Video Transcription

Hi mrs. Product reviews here and I am going to be doing a review today on an urban decay lipstick that I have recently purchased and I’ve been very happy with. So it’s urban decay and I’m going to show you, let me get this. So it is, the color is called fuel 2.0 and it’s a cream and I’ve been very happy with it. You can kind of see from the color what you to expect. And I chose this based on what I thought would be sort of a neutral blending into my skin. I prefer softer images or softer colors on my lips so that my eyes can become the focal point. Yet my mouth has a finished appearance. So take a look at this color. I’ve been really happy with it. So look at that.

It’s been just marvelous. So it has a hydrating and it’s a moisture and while it is still, you can still leave a kind of a smudge genus. It adheres really well and it’s moisturizing. It does not have the mat, which I’m over 40. So a mat for me doesn’t really work well because it just highlights the lines and the dryness. This while not bringing a tension the way that a high frost would gives just the creaminess and the hydration and the wearability and I had DOR the color and it goes on really well. I’ve just been really, really happy with it. And this was purchased off the internet, which is always a uh, it’s always a Turkey shoot. Never know if the color is actually going to be a good color, if it’s going to match what appears on your, on your monitor, or if it’s going to be something entirely different in this case, everything matched.

So I just wanted to bring this to your attention. I’ve just been very happy with it. I ended up buying two of these, one for at home in my makeup case and one for in my purse. I liked it that much. So again, this is a review of the urban decay. Here we go. It’s hard to see the little logo. Erica, urban DKS, uh, lips creamy lipstick called fuel 2.0 and it’s an a cream. So if you have found this review to be helpful, please like, comment, subscribe, and if you want more info, there is a video transcript below and you can click on this and we’ll continue to send you more information on products that we go use. Thank you. Again, mrs. Product reviews over and out.