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Update: I did a presentation with a small intimate group of affiliate marketers in my local area, figure I’ll share it with the world.

Full Disclaimer: The wonderful staff at Super Affiliate System was gracious enough to give me an all-access trial pass to review Super Affiliate System 2.0. I am not a student of the system so that I can provide the most unbiased perspective in this review.

What is Super Affiliate System 2.0?

Super Affiliate System 2.0 is a system that teaches you how to monetize (make money) thru paid search and affiliate marketing.  While many gurus and websites teach you affiliate marketing, most of them focus on free traffic such as Google search, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, email, and similar sites.  One of the problems with free traffic is that it takes time to build momentum especially if you’re just starting out.  Imagine getting your webpage on the first page of Google (very hard).  Beginners usually don’t have the patience to wait months and sometimes years before they can monetize their sites.  Super Affiliate System 2.0 changes this landscape by teaching you how to turbocharge your earning potentials and time with paid search.  With paid search, you can easily get your site to show up on the first page of Google.

History of Super Affiliate System 2.0

Is the 2.0 at the end a gimmick?  It is not.  John Crestani, the creator of Super Affiliate System 2.0, had two systems initially.  Internet Jetset System and Super Affiliate System 1.0.  Internet Jetset System focuses on free traffic and SEO (search engine optimization) strategy and costs $47 monthly, which includes weekly webinar with John Crestani himself and John’s inner circle of expert affiliate marketers.  Super Affiliate System 1.0 was invitation only, affiliates who are students of John Crestani and have proven to reach a certain commission threshold are invited to the system.  As the landscape of affiliate marketing changes over the years and the market has become more efficient and saturated, John Crestani realizes that free traffic is no longer the optimal strategy for fellow affiliate marketers, especially beginners and people who are starting out with affiliate marketing.

How can you get your site on the first page of Google just with free traffic?  You can, but it’s very difficult in today’s market.

According to one study from IBM, in 2017, we created 2.5 quintillion bytes of data (that’s about 2,500,000 Terabytes) per day in the internet1.  How can you compete if you’re just one person?  How can you signal to Google that your page is the most relevant and should deserve the 1st page or 1st position ranking on Google?  Very difficult and complex problem.  This naturally led John Crestani to his next breakthrough product, Super Affiliate System 2.0.  This was once an invite-only system due to its complexity in paid search mechanism and you need to pay (buy ads) to play.  However, over the years, paid search such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads have streamlined their UI where John Crestani feels comfortable that it won’t confuse his students (even beginners).  Super Affiliate System 2.0 will show you how can you utilize minimal ad spends and maximize your earning potentials thru affiliate marketing.

Is Super Affiliate System 1.0 really the same as 2.0?

No.  Super Affiliate System 2.0 is not a rehash of the 1.0 system.  Remember, the 1.0 system was gear towards advanced affiliate marketers, beginners might find it difficult to understand.  With the new 2.0 system, John Crestani has distilled all the complex techniques into simple steps where students can follow John in his videos.  In fact, John will share his computer screen so that students can see exactly where he is pointing and clicking.  All the videos have been re-shot and with new content so that it is relevant and simple for students to follow.  To top it off, like Internet Jetset System, John Crestani hosts a weekly webinar where fellow students can ask questions and learn what’s hot in the current paid search affiliate marketing space.

Who is John Crestani?

So you’re probably wondering, who is John Crestani?  Is he real?  I can assure you he is a real person and not just some stock photography model with a name slapped on it.  Like this guy…

Not John Crestani

Not John Crestani

John Crestani

But this guy is John Crestani and he’s real!

No worries if you don’t have the time, I can briefly describe who he is in this review.  For the purpose of this review, I had the pleasure of speaking with John Crestani thru the phone, and he is exactly how he is if you watch any of his webinars.  Genuine, down to earth, and with a very laid back personality.  John is very approachable and charismatic.  He’s been in the affiliate game for quite some time, but the majority of the time now he spends it on educating the next generation of fellow affiliate marketers such as yourself.  He truly believes that everyone deserves the right to financial freedom and that’s why he’s fighting the good fight in educating fellow students out there on how to make it financially in this tumultuous world.  John Crestani is also featured in Forbes, Inc., Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and many other publications.

