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What is Online Marketing Classroom?

Online Marketing Classroom as the name suggests is a step-by-step, looking over your shoulder, training course to teach you how to be a successful online entrepreneur.  In fact, what you will learn are the same tools and techniques Steven and Aidan have used to create their own lucrative online business empire.  Steven and Aidan have both taught more than 50,000 students and many of them have moved on to create exciting and high yield online businesses around the world.

If you are just getting started, this is the perfect marketing classroom for you.  You’re more advanced than other students in the classroom, no problem!  We got you covered there as well!  Online Marketing Classroom is organized in such a way that you can “cherry-pick” content that will bring you the most benefit based on what you are trying to achieve.

How Can I Make Money With Online Marketing Classroom?

First of all, which vertical that best describes who you are?

Image of lightbulb

If you are a beginner or just getting started, Online Marketing Classroom can show you how you can make money via specialized training zones that focus on various proven business models that Steven and Aiden have tested out.  This way, you get the best strategy on how to make money without spending cash on things that don’t work.


image of chart

If you are a business owner, you probably already have some strategies that are working for you.  Online Marketing Classroom can provide access to a number of tools that can help you in scaling or optimizing your current business goals.  Through saving money in your business, means more cash in your pocket!


image of people

If you are a marketing professional or an agency, Online Marketing Classroom can show you how you can boost your clients’ traffic, conversions, and profits.  All tried-and-true strategies and roadmaps that have worked very well for Steven and Aidan.

Why Should You Learn from Online Marketing Classroom?

Let’s identify the elephant in the room, there are so many digital marketing courses out there, why should I learn from Online Marketing Classroom?  Good question and let’s get into it!  Steven and Aidan have worked with hundreds if not thousands of newbies, business owners, and online entrepreneurs.  Because of that, it has given Steven and Aidan enormous insights on the needs of online entrepreneurs such as yourself.  The questions or struggles that you are encountering is not news to either of them.  In fact, they have the solutions to your business needs in every cases and scenario.

Most digital marketing courses pummels their students in the creed of “Follow the System.”  In fact, most courses simply ask you to follow the system blindly.  That is dangerous and it is not how Online Marketing Classroom is structured.  Yes, you will need to follow the system to succeed, but it is also important to understand why.  Steven and Aiden will share their personal knowledge as to why this strategy works as well as the pros and cons.  This way, you’re also being trained to think critically in every business opportunity scenario.

Lastly, Steve and Aidan are so fervor in their beliefs that they know they can help you succeed regardless of what you are doing right now and what your background or experience is in online marketing.  All they ask is for you to roll-up your sleeves and do a little work up front and watch the passive income rolls in as you’re enjoying the sun in some tropical islands.

How is Online Marketing Classroom Instruction Organized?

There are three critical modules in Online Marketing Classroom.  Each module will help train and hone your marketing skillsets to the new level.  Before you know, you’ll be a marketing guru in no time!

Online Marketing Classroom Labs Logo

The Labs – Comprehensive content labs with step-by-step instructions showing you how to make money with Digital products, eCommerce stores, consulting businesses, and many other models.  Use the content to start a new venture or add a bow to an existing venture.

Online Marketing Classroom Tutorial Logo

Tutorials – A library of proven execution plans, manuals and cheatsheets showing you how to build sales funnels, run product launches, increase website conversions, design high converting landing pages, master email marketing, and other methods to boost your income.

Online Marketing Classroom Workshop Logo

Workshops – Private members-only live webinar workshops hosted monthly where we teach new methods, strategies, and techniques that are working right now.  You can immediately implement the strategies in your business to accelerate your revenue and profits.

How Can I Get Support When I Need Help?

This is what set the Online Marketing Classroom apart from the competitors.  Support.

It’s awesome that you have access to high-quality learning materials and state-of-the-art tools to build and scale your business.  Chances are, you’re going to have tailored questions that are related to your business.  Say no more, with your investment in the Online Marketing Classroom, you will get exclusive access to Steven and Aidan’s full team of mentors that they have trained and vetted personally.  In fact, they are available 24/7 since we don’t where in the world you’ll be jet setting next.  In addition, you will get access to Steven and Aidan’s exclusive private Facebook community and email where you can forge other partnerships with like-minded individual such as yourself.

