Tru Niagen® NAD+ and the 35% Improvement Rule

According to leading scientists from MIT, Rutgers University, Harvard, and Cornell University, increasing NAD+ is one of the most promising anti-aging solutions known to man.

Two months ago I started back on Tru Niagen® NAD+ precursor (Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride), supplement after intentionally going off of it as a self-induced comparison test. The healthy aging benefits of Tru Niagen were noticeable within myself, but I’m always concerned about the placebo effect, so I went off of it. I know, kind of an extreme all or nothing effort, but this was what I had to work with.

You see, there are no standardized or easily accessible methods of testing your NAD+ levels. For that matter, nor is there an established optimal NAD+ level to test for.

Outside of an experimental setting using complex and difficult NAD+ testing methods, anecdotal evidence, with guidance from clinical protocols and NIH studies, is the best we can do for now.

Lucky for me, I’m keenly aware of my body’s responses and changes and like conducting experiments, so that period of stopping Nicotinamide Riboside, NR, had been an informed observation of before and after: A winner-take-all A/B testing. However, it wasn’t sustainable.

A Better System for Measuring My Progress

In my last article, “What’s the True Worth of Tru Niagen® Supplements?”, I borrowed a means of making my anecdotal observations measurables: The 35% Improvement Rule.

Rebecca James Gadberry, a skincare Industry formulator, business owner, industry educator, author, speaker, and skincare ingredients luminary has a strong belief in people understanding clinic research and how this translates into performance in personal care products. At industry training events she very elegantly breaks down the industry claims into consumer happiness.

“The Improvement Threshold of 35% must be met for improvements to be visible, and therefore noticeable, to consumers.”

She goes onto say, “So, the clinical claims of an ingredient that’s marketed to increase skin firmness by 17% -24% after eight weeks at “X” concentration, proclaim this product a miracle in a bottle. But in consumer testing, this product will probably disappoint because consumers won’t be able to see a difference.”

Essentially, this makes my starting point of self-testing binary:

Yes or No.


Well…35% improvement is huge and I can work with this.

And I’m quantifying this based on if I notice a change…which I’m deciding to assign a Pass / Fail grade.

  • Can’t notice a difference = Less than
  • Noticeable difference = Greater than >35% change

It’s rough-hewn, to say the least, but it’s a way to:

I’ve decided to titrate up into 4 microdoses of Tru Niagen throughout the day to more closely simulate the research.

  • Track Results – What has changed.
  • Quantify Results – 35%.
  • Feel good about my investment.
  • Repeat the Process.
  • Keep measuring Weekly and reporting every two weeks using the same metrics.
  • Repeat the Process for a total of eight weeks.
  • Give an overall rating of my experience, results, and if I’m happy I did this.
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As I mentioned at the start of this piece, currently, there aren’t any accessible and easily ordered lab tests I can have done in order to monitor my NAD+ blood levels or even interpret their meaning. I’m having to rely on what I see, what I can feel in my body and health, and the qualities of these changes.

So I propose my grading metrics…which I will be reporting to you.

My measurements will be:

  • NO different
  • YES, it’s different – Skin, Hair, Sleep, Muscles, Memory, Mental Focus, Libido, Energy
    • On a scale of 1-10, I’ll be assigning a specific number to:
      • My Energy Levels
      • Skin
      • Hair
      • Thinking Clarity
      • Muscle strength
      • Quality Sleep
      • Libido
    • Then I’ll qualify each category by describing:
      • What is different?
      • How is this different?
      • Is this new?
      • When did this become noticeable?
      • How do I know?

I’m Taking the Risk and Doing the Work for You

Like the younger sibling, granted the courtesy of watching everything happen to your older sister first, the overall Results Vs. The value will yours without the risk.

You’re taking this journey with me and you’ll be able to see the improvements, changes, and benefits as I do. You’re benefiting from my dime and I’m going to outline my start dates, weekly check-ins, and the same metrics.

And I’ll have a little edge.

Dosage Size of Tru Niagen Has Changed…and This is Good

ChromoDex has recently increased the dosage size of their NR supplement to 300 mg per two capsules…up from 250 mg per two capsules. It’s a minimal change…and this is good.


NR is tricky. Research shows that taking large doses, such as 1800 mg in large doses, will initially cause a spike in NAD+ levels. Looks good…all’s well. But after six weeks of this dosing behavior, even as you keep using large doses, your NAD+ levels will nose dive.This was an unexpected response the research consistently produced. Low and slow is the mantra of effective NR dosing.

Big Reasons: Big Goals

I expect a better quality of life… a perpetual mid-30s is my goal.

Given the environment of scientific discoveries in the field of Life Extension, Aging, and Longevity, this is not unreasonable. One such part of this strategy is using Tru Niagen® NAD+ (Nicotinamide Riboside Chloride) as a reset and enhancement in my overall program. It’s amazingly central and connected to everything good I do for myself.

Your body likes sustained, higher NAD+ levels such as younger people’s bodies do naturally. Nicotinamide Riboside, or NR, drives NAD+ production which is the “fuel” that each of your cells needs to operate. Think of your body as a big collection of trillions of specialized cells with continuously unfolding chained reactions which lead to thousands of cellular responses, all trying to maintain perfect health, respond to life, and repair your body. From skin cells and stomach cells to heart, liver, and brain cells, your whole body is made of cells with this chemistry happening all around, inside and outside of them. This is called homeostasis.

Homeostasis, this complex array of biochemical systems, is constantly moving in and out of balance as it maintains your body’s optimal core response and it does this in response to your NAD+ levels. This is your body’s driving force and limiting factor. Of course, with increased aging, we end up with reduced cell power to carry out homeostasis. This is called senescence or biological aging.

Aging is our enemy!

Each cell needs power and the power plants inside all your cells, every single one, is the mitochondria. Your mitochondria produce all the power that lets you do everything. Thinking, sleeping, seeing, hearing, digesting food, pumping blood, lifting weights, and walking are all possible because of the power produced by your mitochondria. Responding to invading cancer cells is powered by responses driven by your mitochondria…which, in turn, is driven by your NAD+ levels.

But as we age, NAD+ levels plummet. You still have NAD+ in your body, but the levels are drastically reduced. The result is a loss of cellular functions and accelerated aging. It is also the cause of fatigue, age-related weight gain, poor sleep, and brain fog.

Longevity is Our Friend.

Studies on NMN and nicotinamide riboside show the replenishing of cellular NAD+ levels. More studies reveal how restoring NAD+ may slow or halt certain aging processes, boost brain function, and reduce risk for age-related disorders like heart disease, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, and arthritis, muscle atrophy, and cancer. In fact, mitochondrial dysfunction is at the heart of nearly every lethal age-related diseases.

You can see why you would seriously wish to increase your NAD+ levels, getting them back to the levels you had when you were younger is a very exciting idea.

All my efforts pay off…all of them. They are part of my longevity strategy and are surrounded by exercise, quality of sleep in good doses, excellent nutrition, personal development, and professional progress. I load in my personal best and whatever I’m testing…and it’s still my personal best.

We’ll both see as I progress in this strategy which includes Tru Niagen®. Stay Tuned!