Right now, the Invasion Event is happening in Hawk Freedom Squadron. You will unlock the Gauss brobot for completing the event.

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How to Unlock Gauss Brobot

You will need to enter and complete the Invasion event to unlock Gauss brobot cards. You will need to collect 200 cards to unlock Gauss. Here are the special powers that Gauss has:

  • Coil Overload (overdrive) – Generates two linked ball lightnings that deal serious damage to enemies and destroy their projectiles
  • Gauss-charger – Increases score by 15% (max to 25%)
  • Gauss-discharger – Every 30 seconds increases ship power by 75% for three seconds. (max to every 20 seconds)
  • Upgrade – Increases the firepower of the brobot’s main weapon

How to Enter the Invasion Event

It costs one NavDisc to enter the Invasion event. You can find NavDiscs in the following areas:

  • Daily Quest – Complete 5 trials, resets every 24 hours
  • Random drops in the quest section (you might have to watch an ad to get it)
  • Random drop chest in the Invasion event
  • Random drop in chest event
  • Random drop in “The Power of Science!” chest event

When you complete the Invasion event, you have a chance to obtain 1-5 Gauss brobot cards. And a very rare chance to obtain 200 cards ultimately unlocking Gauss (this has not happened for me yet). In addition, the Invasion event has a high rate of dropping blue, green, and yellow chests. In order to obtain the chests, you will need to complete the event.

How to Complete the Invasion Event

To complete the Invasion event, you will need to destroy all the enemies in each wave. There are three waves in total. The enemy placement for each wave is randomly selected. If you ever play Galaga, this is very similar to that. Kudos to the devs to pay homage to Galaga. During the event, you cannot use the following:

  • Plane’s overdrive
  • Brobot’s overdrive

However, all your plane’s passive bonuses, plane’s counterstrike, and brobots’ bonuses will continue to work during the event.

I was told the enemies in the Invasion Event scales to your level. Inconclusive if it is scaled to your highest level plane or average levels of all your planes. My guess is that it scales to your highest level plane. The enemies hit rather hard. Below are my strategies that can help you easily complete the event.

Strategies for the Invasion Event

Let’s start with items:

  • Generator slots – go for anything that can increase your defense, offense, or magnetic attraction so that you can easily grab the chests as they drop. Avoid overdrive and cooldown bonuses since you can’t use any overdrives
  • Shield slots – go for anything that can give you a force field or armor regeneration (every little bit helps!)
  • Weapon slots – go for anything that can increase your power

For planes, here are my recommendations if you have them unlocked:

  • Honorable mention, Gambit – for its homing laser ability, strong counterstrike, and the bonus to revive yourself once per game. Cons, takes a bit to clear each wave due to lack of firepower. The counterstrike somewhat compensates that.
  • Honorable mention, Sentinel – for its ability to destroy enemy projectiles with its pendulum and ability to neutralize 2 hits, this will also stack with any force field you have, so you get three free hits. Cons, no homing ability, lack of firepower but slightly better than Gambit.
  • Alchemist – Decent firepower and counterstrike. You’ll clear each wave in no time. Cons, no homing ability.
  • Blaster – this is my recommendation if you have it unlocked. Slight homing ability, strong firepower and counterstrike, by far this is the plane that can clear each wave the quickest.

For brobots, here are my recommendations if you have them unlocked:

  • Scarab – for its ability to revive your ship once per game (this will stack with your ship’s and other brobot’s bonus)
  • Kraken – same reasoning as Scarab
  • Dodgy – The regular projectiles from Dodgy will destroy enemy projectiles. Great for defensive play.
  • Legatus – The impentratable shield can help you destroy projectiles. Great for defensive play.

To have the most revive and highest chance to survive the Invasion Event, you can use Gambit, Scarab, and Kraken. This will give you 3 revives per game.

To have the most defensive play, you can use Sentinel, Dodgy, and Legatus. This setup will help you destroy enemy projectiles increasing your chance to survive.

Lastly, this is my ultimate setup for the Invasion Event.  I use Blaster, Scarab, and Kraken. This setup provides me a good balance between offense (Blaster’s firepower) and defense (Brobots’ revive ability). I find this setup clears each wave the quickest while helping me to survive the three waves.

So there you go, my personal strategy for the Invasion Event, now go out there and blast some aliens!

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