The training and tools are great, but the support is probably the most invaluable piece in your investment as you’ll be communicating with mentors who have been there and done it, who have tried and tested everything, and who knows what works and what doesn’t.  If you value your time and money, they are there to help you save both time, money, and headaches.

What do I get for Investing in Online Marketing Classroom?

So great, everything sounds good so far.  What exactly do I get for my investment?  Here are the content and tools you’ll be getting with your nominal investment.  Steve and Aidan constantly update their training and tools based on what’s new out there.  This list could possibly be longer after I publish this review, which means more bang for your buck!  Here’s what you’ll be getting:

  • Instant access to 6 Full Business Labs
  • Instant access to 45 Execution Plans
  • Instant access to 30 Live Workshops focusing on elements such as…
  • Traffic and Conversion Secrets: How to get more people to your website and convert more of those people into leads and customers.
  • Fast Start Action Plans: Step-by-Step cheatsheets showing you how to quickly build up a profitable business that you’ll LOVE doing.
  • Quick Cash Methods: Simple but highly effective ways to rapidly generate income online, with new techniques added all the time.
  • Super-Brand Secrets: Strategies that major tech brands like Amazon, Uber, Paypal all used to become multi-billion-dollar businesses.
  • Branding and Product Tactics: How to position your products such as luxury brands do in order to charge more and double your revenue.
  • List Building and Funnel Secrets: How to create an automated flow of traffic, leads, and sales to increase the value of your business.


Below is a small selection of content from the tutorials and execution plan area, just to give you a taste of the type of information that you’ll receive:

Online Marketing Class Case Studies

In case the text is too small.  I’ll re-iterate what’s in the above image.  For the rest of you, you can continue on to the next section.  Again, here’s the list of content from the tutorials and execution plan area:

  • Business Selection Secrets – Building an online business is just like any other business.  You need a quality product or service, an audience who wants it as well as an effective way of reaching this audience and converting them to customers.  This is why it is critical to pursue a…
  • Zero to One: Notes on Startups – Peter Thiel was one of the co-founders of PayPal, was the first outside investor in Facebook (you may have seen Peter being portrayed in the film – The Social Network).  He h…
  • The $40MM Launch Manual – The system that we present in this handbook is something that we have personally used to generate over $40 million in online product sales.  It is the very same system that Apple used to build buzz about the iPhone 6S (leading to people camping outside…)
  • The Info Product Cashflow Cheatsheet – Learn how to research, create and market an information product to sell on Clickbank.  This complete guide also goes into depth on recruiting affiliate marketers to sell your product for you!
  • The Local SEM Cashflow Cheatsheet – Build your career by servicing the needs of local businesses with their online promotions.  With the local Search Engine Marketing knowledge contained in this guide, you can rank your client’s business high in local and organic search, and offerin…
  • The Kindle Cashflow Cheatsheet – Write and promote Kindle ebooks for profit.  The guide takes you through the process of researching in-demand topics, writing (or outsourcing) your ebook, and finally publishing and promoting your book.  Write a series to scale your income!


Are There Any Other Bonus Items if I Invest in Online Marketing Classroom?

Glad you asked!  As a bonus, you’ll also get Commission Blueprint Evolution, consist of 9 core element training, execution plans, software, traffic generation blueprints, done-for-you web-pages, and sales funnels.  This was the core product that Steven Clayton have become famous from and now you’ll have access to it absolutely free with your investment in Online Marketing Classroom.