I can keep going about John Crestani, but you’re probably wondering where he came from and how he got started.  John started from a very humble beginning.  He was living with roommates, and his room was the living room.  And yes, he was sleeping on the couch.  He had a dead-end job with no upward mobility, it was simply clock-in and clock-out.  To escape from reality, he played Diablo 2 the ever popular PC game to pass his time.  One day, he came to the epiphany that there’s got to be more to life than living on the couch and playing video games.  He self-taught himself in internet marketing and made a lot of money doing affiliate marketing (and possibly lost quite a bit of money learning from his mistake, I’ll get back to this point and it’s an advantage to you).  The rest as we know it is history.  The point I am trying to make here is that John probably is no different than you when he first got started.  Remember how I mentioned he probably loss a lot of money thru his mistakes?  What’s nice is that you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes as John did, just repeat John’s success!  This should be inspiring and encouraging news to you, which means YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

At some point in time, John Crestani has been so successful, he wanted to pay it forward, which led him to create Internet Jetset System and eventually Super Affiliate System 1.0.  The philosophy for both systems is the same, to gain financial freedom so that you can do what you truly love and not have to worry about working in your 9 to 5 job.  Both products are hugely popular for both beginner and advanced affiliate marketers.  As the market became more efficient in the affiliate world and advertising tools are becoming easier to use, John feels it is time to introduce to the world his next biggest product, Super Affiliate System 2.0 where he will focus on how to make you money doing paid search and affiliate marketing.

Now that you know what Super Affiliate System 2.0 is and who is John Crestani, let’s delve right into my Super Affiliate System 2.0 review!

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Review

The system is broken down into 12 modules and each module takes about a week to complete.  In each of the module or week, there will be at least one or more videos where you will see John Crestani instructing you on the respective topic.  In total, the Super Affiliate System has over 50 hours of high-quality video content, and that number is growing if you include John’s weekly Super Affiliate System webinars.

Below is a list of the modules and the topics that will be covered in the respective section:

  • Week 1: System Setup – setting a goal, how to join affiliate networks, how to setup your site, how to setup your presell page, how to setup Facebook ads, how to work with affiliate networks
  • Week 2: Understanding the System – how to earn your first commission, missing ingredient 99% missed, unlock the millionaire mindset, why 85% of franchises succeed and most entrepreneurs fail, what is even more lucrative than a franchise business, how to license a proven and profitable online business
  • Week 3: Marketing Skills – how to write good copy, advanced copywriting, my 17-step copywriting formula, how to optimize ads, advanced optimization
  • Week 4: Facebook and Google Ads – Facebook ads, Facebook ad compliance, important metrics in advertising, Google Adwords part 1 and 2, Facebook Ads with Brian Pfeiffer
  • Week 5: Native and Youtube Ads – How to setup MGID native ads, how to setup Outbrain Native ads, how to setup Voluum DSP native ads, how to setup Youtube ads, Facebook Ads with Tim Burd
  • Week 6: Scaling and Automation – How to use survey funnels, $240k solar case study, scaling campaigns from 1-20k, how to utilize media buyers, student loan case study
  • Week 7: More Ad Campaigns – how to setup Bing ads, how to setup LinkedIn native ads, how to setup LinkedIn text ads, how to setup Taboola native ads
  • Week 8: Implementing the System – The right mindset for success, how to research your niche, how to choose your offer, how to choose your ad network, researching niches online, how to network effectively, understanding intent
  • Week 9: Advanced Software and Tools
  • Week 10: More Affiliate Program
  • Optimization Diaries (Not part of the week system, but prepare for a week to noodle on this)
  • Ready2Launch Campaigns (Not part of the week system, but prepare for a week to noodle on this)
  • Video Archives (past weekly webinars, not part of the week system, but prepare to spend many hours extracting nuggets of truth from John)

From the module outline, you can see this is set up with beginners in mind.  The first couple of weeks, the system teaches you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, business model, mentality required to run a business, set up tracking software and domains, landing pages, and methods on how to promote your offers.

The next few weeks, the system will focus on how to use paid traffic such as Adwords, Facebook, and native advertising to get customers to your page.

The last few weeks, Super Affiliate System will teach you on how to scale your advertising campaigns to tens of thousands of customers per day with very little work since you’ve done most of the hard work earlier in the system.

That’s the magic of this system, once you find an offer you can monetize, you build an advertising campaign around it and scale it up!  Wash.  Rinse.  And Repeat.  The results are highly reproducible with the right mindset and product.

Super Affiliate System User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

Let’s discuss Super Affiliate System’s UI and UX.  Below is a screenshot of the main page when you sign into Super Affiliate System.  NOTE: At the time of this writing, this is how the page looks like, it might be slightly different when you become a student of the system.  I know John constantly optimizes his system and the layout of the UI to help his students get what they need faster and in a straight-forward manner.

