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Firstleaf Wine Club Review – Unboxing on First Introductory Box, 6 Wines for $39.95

Video Transcription What is up everyone? This is your boy, mr. Product reviews. And today we will be doing a review on first leaf. So I’m not sure about you guys, but I’ve been quarantine COVID-19 right. 20, 20 worst year ever. No, one’s going out. So I’ve been targeted by quite a bit like […]

NakedWines ( Review – Introductory Box and Unboxing

Video Transcription what is up everyone. This is your boy, mr. Product, the views. And today we will be doing a reveal on naked So naked wine is basically a wine subscription service, where you pay a subscription every month, a certain dollar value. And then you basically use that dollar value against the […]

Imperfect Foods Review With Weekly Updates

This will be a weekly video series review as I’ll be getting Imperfect Foods on a weekly basis. Click here to get $10 off on your first box of Imperfect Foods Week of 06/09/2020 Video Review Week of 05/26/2020 Video Review Week of 05/19/2020 Video Review Week of 05/12/2020 Video Review Week of 05/05/2020 Video […]

Tres Comas Review – As Seen on HBO Silicon Valley

Video Transcription What is up everyone, this is your boy, mr. Product views. And today we will be doing a review on the trust comas, tequila. Uh, so it’s a, as you can see, uh, this is the bottle. Um, and um, you know, if you guys have watched Silicon Valley, uh, there is a […]

The Pawn Shop, Restaurant Review – SOMA, San Francisco, CA

A Speakeasy with a 1920s Cuban Art Deco Theme A Mystery Starts Here At 993 mission street in San Francisco, right next to Monarch, is a Pawn Shop. It’s been there for as long as I can remember. Inside its glass-encased walls are the typical things you’d buy in a pawn shop…guitars, records, bowling balls. […]

Atelier Crenn Review (San Francisco, CA)

December 7, 2018, was a fortuitous evening at Atelier Crenn, but we wouldn’t know this until the next day. My husband, Kenn, has a few hobbies and the most expensive, albeit the most exquisite one, is fine dining. A very humble beginning for both us, combine with intentionally living beneath our means, allows us to […]

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