You’ll also get access to 60 Day Challenge eCommerce course featuring over 50 instructional videos showing you how to build a profitable eCommerce store in record time.

eCommerce screenshot

If you’re into the kitchen niche, Steven and Aidan will throw in the “Natural Earth Kitchen” private case study.  An additional “over-the-shoulder” demonstration of how to build and launch a successful eCommerce business.  This private case-study shows you how to build a new business from scratch, going through the entire process with extreme detail.  The business is focused on selling physical products on Amazon, and Steven and Aidan will be showing you all the stages involved in scaling it up.  Topics you will be mastering includes:

  • ideation and concept
  • design
  • lead capture
  • sales funnels
  • creating viral content
  • selling physical products
  • developing digital products
  • launching crowdfunding campaigns
  • and much more  

natural earth case study

Software Bonus

Wait a minute?  There’s more?  Absolutely yes.  Steven and Aidan wants to make sure you’re in good hands.  So far you have the plan, the roadmap, the scaffolding, but you need workers.  And this is the beauty of digital marketing, why not have virtual tools and not real human workers so you don’t have to worry about them calling in sick, paying for worker’s comp, 401k, social security, and etc.  To leverage and scale your work, Steven and Aidan have included a list of software tools for you to further optimize your business:

image of crowdforce software

CROWDFORCE solves the traffic problem – in fact, using it guarantees real free targeted traffic by using a series of automated systems that we have been optimizing and developing over the past two years. With CrowdForce you do the work once, and get automated traffic forevermore!


image of bounce breaker

BOUNCE BREAKER effortlessly converts more of your website visitors to money by deploying five separate tools… dynamic and customized pop-up message boxes, slick ‘floating banners’ that hover in the corners of your website and Billboard Bars that are ideal for list building and for re-directing traffic to your most lucrative pages.


image of landing page launchpad

LANDING PAGE LAUNCHPAD is Steven and Aidan’s brand new “drag and drop” landing page and sales funnel builder (similar to LeadPages and Clickfunnels) which generates high converting mobile-responsive landing pages designed to get people to join your email list, sign up for an event or buy your products and services.


image of traffic spy

TRAFFIC SPY is Steven and Aidan’s powerful web “real-time” analytics tool designed to track visitors to your website visitors. It lets you see every visitor and every action they take so you can analyze and optimize your website and landing pages. They have just added Heatmap functionality too!


image of hawkeye

HAWKEYE is a powerful brand new tool that allows you to search for high profit opportunities for new eCommerce products. It gives you a full spectrum of detailed stats along with an overall ‘opportunity score’ for each product you find, so you can quickly and easily identify winners.


image of domains on fire

DOMAINS ON FIRE is a real-time research tool for finding recently expired domain names that rank (or ranked) in the top 10 of Google for certain keywords with high traffic and commercial intent. Once you find a domain, you then register it and either flip it or re-rank it for profit.


image of ecom product finder

ECOM PRODUCT FINDER is an amazing new software tool into Online Marketing Classroom which randomly plucks out potentially profitable eCommerce niches in a matter of seconds. No matter if you sell products via Amazon or through your own eCommerce store, you will find this tool totally invaluable!


image of viral search tool

VIRAL SEARCH TOOL scans the web and returns a selection of content pieces created by other companies, websites or people that are getting a lot of traction and shares on social media. You can then take these content ideas (which you KNOW are generating traffic for others) and create your own version to generate traffic for YOU.


image of Free Trust Seals

FREE TRUST SEALS Trust seals can cost hundreds of dollars per year per site, but many website owners pay that price because they’re extremely valuable for conversions. Well, now you can get them (and as many as you like for as many sites as you like) at zero cost with our “Trustify” service.


Syllabus for Online Marketing Classroom

Online Marketing Classroom consists of 9 modules.  Each module takes about 1 week to complete or if you feel ambitious, you can complete them at a quicker pace, but the average time to complete each module is around 1 week.  If you combine the core Online Marketing Classroom material with the bonus content above, you’ll realize you have no shortage of high-quality content in your digital marketing journey.  Below is a list of modules you will be mastering.

