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Introduction Video to Zen Arbitrage (ZA)


Video Review of Zen Arbitrage (ZA)

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What is arbitrage?

For the folks who know what arbitrage means, you can skip this section.  For the rest of you, let’s define what arbitrage is.  From Google:

Arbitrage – the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.

In layman’s term, the idea of “Buy Low and Sell High.”  There are lots of markets where you can apply this concept to make money, but for the purpose of this review, we will be focusing on arbitraging books online.  Which leads you to and probably why you’re here for the review…


What is Zen Arbitrage (ZA)?

Zen Arbitrage goes by many common names such as:

  • Book arbitrage software
  • FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) book arbitrage
  • Amazon trade-in arbitrage
  • Online book arbitrage
  • Textbook arbitrage software
  • Amazon arbitrage software
  • Amazon book arbitrage

In its simplest form, Zen Arbitrage is a book arbitrage system.  ZA will help you find profitable books to sell online via the Amazon platform.  To simply put, you will buy books that are priced lower (buy low) than what Amazon is offering and in turn, sell it (sell high) to Amazon for a quick profit.  The old adage, “buy low sell high.”

Zen Arbitrage - Tools, Training, Community

Zen Arbitrage is a complete business in a box system/solution, which consists of:


Training – Peter Valley likes to over-deliver, he has over 150 hours of high-quality training videos, so you have all the education you need for Zen Arbitrage.  But all you really need is the first training video, which takes about 1-1.5 hour of your time and you’re ready to hit the ground running with the Zen Arbitrage tool

Zen Arbitrage video training

Training video includes:

  • Getting Started Quickly in 7 Steps
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Sample Search Formulas to Begin
  • How to Choose Good Books
  • Top 10 Ways to Find Profitable Books
  • Sample Search Demonstration
  • Understanding the Search Options
  • Understanding Amazon Sales Rank
  • The Ultimate Search Formula
  • How to Turn $50 into $2,000 (and Beyond)
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Warning: Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid
  • The 3 Biggest Sources of Profit
  • Textbooks and Online Book Arbitrage
  • And the list goes on…


Zen Arbitrage UI screenshot

Tools (Zen Arbitrage) – You will spend the majority of your time in Zen Arbitrage since this is where you’ll be making your money


Community (Facebook Group) – As you get familiar with Zen Arbitrage and are getting better with selling books online, you can tap into the expertise of various ZA members to share your thoughts, bounce ideas, and network.  No question is dumb, only the one you didn’t ask.


Chat (inside of Zen Arbitrage app) – Alternative to the private Facebook group, you can also get support through the chat system inside of Zen Arbitrage.


So I mentioned Peter Valley earlier, who is he?  Is he real?  Read on to the next section and find out!


Who is Peter Valley, creator of Zen Arbitrage (ZA)?

I am Peter Valley infographics

Peter Valley is an online entrepreneur and has been an Amazon seller since 2007.  He is the man who pioneered the term and concept of “online book arbitrage.”  In addition, he is the world’s most published author on Amazon selling.  Here are some of his books on Amazon:

Not only Peter Valley is the creator of Zen Arbitrage, he is also the creator of:

More detail on Peter’s other products later in this review.


How Does Zen Arbitrage (ZA) Work?

Now that you know who Peter Valley is and that he is a real person.  You’re a bit sold that this is a legit system and you’re probably wondering how does Zen Arbitrage work?  Good thing you ask!

The Zen Arbitrage system consists of 5 steps:

  1. Setup Search Criteria in the Zen Arbitrage User Interface (UI), or just hit the search button
  2. From the search results, identify what books are profitable to arbitrage.  In the ZA UI, it will show you the FBA price (your selling price) along with the cheapest price (this is the amount you’ll pay for the book)
  3. Buy books.  You can have the book shipped to you or to a prep service partner if you want to automate the process.  More on this later…
  4. Receive, List, Ship and Sell.  I know this is a mouthful, but Amazon will give you detailed instructions on how to send books to one of their warehouses to sell
  5. Repeat and that’s it!

