Currently, the “Time is Matter” event is happening in Hawk Freedom Squadron.  Through opening chest, you have a chance to win the Sentinel plane which optimizes your contest run to win the Arcadia plane.

You can watch my video review of the Sentinel plane here:

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Sentinel’s General Information

Sentinel requires 120 cards to unlock.  Afterward, you can use Unicards to upgrade its rank.  It costs about 3 million coins to upgrade its level from 1 to 240.  At the time of this writing, the only way to get Sentinel cards is thru the ‘Time is Matter” event.  You get a free chest every 6 hours based on the moment when you open the chest.  Using crystals, you can open 1 or 10 chests at a time.

Sentinel’s Plane Abilities

The stats reported here is with the assumption that Sentinel is at rank X.

Doomsday Clock – Creates a devastating aura around the plane for 6 seconds, then temporarily activates additional weapon.

The Doomsday Clock ability is akin to the Defender’s, “In Harm’s Way” ability.  The difference is that Doomsday Clock goes for 6 seconds vs 3, and it lacks the ability to protect your teammate.  Also, towards the end of the ability, Sentinel will fire a series of what looks like firebirds.

Overclock – Increases score by 21%

Essential for contest run, but that’s about it.

Balance – Neutralizes 2 hits on the plane without resetting the multiplier or taking damage.

The Balance ability is huge if you’re interested in participating in the contest run to win the Arcadia plane.

Upgraded Counterstrike – After taking 400 damage or losing 800 shield points, creates invincible afterimage that attacks enemies in front of it.

A firebird image shows up in place of your plane.  You can move behind it such that the afterimage will soak up all the projectiles such as missiles, bullets, and laser for a limited amount of time.  Imagine having a bullet shield for about a second.  Be sure to move behind it so that the afterimage becomes your shield.

Deflector shield – A force field that protects the plane from damage.  It takes up to 12 seconds to recharge after being hit.

Your standard force shield at higher rank like all the planes in Hawk Squadron.

Assault Trophy – Double rewards for Assault

Added bonus when you do assault runs.

Should you spend money on getting the Sentinel plane?

Yes, if you want to up your game on getting better contest rewards and a chance to rank high enough to unlock the Arcadia plane.  If you are at the end-game level, I highly recommend it.  From my experience this week in the contest, competition is quite high and lots of players are sporting the Sentinel plane in the contest.  I usually score around 60 million points, and that would put me somewhere in rank 4 – 70.  This week, I was at rank 77.  Competition is definitely there this week.

No to spending money on the Sentinel if:

  • You are not at the end-game level (3 stars on most of the stages, and have most of your planes at least rank S)
  • Not interested in getting the Sentinel

Tips on Unlocking the Sentinel

  • Schedule your day accordingly, you get 1 free chest every 6 hours from the moment you open the chest.  Potentially, you can get up to 4 free chests per day.
  • Save up your crystals so that you can open 10 chests at a time.  This guarantees you at least 2 Sentinel cards no matter what.
  • Take advantage of the crystal discounts in the “Time is Matter” info page.

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