Super Affiliate Main Page UI

Super Affiliate Main Page UI

The screenshot above displays the dashboard page when you first log into the Super Affiliate System.  From the header, you can see there are general navigation links that you can skip to wherever you are on any pages.  Here is a quick summary of each link:

  • Dashboard page – Overview of the John Crestani universe of products and recommendations, this is beyond the scope of this review, but if there’s interest in this page, I can do a review on John’s portfolio of products in the future
  • The Super Affiliate System page –  Quick jump back to the page above
  • Affiliate Networks page – A page where John Crestani gives recommendations on what affiliate networks to join
  • Support Page – Page where you can get help on technical issues or questions relating to Super Affiliate System.  Also, the page displays a list of FAQs that most students have when they first join the system

In addition, the Super Affiliate System icon at the top left takes you back to the dashboard page.  Not shown in the image above, the footer has John Crestani’s various social channel info such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, so you can follow what John’s been up to.

Another place where you can get help is located at the lower left corner with the help speech bubble.  It should open a message prompt when you click on it and this is what it looks like:

Super Affiliate System Help Box

Super Affiliate System Help Box

If you would like to get notifications thru your browser relating to updates on the Super Affiliate System, you can enable that feature by clicking at the alarm icon located on the bottom right of the page.

Super Affiliate System Notification Icon

Super Affiliate System Notification Icon

Moving on to the content of the page.  Each of the weekly modules is nicely stacked along the left navigation of the page.  You can quickly scan and go to the week you’re working on.  To the right of that are some helpful tips given to you from John on how to get started successfully and below that are quick links that students have find them to be immensely useful.

To me, this page has a balanced layout and allows me to quickly scan and focus on where I need to go.  This page has very little fluff or unnecessary information.  I really like how the weekly modules are stacked to the left and I can easily scroll up and down to get to the week I am working on.  Clicking on the weekly module will show a list of submodules like this:

Super Affiliate System Weekly Module

Super Affiliate System Weekly Module

I don’t know about you, but looking at week 1, there is a lot of rich content.  John Crestani isn’t joking with this system.  So come prepare and take notes.  Your hard work will pay dividend!

Let’s check out what the module page looks like…

Super Affiliate System 2.0 – Module Page

Below is a screenshot on one of the module page titled, “Setting a Goal.”  NOTE: John does a lot of optimization on his system, you might see a different page when you signed on, but this is what it looks like at the time of this review.

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Module Page

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Module Page

John Crestani keeps it simple with his no BS UI.  Notice the one column layout and content reads from top to bottom.  Very easy to follow and easy to the eyes.  Also, all the help support are located at the bottom left and bottom right of this page consistent with all the other pages.  Notice how distraction free the page is, I think it is on purpose so that students can focus on what John Crestani has to say.  All in all, most of the module pages look very similar to the screenshot above.


I’m sure after this review (or… you might already have), you’re probably going to research on testimonials about John Crestani.  To save you time, here are some that I found to get you started. NOTE: Individual results may vary.

How much does it cost for Super Affiliate System 2.0?

Not going to beat around the bush, the price for Super Affiliate System 2.0 was $4,985, but John Crestani is running an 80% off promotion right now for $997, while supplies last.  I’m going to let some folks pick up their jaws from the floor first…  In reality, to some, that’s a lot of dough, but let say, you invested $997 and you made $10,000 in a month or two, you just 10x your original investment.  You still need to work hard to get there, but John Crestani will show you how to get there with the least amount of financial failures.  Again, this system is designed to minimize your cost while maximizing your earning potentials and profits.  Lastly, it does come with a 30-day money back, so it’s zero-risk on your end to try it out.


I highly recommend the Super Affiliate System 2.0 to any new affiliate marketers out there.  This system should give you the jumpstart that you need to get started, especially in this day and age where we are being bombarded with so much information and misinformation.  What to trust and what not to trust.  John Crestani should be able to distill it for you to a language you can understand.  With over 50 hours of high-quality instructional video content, you are in good hands to learn from the best.  The most invaluable part of this system is John’s weekly webinar where all the students have an opportunity to discuss with him on their progress.  The price is nothing to laugh about, but like I mentioned before, if you can 10x that investment within a month or two, what’s $997?

Update:  Looks like Super Affiliate System 2.0 has another pricing plan.  Although unconfirmed why there’s a new pricing plan, I bet some folks are having a hard time putting down $997 all at once.  So here is another option to purchase Super Affiliate System 2.0, three monthly payments of $397.  Yes, in the long run you will pay more if you choose to do the monthly route.  If you have the money, I would recommend paying $997 at once, this will save you $194 if I done my math right.  Lastly, either options still entitles you to the 30 day money back guarantee.

Click here if you want to learn more about Super Affiliate System 2.0


1. 10 Key Marketing Trends for 2017

Ever Thought About Selling Books as a Business? The total value of the book publishing industry in the United States is $26 billion. Wouldn’t you like a share of that pie? Zen Arbitrage by Peter Valley can show you how, I purchased the system and you can read my review here.