Zen Arbitrage How to Make Money

Above is the Zen Arbitrage workflow and it sums up what I wrote above for the visual readers.

By now, you’re probably thinking, that’s great, I know how Zen Arbitrage system works, but how do I get pay?  How do I generate a passive income from this?  Read on to the next section!


How will Zen Arbitrage Make You Money?  Or Create a Passive Income for me?

By now, I imagined you have a good idea of what Zen Arbitrage system is, but how do you make money?  Or can I create a passive income stream with ZA?  Both very good questions and probably why you’re reading this review.  The answer is rather elegant and simple, it might even surprise you.  You simply buy the book at a lower price and sell it at a much higher price and you pocket the difference and that’s it.

For example, say you did a search in Zen Arbitrage and the system told you that XYZ bookstore is selling a book for $10 and Amazon is selling the same book for $100.  You then purchase the book from XYZ bookstore for $10 and in turn sell it to Amazon for $100.  You just 10 times your initial investment.  Imagine doing this anywhere and anytime in the world.  And you might be profiting while in bathrobe!  There aren’t a lot of opportunities where you can make profits such as these while working from home.


making money in your bathrobe

Making money in your bathrobe!

For the business-minded folks who have less time but deeper pockets, you can create a new passive income stream with Zen Arbitrage.  To scale this, Peter Valley have vetted out a prep service just for you.  Simply find the profitable books in ZA and send it to Peter’s dedicated prep service team and they will handle the rest.  You don’t have to touch any books if this is more of your style of doing business.  One caveat, if you live outside of the United States, it is a requirement for you to set up a prep service because of shipping time and etc.

Setting up a prep service with Peter Valley usually takes 24 hours or less.


Live Demo of Zen Arbitrage (ZA)


What are the Benefits and Advantages of Using Zen Arbitrage?

Advantage/Benefit #1: Not a Scam and Can Make You Money

You’re probably thinking if ZA is a scam and can it help you make money in a legitimate way?  The short answer is yes, based on this public Facebook group, you can see folks are raking in cash with Zen Arbitrage.  Online book arbitrage do work with the right support and guidance.  And Peter Valley will be there every step of your journey.


Advantage/Benefit #2: Endless Opportunities to Find Profitable Books to Flip

I haven’t done the actual math, but I would wager there are probably more books than people in the world.  In addition, within your circle of friends, how many do you know are flipping books as a business?  Probably not many.  You can see now how there are endless opportunities in this book flipping business and not a lot of competition.  It might not be a sexy business like selling fashion or the latest diet trend, but it will sure get you pay if you are persistent with the ZA system.  Instead of paying off your mortgage in 30 years, how about reinvest in your book flipping business and just buy off your house in 5?

But what if you’re not very good at finding profitable books to flip?  We got you covered, read on to the next point…


Advantage/Benefit #3: You Can Buy Profitable Leads

Imagine for a nominal price, someone comes to you, and tells you of a profitable book arbitrage lead, would you not take it?  This is a unique offering that no other competitors out there have.  If you don’t want to search for opportunities yourself, just buy leads!  The ZA system has all the bells and whistles to ensure the leads are valid or legit as the cool kids would call it.

Zen Arbitrage marketplace

Image of Zen Arbitrage marketplace


Advantage/Benefit #4: You Look Ever Have to See a Book If You Don’t Want to

When I hit my 30s, I have a personal shift in my life such that I want to live in a minimalist way.  I just have too much stuff.  If you’re like me who doesn’t want more stuff in your house, but book flipping demands physical space, so what can you do?

Sign up for a book preparation or prep service!

