About Fastlane: Road to Revenge

A Space Ape Game, who also developed Transformers: Earthwars, Rival Kingdoms: The Endless Night, and Samurai Siege, is no stranger in the mobile gaming space. Fastlane Road to Revenge as the title suggest punts you to the driver seat where you are trying to get back to be the king of street racing. The gameplay is relatively simple. You shoot at cars, while you’re trying to dodge missiles, bullets, and cars so that you don’t crash. I have been playing this game for years off and on. From my experience, this game has a high replay value to me. To get a feel, watch my video review below!

Video Review

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To make your money go further, this would be my recommended strategy playing Fastlane.

  • Upgrade workshop (the upgrades carry over to the next map or stage)
  • Upgrade drones (the upgrades carry over to the next map or stage)
  • Upgrade car enough to go to the next map (the upgrades DOES NOT carry over, you’ll have to upgrade the new car from scratch)
  • Make sure you save enough diamonds to buy the next car and additional gun upgrade before you spend them on continues
  • In later stage or map, when upgrades get expensive, I would dedicate the first 5 levels on car upgrades and the last 5 levels to drone and workshop upgrades
  • If you have the diamonds, upgrade your maximum to your optimal game time. I find 7 fuels is good enough play time for me.
  • If you have the money to spend on the game, buy the permanent 2x money upgrade (It was $9.99 when I purchased it). You will earn double cash for every gameplay. This is extremely helpful in early gameplay for upgrades. Not so much in mid-game since upgrades are relatively expensive.