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So my wife and I have been raving to my mother and father-in-law on how great red light therapy is making a dramatic improvement to our health.  Unbeknownst to us, they went ahead and purchased a Joovv Mini for targeted treatment.  My mother-in-law has been having kidney issues and she is using it for targeted treatment on her kidneys.  As for my father-in-law, he’s not saying, but I think mainly for his hair and libido.  I get it, it’s an embarrassing topic for men…

What is Red Light Therapy?

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My Joovv Mini Review

For our fans, if you have been following our Mr. Product Reviews channel on Youtube, you’ll know that we own a Joovv Quad for easy whole-body treatment.  Shameless plug:  Please comment, like, and subscribe to our Youtube channel.  It would mean a lot to us.  Now back to our original programming.  One drawback on owning a Joovv Quad is that it weighs about 70lbs, so traveling and mobility will be an issue.  Joovv Mini solves this issue since it is small and lightweight.  Joovv Mini can easily fit into a standard hard-shell luggage with no problems should you decide to travel with it.

Another nice feature is that, say you just want to try out Joovv and don’t want to break the bank.  After purchase, now you’re sold on the science and wants to buy more units.  The new Joovv units are modular, what that means is that you can daisy-chain the devices like lego pieces.  To me, this is awesome as that offers various customizations.  And you don’t have to return or “trade-up” your old unit which causes hassle for you (lapse in treatment) and Joovv (no businesses like to deal with returns).

You can hang the Joovv Mini by opting for a door mount or tabletop stand.  My in-laws chose the tabletop, which was a fine choice for them since they have a hard time standing still even for a short period of time.  My mother-in-law would lie on her side in bed and the tabletop stand would allow the Joovv Mini to project the infrared and near-infrared at a negative angle so it is targeted on her kidneys.  They have a very soft bed, for added stability on the foundation of the stand, we put a cutting board underneath the tabletop stand for added balance.  This seems to work very well for them.  If you are someone who has trouble standing, I highly recommend the tabletop stand so you can receive your treatment while lying in bed.

Final Verdict on Joovv Mini

There are both pros and cons between a small vs a large Joovv unit.  If you are traveling a lot and weight is an issue, Joovv Mini would be the way to go since it is mobile and lightweight.  If you are someone who is more or less stationary geographically, larger Joovv units such as the Joovv Quad would be better for you since you can do a whole-body treatment in a short period of time.  A Joovv Mini would require multiple sessions to target your whole body.  In the end, it all depends on your life and work style.

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