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What is LCS2 System?

LCS2 stands for Lead Conversion Squared.  It is a CRM system and training that will help you deploy scalable marketing strategies.  Once you understand the LCS2 system process, you’ll be able to create multiple repeatable online businesses (if you want).


What will I Learn From the System?

I don’t want to spoil Chad and Daven’s masterclass, but you will learn how to generate highly qualified leads and turn those leads into your most loyal customers.  In addition, consistency is key, Chad and Daven will show you how to use the system effectively so that you have a constant supply of loyal clients every month.


Is the System Right for “ME”?

Good question!  The system will work for the following folks:

  • Sole Owner aka One-Man Army
  • Team akin to an agency
  • Sole owner with teams of freelancers

The system is flexible for any number of team members within your organization.


What will I get for the System?

When you invest in LCS2, you will get:

  • Tried and true techniques created by the founder
  • The LCS2 system (it’s obvious, and want to make sure it’s on the list)
  • Autopilot lead generation process, meaning getting leads while you sleep
  • Lead magnets to get your customers to convert
  • Instant access to Chad and Daven’s private group where successful entrepreneurs like yourself bounce off multi-million dollar ideas with each other

I know Chad and Daven have been adding new bonuses and such, be sure to check out the page here for up-to-the-minute bonuses should you decide to invest in LCS2 during the masterclass.


What are the Pros and Cons of LCS2?


  • No messy marketing strategies
  • Strategy so simple even a monkey can understand
  • Automation on steroid, the system is working while you’re sleeping or sipping a pina colada on the beach



Who Created LCS2?

The founders of LCS2 are:

image of chad nicely

Chad Nicely, Marketing Strategist


image of Daven Michaels

Daven Michaels, Lead Generation and Outsouring Expert


Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels have over 40+ combined years of marketing experience. For the last 5 years, their focus has been on generating leads from Social Media.  They are considered to be the top marketers in their field and during the Masterclass, they will be peeling back the curtain and sharing all their knowledge about the business and LCS2.


What People are Saying About the System

Some folks have gotten early access to the system and this is what they are saying, as always, results may vary:

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LCS2 looks to be a solid system on generating consistently high quality leads every month so you’ll never go hungry without customers.  What’s also nice is that it is coupled with the training module so that inexperienced folks can get in the action.  This is a game-changer for people who always wanted to start their online business.  If you want the system now, unfortunately, you’ll need to wait until Sept 28th, 2020 5pm, seatings are limited, be sure to reserve your spot.