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What is up everyone, this is your boy, mr. Product views. And today we will be doing a review on the trust comas, tequila. Uh, so it’s a, as you can see, uh, this is the bottle. Um, and um, you know, if you guys have watched Silicon Valley, uh, there is a billionaire and uh, so basically he promotes like his own like, you know, version of tequila and it’s called truss commerce three comma four, you know, billionaire cause three billionaires at three commas in the, in their, in their bank account. Uh, so this is kind of like a gag gave and what have you. I was surprised that this is even available. Just happened to chance upon it. Uh, so this is kinda like the tress, comas, a tequila and I don’t think this is the exact replica of the one in the show because the one in the show, uh, the top, um, this is sort of the top is interesting too because the, the top is actually another comma here.

Um, and in a show, this comment is actually, looks like it’s made of wood, but for this one it’s made of plastic. So, I don’t know if this is like a knock off or what have you, but uh, you know, found on the internet, so you know, anything is possible. Uh, so I, I don’t know if this is actually, uh, you know, um, being officiated by to show or not. So I don’t know if this is like an official item, but I thought I just thought it was funny as a gag gift. So I got it, got it. And decided to do a review on it. And you can probably, you know, find this easily if you do like a Google search on Tris, comas, tequila, I’m sure you can find it, uh, on, on, on, on, on ads and what have you. Uh, so this is the bottom again, so I just want to do a three 60 of the bottle.

So this is the front and I’ll just zoom in real quick. So that’s, I’m thinking that the billionaire, his name is Hanaman. So that’s his face on it. Just coma as the Keela 100% of guy. They, you know, the alcohol content and whatnot. And this is kind of what’s on the bottom, uh, nicely done, right. Kind of like any alcohol. So in between, um, you know, the bottom, uh, so yeah, this is kind of like just comas and it’s kinda like little introduction. Russ Hanaman here, you know, so this is his own brand. So I’ll let you pause. You know, you guys want to read this, I’ll just, just need to pause it and kinda like look at it if you want to. And uh, just some stuff down here with some surgeon general warning, what have you, blah blah. And um, so yeah, so this is kind of like the top, so I’m going to see if I can just open the top, easily move out.

Yeah. Okay. So, Oh yeah. So, okay. You just opened the top and there you go. Um, you know, the comma and things like that. Uh, so in my next part, uh, what I’ll do is I’ll do a quick demo of porters and just shot glass, uh, in a glass and we’ll go from there. All right, so this is the, uh, product demonstration part of the video. So I already have, you know, as you can see, did top open already. So I’m just going to smell it real quick just to kind of like see how that smells like compared to your other tequila that I have in my life.

Actually, it smells up pretty, it smells pretty, uh, soft, like, um, actually smells pretty good. I’m actually kind of quite surprised, you know, how like they’re, you know, the, the cheaper tequila has that really strong, strong scent to you. Like, it’s just really hard for me to describe, but for people who have, who have, you know, drink tequila in the past, you probably know what I’m talking about. It has that kind of very strong, uh, uh, uh, smell to it at this one. Um, I’m going to smell again, not so much. It’s a, it’s a little bit more balance balanced. It’s not like in your face. I mean, you can still smell it from the Gabby, but like you don’t, it’s not like in your face, you know, punching in the face type kind of smell. Uh, so I like it. I like, I like my tickler to be a little bit more bellow to be honest with you compared to the more in your face type kinda tequila.

Um, so I’m going to like, you know, now I’m just going to pause this real quick and just see just a little bit. Um, Oop has spill some, but that’s okay. So, um, so there you go. Um, the color, oops, I should probably do that. Let me just zoom in real quick. So, so yeah, it’s like a very tinge of Brown, very light tinge of I guess go. Maybe it might be a better color to describe it. Very tiny tinge and um, yeah, so it looks pretty good so far so good. So now I’m just going to do a quick taste test and see


Oh yeah. Guests move. Actually that is, wow, that is smooth. Uh, I am actually, to be honest with you, uh, being mr product reviews, I am actually quite surprised cause given that this is a gag gift, right? I mean tress comas, right. It’s totally a gag gift. I just thought it was just gonna be some crappy tequila. Um, I really thought so. I really, really thought so. I didn’t want to say it. Um, but wow, that was, that was smooth. That was really smooth. I am, I am surprised what being a gag gift. Um, so, wow. Okay. Um, sorry gotta catch my breath a little bit. Um, yeah, I, you know what, now I’m even more convinced I might get a couple more bottles of this because, uh, I’m surprised. Surprised is actually pretty good. Um, so there you go. Um, you know, my recommendation is, you know, this is great as a gag gift and is Austria also pretty tasty?

A tequila I, which I am very, very, very surprised, um, to be honest, because you know, there’s a TV, it’s from a TV show. Right? You know, like, no, I thought they went just capitalize on, uh, something like this as a, as funny gift to, to a coworker or friends and family and things like that are fans of the show. But wow, this is good. Um, so anyway, that’s my review of the, uh, tress comas, uh, tequila. Uh, and if you, and also of course, you know, uh, you know, if you want to find more information about this or in bilingual, whatever, uh, it will be a and the India, uh, video description, uh, bottom of this video shoot. You want to check out, you know, get more information about my review and whatnot. Um, and, um, I hope you guys enjoy, uh, my review and, uh, if you do please, um, you know, like comment and definitely subscribe to my channel, it will mean a lot to me. I mean, this is kind of like the motivation that why I keep doing what I doing. And, uh, again, thank you for watching my review. Until next time, mr Prado views out.

Product Description

Inspired by the hit TV show Silicon Valley, Tres Comas is an ultra-premium tequila from a family-run distillery set it rural Jalisco. This ultra-premium tequila (which means three commas in Spanish), is inspired by the three commas in a billion dollars.

A collaboration between HBO and Diageo, this 100-percent Blue Weber agave tequila was aged in American Oak barrels for over a year delivering rich, toasted oak finish. Tres Comas possesses notes of vanilla and spice. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or in a selection of signature Tres Comas cocktails like the “Re-Billionizer,” “Russ Fest,” or “Billionaire Margarita.”