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North Canyon Cider Company Review

Apple Hill Hidden Gems: Part 4 Back in the late 1980s I was wooed and won by hard apple cider, in England, Minnesota, and Washington state. What started for me as a Tolkien-inspired libation, which I deeply enjoyed while playing Tolkien-inspired Old-School Dungeon & Dragons (don’t judge, it was hella fun!). this novel inspiration morphed […]

G.E. Massenez Poire-Williams Prisonniere Review

Captured Fragrance: G.E. Massenez Poire-Williams Prisonnière, An Unexpected Elegance from European Alchemical Traditions I first encountered French Pear Brandy back in 1994.  It was served to me slipped into chamomile tea as someone’s grandmother’s secret vice. As I held this gently steaming cup of tea, the fragrance wisping up was a pure headiness of floral fruity […]

Google Cardboard, Splaks 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses V2 Review

Problem You are interested in VR (virtual reality) games and/or applications,  but you’re not sure if you’re willing to pay for an expensive system like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.  You’re probably wondering if there are something out there that can give you a taste of the VR experience without breaking the bank. Solution […]

iPhone Xs Review – Should You Upgrade to the new iPhone Xs?

Problem You are here because you have some questions whether to buy the new iPhone Xs.  The price is definitely nothing to joke about since we’re talking about a $1,000 phone.  With that kind of money you can buy a rather decent computer or laptop.  In this review, I will give you my opinion on: […]

Samsung 28″ 4K U28E510D Ultra HD Monitor, UE510, Review

Problem: You need a new monitor and you want the latest 4k resolution like everyone else on your block, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money for it. Luckily you have a budget around $250. What kind of brand name 4k monitor you can get for that amount of money? Solution: Samsung […]

Digital Worth Academy Review – But how do you make money???

UPDATE: Digital Worth Academy has reopened its door for 2019. The refund policy has been reduced from 60 to 30 days, and it is no longer double your money guarantee, but the good news is that the investment to Digital Worth Academy is cheaper compared to last year. I would invest in the course before […]

Oxiracetam Review – Does it Work as a Nootropic?

Smart Drugs At the age of 54, I’ve embarked on learning an entirely new discipline and felt mentally challenged in a concerning way: I couldn’t focus and learn like I used to. I’ve been reading about the racetams for over 10 years now, specifically researching on the benefits of the racetams, which include Aniracetam and […]

Joovv, Red Light Therapy Review – Does red and near-infrared light work for older adults?

Update:, I wrote a follow-up piece on my experience with Joovv, red light therapy, after 4 months, you can read all about it here. To watch my video reviews or learn more about red light therapy, you can access my YouTube playlist to jumpstart your knowledge on red light therapy. When you’re ready to make […]

Farmstead Restaurant Review – Does it Live up From Farm to Table? St. Helena, CA

Farmstead Restaurant – Does it Live up From Farm to Table? So, we’d been to Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch (LMR) once before and we really enjoyed the rich, ripe flavor of the food and meats, the actual farming of our food right on the premise, or there abouts, and the outside patio bar area that […]

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