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NOTE: In case you’re not here for the review, click here for the official Digital Worth Academy website

What is Digital Worth (DW) Academy?

I’m not a big fan of wasting anybody’s time, but if you’re here to find:

  • A get rich quick scheme
  • Black hat techniques to game [fill in the blank] system
  • Building wealth only in the short-term

I’m sorry, but this product is not for you.  All other readers, please read on.  🙂


Andrew Hansen and Sara Young are the creators of Digital Worth Academy.  DW Academy is a ‘white-hat get rich slow scheme long term wealth building system.’  I just made that up name up, but it perfectly distill exactly what this system is about.  The purpose of Digital Worth Academy is to help people build high authority websites where you can monetize and eventually sell it to somebody else for a huge profit.  Depending on how hot the market is and the niche of your site, this can easily be 5-10x your website earnings.  Sometimes ever more!  To make money through Digital Worth Academy, DW helps you in a few ways:

  • Find low competition products in big niches
  • Build small blogs that scale up to large authority content platform
  • Deploy effective SEO (search engine optimization) so your site(s) ranks high in the long term


Digital Worth Academy is divided into three components:

  • Education
  • Software/Tools
  • Coaching

Each of the components are critical to your financial success.

How Do You Make Money From Digital Worth Academy?

The idea you rather simple.  You write reviews on products that are low in competition but in big niches.  Since the product is in a big niche, you’re bound to get large volume of traffic to your reviews.  A percentage of your readers will convert and that’s how you will make money with Digital Worth Academy.  The example I gave is a very simplistic view on how this model works.  And it’s only tip of the iceberg.  Once you’re a member, Andrew and Sara will show you how to rank in Google search using white-hat SEO techniques.

What is Included in Digital Worth Academy?

Digital Asset Blueprint: Lifetime access to all 7 sections, more than 30 modules and 150 “over the shoulder” videos detailing the entire process of building a profitable digital asset from scratch.  (Value: $999)

6 Months Business Coaching: Sara and Andrew along with their team of coaches guide you by hand through the setup and establishment of your new business via live webinars, one on one chats, a support desk & forums. (Value: $3,999)

Commission Wizard V2.0 Software: How we immediately find profitable commercial opportunities for our digital assets in even the biggest markets. (Value: $299)

DKM Elite Software: The tool that automatically finds “corners” of your market where easy traffic and revenue are available. (Value: $299)

Profit Calculator Software: A way to see the monthly revenue potential of any “corner” in your market, so you know whether you should go after it, and how much money it could be worth. (Value: $199)

Digital Worth Academy Community Access: With our highly interactive members area, private Facebook group and forum, you’ll build your professional network and meet real friends as you help each other succeed at this new venture. (Value: $699)

Outsource Staff Rolodex: Access to a list of our own verified staff members who can help you complete tasks that will accelerate your results. If you don’t have time to complete tasks on your own, the team can help complete them for you. (Value: $497)

Source: Official Digital Worth Academy Website

Total Value: $6,991

You are not going to pay this much today, this is how much you’ll be paying if you were to purchase each of the items separately.  In fact, if you sign up today, Andrew and Sara will offer you a discount to Digital Worth Academy.  I would take advantage of this opportunity before price goes up.

Why Digital Worth Academy?  How do I benefit from DW?

You’re probably thinking, if I shell out all this cash, what are my risk?  Short answer, zero, except your time.  I truly believe this is a HUGE benefit to the reader.  From the official Digital Worth Academy website, it clearly states that you have a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.  In addition to that, Digital Worth Academy promises DOUBLE your money back guarantee.  Reader should definitely take advantage of this offer and inquire what the requirements are.  I’ve never seen crazy promises like this before, but I believe Andrew and Sara are confident you’ll be profitable through Digital Worth Academy products. Another product I recently reviewed also promises double your money back guarantee.


Here are a list of other benefits that Digital Worth Academy offers:

  • You get every single thing you need to build a business and income like this for yourself.  Nothing “missing”, no mysterious part left uncovered.
  • We hold your hand through the entire process.  You can never get stuck, never fall behind.  We are always there to help.  We will force you across the finish line!
  • You are getting powerful custom software tools not available to the public. You will have the unfair advantages previously only possessed by experts and large agencies.
  • You have absolutely nothing to lose.  The WORST possible outcome is we buy your business back off you for the cost of your membership and refund your money.
  • There are no “upsells” and nothing else to buy. Everything you need to make this work are behind the login screen of Digital Worth Academy.
  • You do not need prior experience or technical skills to start this business.  If you follow our steps, you will learn as you earn.
  • It has worked for so many other people.  If you’re ready to work at this, there’s no reason it can’t work for you.

Source: Official Digital Worth Academy Website

How Much is Digital Worth Academy?

Digital Worth Academy has two payment options:

Option 1 – One time payment of $1,997 (DW Academy is valued at $6,991, instant saving of $394 compared to option 2)

Option 2 – 3 monthly payments of $797 with the first payment due when you’re ready to purchase

If you are still on the fence with Digital Worth Academy, attend the FREE webinar here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I’m in the program, what other expenses will there be?
You’ll have to invest $11 in a domain name, $5/mo for web hosting, and $37/mo (minimum 1 month) for a research tool we recommend. On top of this there are no expenses considered compulsory, even though we will show you investments that can be made to accelerate your progress.


How much time will I have to spend on this to see results?
The short answer is: We recommend minimum an hour a day getting started. You will learn ways to accelerate your progress by strategically investing in it instead of spending your time, but in general, in the beginning, the more you can work on your asset the faster it will progress.


I’ve never done any of this before. Is Digital Worth Academy right for me?
Digital Worth Academy shows you the entire process of building a digital asset from start to finish with nothing omitted. Even though prior experience (say with WordPress, or doing keyword research) will help it’s in no way necessary to make a success with this business.


What happens if I get stuck during the program?
We’re here to help, in more forms than you will ever need. This is a coaching program, not a course. Sara, Andrew and a team of qualified coaches are there to help you work through any issues you need, until you reach your goals.


How long will I have access to the materials?
You’re purchasing lifetime access to the Digital Worth training, and that’s what you’ll get. Oh, and we’ll update it periodically, and you’ll get access to those updates as well!

Source: Official Digital Worth Academy Website



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