The process are rather simple and elegant:

  1. You find profitable books you can flip in ZA
  2. You buy the books from the vendor
  3. You instruct the vendor to send the books to the prep service of your choice
  4. The prep service will handle all the manual labor for you such as listing, processing, and shipping your books
  5. Amazon receives your books from the prep service
  6. Amazon will then list and sell your books
  7. Buyer buys the books from Amazon
  8. Amazon deposits the profit of the books in your bank account, ka’ching!


That’s it!  You don’t have to lift a finger with any books if you don’t want to.  Isn’t the process beautiful and elegant?


Advantage/Benefit #5: You Can Flip Books Anywhere Anytime

Assuming you have a prep service in mind and Peter Valley can provide you one when you sign up.  You can almost work anywhere.  I say almost because you do need an internet connection to get access to ZA.  So make sure you check if that beach you’re jetsetting to has good WiFi.

Unlike a job where your boss expects you to clock in and clock out at a certain time.  ZA gives you the freedom to work on your book flipping business anywhere anytime.  If you’re a night owl like me and would like to wake up around noon to start your day.  ZA might be the perfect companion for you.


If Zen Arbitrage is so profitable, why is Peter Valley releasing this tool to the world?

To be honest, I thought about the same thing!  He could have easily made millions of dollars single-handedly.  I have emailed Peter Valley personally on this question, stay tuned for an answer.  But from what I can gather after purchasing the Zen Arbitrage system and listening to multiple web trainings and promo videos of Peter.  I realized that he’s really a genuine stand-up person.  I have seen lots of guru in this space promising ridiculous amounts of money and providing subpar training to their students.  Often in those videos, you’ll see said guru coming out of a big mansion with multiple Lambos on their driveway.

Peter Valley is not that person.  He presents himself in a straight-up honest manner.  When I was watching his videos, he never once promised that you’ll make millions; there’s a potential that you can if you put in the work, but he doesn’t make false promises like that since everyone is different.  Some folks have more time while some folks have more money.  It all depends on you and he makes that very clear in the video.

I apologize I went on a tangent about Peter’s character, but this builds up to your question on why Peter is sharing Zen Arbitrage to the world.

Let’s do some simple math, shall we?  The book publishing industry is about $26 billion in the United States.  There’s just no way for Peter Valley to capture all those opportunities and money.  Sure, he can build a team to do it, but still, the pie is still quite large.  Given Peter’s character as I described above, I believe he loves what he does and wants to share that love with the rest of the world.  When I watched his training, I can tell that he loves what he does and this is his passion.

Lastly, the $26 billion value is just the United States alone, can you imagine what that number is worldwide?  The world is your osyter and Zen Arbitrage should be able to help you with that.

In the next section, let’s take a look at what you get for your investment in Zen Arbitrage.


What do I get for Zen Arbitrage?  What Are the Features and Highlights of ZA?

If you read this review from top to bottom, you already know Zen Arbitrage provides you with the 3 pillars of success, which are:

  • Training
  • Tools
  • Community

In this section, I want to go in-depth on the nitty-gritty of what exactly you’re getting with Zen Arbitrage.

  • Zen Arbitrage database supports more than 22+ million books, which is about 10 times larger than the nearest competitor.  The more books in the search results, the more money you make.  Simple math is that a tool that shows you twice the results will make you twice the money.
  • Zen Arbitrage also is the world’s first book marketplace where you can sell your leads to other members.  For example, you found a profitable sales in Zen Arbitrage, but you do not have the capital to execute the transaction.  You can sell your ZA search results to another Zen Arbitrage member.  This is another way you can make money in the platform.  As of this writing, Peter does not take a commission from any of the transactions that happen in the marketplace; therefore, more money to you!

