Contact Information

40 Belden Pl

San Francisco, CA 94014


About the Restaurant

Leleka is a Ukrainian restaurant located in San Francisco, California. The restaurant specializes in traditional comfort foods like Pelmeni and Vareniki, which are popular in all countries represented by the former Soviet Union. Pelmeni is little dumplings that are boiled and served with sour cream, while Vareniki are similar but are typically filled with potatoes or other vegetables.

Leleka’s menu is inspired by the delicious meals cooked daily by mothers and grandmothers. The restaurant’s original location was in San Francisco’s International Food Court, where they focused on serving Pelmeni as their specialty due to limited space. However, since opening in March 2017, they have added another popular comfort/street food – Piroshki. Leleka’s Piroshki are made with fluffy buns generously filled with meat, chicken, or vegetable fillings.

Due to the never-ending lines of loyal customers during lunch hours, Leleka decided to expand to another location on the alley next door, providing more indoor and outdoor seating options. The new location also allows customers to pair their favorite dumplings with a glass of beer or wine. Additionally, Leleka offers a frozen dumplings delivery service in the Bay Area for those who want to enjoy their favorite meals at home and share them with friends and family. Overall, Leleka offers a unique dining experience that combines traditional Ukrainian cuisine with modern conveniences.

The Food


The borscht at Leleka is made with a base of beets, cabbage, potatoes, onions, and carrots, and often includes meat, such as beef. The soup is topped with green onions and dill for added flavor and garnish.  Leleka’s borscht is a hearty and flavorful soup that showcases the traditional ingredients and flavors of Ukrainian cuisine.

Potato Vareniki

At Leleka, they serve their Potato Vareniki pan-fried, which gives them a crispy texture and enhances their flavor. The dish is garnished with green scallions on top, which adds a fresh and aromatic element to the dish.  Their version of the dish highlights traditional Ukrainian flavors and techniques, making it a delicious and satisfying meal.

Cabbage Vareniki

At Leleka, the Cabbage Vareniki is pan-fried, which gives the dumplings a crispy texture and enhances their flavor.  Similarly prepared like the potato Vereniki.   Due to the cabbage, when you bite into it, you get an explosion of juicy savory flavor.

Organic Beef Pelmeni

At Leleka, they use 100% organic beef from Marin Sun Farms, which is a local and sustainable source of meat.  I opted to have the Pelmeni without the chicken broth, but next time, I think I’ll give it a try.  You also have a selection of dipping sauces you can choose from, sour cream, spicy mayo, and garlic mayo.  I especially like garlic mayo.

Organic Beef Gouda Pelmeni

Almost the same setup as the beef pelmeni, but the cheese gives it a creamy and additional umami hit to the taste buds!

Organic Chicken Pelmeni

At Leleka, they use 100% organic chicken from Rosie, Petaluma Poultry, which is a local and sustainable source of meat.  Even though beef pelmeni is the most popular dish, I prefer the chicken variety.   The Pelmeni is prepared with chicken, basil, and parmesan.  The mixture of the ingredients is just amazing!  I highly recommend this dish!

Syrniki (Cheese Pancakes)

To wrap up the experience, we had Syrniki, also known as cheese pancakes. The pancakes are served warm and come in servings of two, so you can share with your date!  Raspberry jam is served on the side, which adds a sweet and tangy flavor to the dish.

Final Thought

Leleka is a Ukrainian restaurant located in San Francisco that offers a unique and authentic dining experience. The restaurant specializes in traditional Ukrainian comfort foods like Pelmeni, Vareniki, and Borscht, which are made with high-quality, sustainable ingredients.

Leleka’s menu is inspired by the meals cooked by mothers and grandmothers, and the restaurant has added its own unique twists to traditional recipes to introduce even more unique flavors. The restaurant also offers a frozen dumplings delivery service in the Bay Area, which allows customers to enjoy their favorite meals at home.

Leleka’s atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, with indoor and outdoor seating available. The restaurant’s staff is knowledgeable and friendly, providing excellent service to all guests.

Overall, Leleka is a wonderful restaurant that offers delicious, authentic Ukrainian cuisine and a memorable dining experience. If you enjoy comfort food and are looking for a unique and cozy dining experience, then Leleka is definitely worth a visit.