  • Week 1 – Niche and Product Selection, covers niche and product selection as well as building your audience matrix and researching your domain name
  • Week 2 – Store Setup and Optimization, covers how to setup your domain name, installing Shopify, adding your first products to your storefront and customizing the store theme
  • Week 3 – Facebook Setup and Final Store Optimization, focusing on some crucial preparation that will need to be done before you begin creating ads and start driving traffic to your website and products
  • Week 4 – Case Study Update, Creating Ad Images and Sales Channels, covers support desk setup, ad images, and video creation, sales channels as well as giving you a big update on the case-study product and upcoming content
  • Week 5 – Big Case Study Update, Website Conversions and Facebook Ads, big update on case-study.  You’ll be focusing on website conversions, Facebook ad strategies, and Facebook page optimization
  • Week 6 – More case Study Updates, Fulfilling Orders and Upselling, focuses on fulfilling orders manually, the “Circle of Cash” and how to use Limespot to improve sales
  • Week 7 – Scaling Your Ads, Duplicating Ad Sets and Product Feeds, covers the basics of scaling up your Facebook ads, how to duplicate ad set, using product feeds and providing further results in our case study
  • Week 8 – Extended Scaling and Emailing List Building, focuses further on scaling, setting up and building an email list using Kaviyo, as well as asking for suggestions for week 9 video tutorials
  • Week 9 – Clarification Videos, list of clarification videos based upon the most common questions, queries, and issues Steven and Aidan has been getting via the support desk


Who Created Online Marketing Classroom?

Image of Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth

Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth are the creators of Online Marketing Classroom.

Before Steven Clayton as we all know of him, he was a VP of a Fortune 500 company.  This gave him unique insight on how business work from a small to enterprise level and you’ll see Steven’s fingerprints all over Online Marketing Classroom as you go deeper into it.  He is also the creator of Commission Blueprint, Commission Blueprint 2.0, and Commission Blueprint-Black Edition and they are available through Clickbank.

Aidan Booth is an internet marketer who has been providing advice in the digital marketing community since April 2012.  He’s from a small rural town in New Zealand and married his sweetheart Carolina from Argentina.  Unlike Steven, he came from a very humble beginning with internet marketing.  Like most of us, he created a site, made a little money.  Aidan stopped there because of this drive and passion.  He learned how to scale and optimize his internet marketing empire.  Long story short, he is Aidan as we all know today.  Aidan is a savant in the method of build, grow, and scale as you’ll see in the content of Online Marketing Classroom.

How Much is Online Marketing Classroom?

image of Online Marketing Classroom backend

With everything that you read so far, how much do you think it will take to invest in Online Marketing Classroom?  $40,000?

Or should I rephrase the question by asking, how much is the cost if you choose to do nothing right now?

What if I told you there’s a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, what do you get to lose to give Online Marketing Classroom a try?  This could infinitely change your life forever!

If Steven and Aidan were to sell each element separately, the cost would be around $40,000:

  • The Business Labs would cost $9,997
  • The Tutorials, Execution Plans and Cheatsheets would cost $4997
  • The Live Workshop sessions would cost $8497
  • The Internal Training courses would cost over $5000
  • The Natural Earth Kitchen case-study would cost $1997
  • The Private Software Suite that you’ll receive is worth at least $10,000

According to Steven and Aidan, the private community and support itself cost $12,000, but with your investment in Online Marketing Classroom, this will be included free of charge.

I know Steven and Aidan are providing a tremendous amount of high-quality content at a deep discount, just to re-iterate what you will be getting with your investment in Online Marketing Classroom:

  • Commission Blueprint Evolution
  • Online Marketing Classroom
  • Software Tool Suite
  • Monthly Live Workshops
  • Business Labs (and updates)
  • Tutorial Library (and updates)
  • Traffic Cheatsheets (and updates)
  • Full Online Courses
  • Private Case-Studies
  • Personal Support
  • Private Facebook Group

If you guessed $40,000, you are correct if Steven and Aidan were to sell the modules and features individually, but you’ll pay less than that.

Online Marketing Classroom can be yours with a nominal one-time investment of $1,497, includes 60-day money back guarantee!

Simply click on the check price button below and begin your journey in financial freedom!


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