Just so you know…for me, CBDs, both topical and oral, didn’t do anything to affect the pain levels. As a result of all of this, I ended up being in bed for 1.5 years due to the pain. I hardly slept during this time averaging 1-3 hours a day. FYI: Constant pain, combined with chronic sleep deprivation, is a colossal recipe for a personal disaster.

I experienced an induced depression, reduced mental focus, memory loss, low energy, hair loss, my sleep-wake cycle was out-of-whack, and massive free-radical aging of my previously youthful-looking appearance.

You see, having been a licensed esthetician for over 30 years, and a CIDESCO Diplomat, I prided myself on looking significantly younger than my chronological age. In the skin care industry, defying the appearance of your actual age is the mark of a true esthetic genius.

I had a few good days, but I couldn’t do normal things like washing and blow-drying my hair, walking at a fast or moderate pace, climbing stairs, or reaching up on a shelf. Any of these things could and did trigger a pain episode that would land me back in bed…sometimes for days on end.

And, I’d always been mentally sharp with a strong memory, but my cognitive focus and memory, both short-term and long-term, were very compromised. It was alarming! You can understand my reaction. Given the situation, my response of depression, tearfulness, and a neurotic fear of being touched, was, unfortunately, an appropriate response to the given situation.

I also gained weight from this sedentary existence and I’m still struggling with this. I’ve only recently been able to start moving around more freely. Work comp, after 3+ years, has approved a series of ganglion blocks and they’re working. This should eventually lead to having the underlying injuries, which initiated the pain syndrome in the first place, being physically repaired by a regenerative orthopedist.

NOTE: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a painful neurological response to injury. The pain response is far greater or in a much larger, or even a different area, in relation to the original injury.

So, when I started using the Joovv light I was trying to deal with the pain, the massive aging I’d undergone from this personal disaster, to help regulate my sleep/wake cycle, make some cognitive gains, and improve my moods. It has done this and I’m going to talk about

Overall Changes I See After Using Joovv Red Light Therapy for 4 Months

Reduced pain, increased hair regrowth, deeper sleep, my muscles, and joints feel warmed up and responsive, my moods are more even, and I feel happier.

I’ve also noticed my skin care products work much better, which makes sense given the supporting science behind Red and NIR light therapy.

What are the Positive Impacts I see with my Skin Since Using Joovv?

Improved circulation. The light blush I see right after treatment is bring nutrient-rich blood to the outermost part of my skin..and taking away waste products. This is called cellular respiration and is vital to any cellular organism’s health. Improved skin elasticity, increased skin tone, and a fuller facial volume; I look more plump and feel like younger people naturally do. I’m a big skincare gadget user. Professionally, we skin care specialists call these treatment modalities, skin care devices, or skin care appliances. And the Joovv is the ultimate skin care device.

By combining my home use Ultrasound, microcurrent handheld devices, top-shelf stem cells, peptide serums, and restructuring facial exercises (many of which I’ve developed) along with my Joovv Red and NIR light (in the biological wavelengths of 660 and 850 nm) my overall results have more than doubled and last these results have far lasted longer. I’ve been just gobsmacked at how much better everything that I do for myself is enhanced when I combine it with the Joovv light. I know the science supports this, but seeing it in myself is so much more convincing. It’s personal and you get this.

What are the Positive Impacts I see with my Hair since using Joovv?

Man, I’ve seen a stronger regrowth of my hair…and I can tell this by the halo of shorter-baby hairs that appear sticking up in all directions and all along my hairline. In time, these spiky, baby hairs will grow longer and lay down…adding to the overall density of my hair. It’s this halo effect that I can see most readily after I’ve blown dry my hair. And yes, I blow dry my curly, curly hair to smooth it out. It’s just what I do and I feel better when my hair is smooth.

I’m also noticing my hair is really shiny and it’s finally growing longer…which means the oldest hairs on my head, being the longest, are staying attached longer, with all new growth being healthier than before.

My Joovv is value added for anything good I’m doing for myself.

Any Changes on my Energy Level?

You bet! My energy level has drastically improved. Now, from my backstory you know that I was in a really bad place for a long time, with the chronic pain and sleep deprivation zapping my energy, happiness…basically stripping me of my life. This has been slowly improving, from a combination of things I’ve been doing for myself. Work comp has finally approved a series of ganglion blocks to treat the pain and it’s working. Combining this with my use of the Joovv light, and my gradual personal successes, my energy level is significantly up and can remain at a sustained-higher level for nearly an entire day. I’ve been very impressed. There are days I feel so normal..and I love it!

Any Changes to my Cognitive Ability, Motor Function, and Brain Health?

Yes, I feel significantly more focused with greater mental acuity.

Now, cognitive improvement, after a life-changing neurological event, requires a multi-pronged approach. I only know my story and the literature that is out there on the Med web concerning current understanding brain plasticity post neurological event. I can’t speak authoritatively about TBI’s, strokes, or Dementia or Alzheimer’s…I can only speak about my experience.

And in my experience, I strongly believe the combination of good things that I’m doing for myself, are driving these results. Of course, reduced pain, improved sleep, more regulated sleep, certain nootropics which I take, mental exercises and technical reading, which are what I am doing for myself, are all combining and magnifying my results. I’m convinced the addition of the Joovv light to my self-created cognitive reset protocol has been the tipping point in getting deeper and better results. In all seriousness, I’ll be continuing to work on improving and sustaining my cognitive ability for the rest of my life and the Joovv light is and will be an integral part of this.

What Other Pill Supplements or Therapy Complements Joovv’s Red Light Therapy?

In the absence of any genetic conditions that induce abnormal responses in normally healthy people, I am unsure of any nutritional supplements or skin care products that won’t be enhanced by Red and NIR light therapy. The science behind how this works, and what we are continuing to discover about this therapy, is evolving and enlarging the field.

By the mechanism in which Red and NIR light works, when used appropriately in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and reasonable common sense of the average adult, I can only see an enhancement to daily health-supporting routines and skin care products.

Mind you, Red and NIR light therapy has a biphasic, which means there is a point at which prolonged use, in a tight period of time, can stop growing and can actually start to reverse these gains. It’s much like someone handing you a glass of water when you’re thirsty, as opposed to having someone hold your head held underwater when you’re thirsty.

How I Combined Joovv with Other Nutritional Supplements and Skincare Products

Use your products after using the red and NIR light.

The reason you wish to do this is to make sure there is no obstruction of the photons of light being absorbed into the skin’s tissues or deeper into the body. When these photons of light hit your skin, depending upon their wavelength, the photons stop their absorption depth when they hit the limit to their biological action in those target tissues. And then these light photons scatter into adjoining and neighboring tissues at that level. This is what is called tissue optics. Full absorption, without interference, is the ideal condition under which to use your Joovv light.

Lotions, serums, antiperspirants, deodorants, oils, and creams can stop this absorption or cause a premature scattering of the light photons before they’ve been absorbed into their target tissues. So this is the reason why I use all of my cosmetic, skin care, and topicals after using my Joovv light.

I hope this has been informative, and useful for your own self-care and wellness.