    Zen Arbitrage marketplace

    Zen Arbitrage Marketplace

  • Zen Arbitrage displays the FBA (Amazon) price for every book.  So you know your buying price and you know your selling price (FBA price), all you have to do is buy the book and pocket the difference, which is your profit.  It is like having a magic ball telling you exactly what you need to do.
  • ZA provides a profit tracking tool so you can set your profit margin to whatever you desired and set your selling price accordingly.  While other tools give you crude spreadsheets, Peter’s team spent months developing their sales tracking software, allowing you to track all profits inside Zen Arbitrage effortlessly.

    zen arbitrage profit calculator

    Zen Arbitrage Profit Calculator

  • ZA can scale, automate, and outsource your whole operation.  Most fulfillment services won’t deal with booksellers. It’s even harder to find one that is taking new clients.  Peter Valley has scoured the country to find you a service perfect for online book arbitrage.  They will walk you through getting set up with their partners who will receive your books, list them, and ship them. You don’t ever have to touch a book.  It’s the perfect automated passive income system.  You can learn more after you invest in Zen Arbitrage.
  • ZA can tell you how quickly your book will sell after you list it in Amazon through sales ranking.  The app will display up to 12 months of sales rank history.   Competitor tools in the market only show you current sales rank, which isn’t very helpful because Amazon update sales rank multiple times in a day.  The only way to prevent getting stuck with a book that won’t sell is to know its 12-month average rank.  Currently, only Zen Arbitrage shows it to you.
  • ZA offers price drop alert.  Say there’s a book you’re interested in buying, but the price is not right, yet.  You can set up a price drop alert and Zen Arbitrage will send you an email when the price drops below or at the threshold you set.  Here’s another nice thing, you can set up price drop alerts for as many books as you want.  Woot!
  • ZA will hand-hold in your book-buying journey.  One of the most asked question is, “Should I buy this book or not?”  Simply send the ISBN or link to any book you’re considering buying, and a member of Peter’s team will get back to you with a personalized analysis, letting you know if the book is a good buy, and exactly why (or why not).
  • This leads me to my next point, Peter Valley is a real person.  After your investment of Zen Arbitrage.  Peter will give you his personal email and text number so that you can ask him any questions on your book arbitrage journey.  How cool is that?  And this is not a joke.
  • ZA will also show you the Amazon trade-in value of books, basically Amazon credit.  You can pocket the difference with this alternative method as well.
  • The list goes on.  All-in-all, you’re looking at about 40+ features, but the above are all the major highlights I feel you should know.


How Much do I Have to Invest for Zen Arbitrage?  What is the price for Zen Arbitrage?

The investment to Zen Arbitrage is quite reasonable.  In the past, I did a competitor review on Book Profits System and the price was $997 to start and $97 per month after that.  Zen Arbitrage is not even close to that ballpark and you get more.  Are you ready?  The investment for Zen Arbitrage:

  • FREE for 14 days
  • $97 per month after your 14 days FREE trial
  • No contract, cancel any time
  • Absolutely zero-risk on your end

If you’re ready, you can make your investment to Zen Arbitrage here.  Still on the fence?  Read on to see what other Zen Arbitrage members have to say about the system.


Zen Arbitrage Testimonials, What People Are Saying about ZA

“I jumped at the chance to try out Zen Arbitrage… and I fell in love at first click! I regularly spend many, many hours per week doing “long hand” what Zen Arbitrage accomplishes in a matter of a few seconds. All that’s left for me is a few clicks, and my online book buying is all but done.

This is what will take my business to the place I’ve been striving to reach, allowing my family the freedom to travel while earning a very nice income.

In a word, Zen Arbitrage is amazing!”

Sharie Orr, Knoxville, TN *

“I bought 61 books in 3 days of using Zen Arbitrage for a total of $319.26 and stand to make a profit of $1,378.46. Not bad for 3 nights of sitting in front of my computer in my gym shorts and a t-shirt.

My wife and I are so thrilled we don’t have to slug it out at library book sales anymore but can know do all of our sourcing from the comfort of our own home.”

Mark C, Des Moines, IA *

“Zen Arbitrage gives you the search options you need to find severely underpriced books.

I understood how to use Zen Arbitrage within five minutes. Within fifteen minutes, I was purchasing books for resale.  I expect to sell them each for 10x what I paid.

Buy for $5, sell for $50 – find’em all day, folks.

Zen Arbitrage offers an intuitive way for book resellers to find lowball offers that are ripe for making a profit. Simple as that.”

Chris Barnes, Philadelphia PA *

* As always, individual results may vary


Any Other Products by Peter Valley?

If you’re interested, here are some other products by Peter Valley:

  • Online Book Arbitrage (web class) – Basically the Zen Arbitrage system without the app
  • RepriceAlytics – An app to help you reprice your books for maximum profit
  • TruRank – An app that gives you surgical precision in Amazon ranking
  • Amazon Altitude Bookselling Course – Most comprehensive step-by-step course ever created for launching and scaling a six-figure Amazon bookselling business
  • Book Sourcing Secrets – Weird places to find cheap used books to resell for big profits that your competition is too lazy to touch
  • Pricing Mastery – FBA pricing strategy to maximize your book profits
  • Zen Zenith – Reserved for Zen Arbitrage members for now, may open up to general use in the future, stay tuned!
  • Prep Service – If you don’t want to touch a book at all, this service will help pack, list, and ship your books to Amazon for a small fee, great for business-minded people


What are the system requirements to run Zen Arbitrage?

Zen Arbitrage runs completely online and all you need is a computer with a web browser, internet connection, and you’re all set.  You can work anywhere and anytime in the world!  Even when you’re on the beach sipping a pina colada!


Are There Any Competitors of Zen Arbitrage?

This review would be incomplete if I don’t mention competing products of ZA.  At the moment, I found two products, “eFlip” and “Book Profits” aka “Textbook Money.”  I believe Book Profits is no longer around, please let me know if I am incorrect.  I also did a review on Book Profits or Textbook Money if you’re interested in reading.   Let’s do a deep dive into this…

Zen Arbitrage vs eFlip

  • eFlip has a 21-day trial, while ZA is only 14-day (talk to Peter Valley, tell him that you read Mr Product Reviews, ask for another 7 days, he’ll probably do it for ya, I’m serious!)
  • eFlip offers CDs, DVDs, and Vinyls to arbitrage, ZA focuses on books-only (for now)
  • eFlip is $20 cheaper per month compare to ZA (not always true, but you get what you pay for)
  • ZA includes shipping cost in the price of the book, eFlip does not
  • ZA allows you to remove books that do not have a trade-in value, eFlip does not
  • ZA allows you to check book restrictions before purchasing, eFlip does not
  • ZA shows you lowest FBA price, eFlip does not
  • ZA allows you to mark books you have reviewed/purchased, eFlip does not
  • ZA has live chat, eFlip does not
  • ZA has a marketplace where you can sell your book leads, eFlip does not
  • ZA has more videos than eFlip
  • ZA has price drop alert and it gets delivered right into your email, eFlip does not


From my research, there seems to be a whole lot more information about Zen than eFlip, I also found these other advantages for Zen:

  • Continuously scan of 40+ book sites
  • Profitable books automatically sorted
  • Pricing is real-time
  • Export your search results to a CSV or excel sheet so you can slice and dice your data
  • Peter Valley will personally analyze the ISBN with you, this is huge for beginners
  • Save your search settings so you can use them again and again
  • and much more

Note to eFlip: I understand there are 2 sides to a story, happy to add your 2 cents here just in case you’re reading this


Here’s a comparison chart I found:

za comparison chart


Conclusion – Will Zen Arbitrage Help you Make Money or Generate Passive Income?

My conclusion is that Zen Arbitrage will make you money if you put some upfront work into it.  ZA is also a great source to generate passive income if you have the capital to scale and automate it by leveraging Peter Valley’s prep service.

If you are into the book/publishing industry and find arbitraging products interesting, I’d highly recommend Zen Arbitrage to you.  You are in no better hands than Peter Valley himself.  Once you invested in ZA, be sure to note Peter’s email and phone number to get that personal touch and support from him.