Video Transcription

Hi there, this is mrs product reviews and I’m going to be doing review today on the urban decay naked two basics palette. So, um, I ordered this off the internet during this, uh, Coronas virus. Acquainting I have been finding that my mental health is highly improved on the days that I actually wear makeup and not having a, uh, uh, recent eyeshadow palette purchase and feeling the need to become experimental. And I guess my, uh, mental health, I was enjoying playing with makeup. I made some purchases. So this is it. Let me sh the first thing I can tell you is this is much smaller than I would have anticipated. It’s only about three and a half inches by two. So it’s kind of small. It would fit into your purse or even into your pocket or a small zip makeup container if that’s what you needed. It’s definitely um, packed for travel would be a good term. Well, let me show the inside. I bought this as a naked palette and it’s been quite nice. So I liked the way the outside feels. It’s got kind of a Silicon feel to it. So the packaging, if it has a grip and it’s soft and it’s just, it feels good, let me open this up for you.

So there you have it. Now it’s referred to in the Nakeds and it would be more in the cool range because that’s what looks good on me. And this is the age old problem. When any of us buy a pallet, we often find that we only use one or two and then the rest remain untouched and yet then we’re out of it. So I made this purchase knowing that kind of frustration from a lifetime of buying pallets of foundation, um, uh, shadows with the idea that I have used all of these colors before and liked them equally. And I, I find that I live in these colors, so I anticipate that I will be using these on an equal level and when one is out, that will probably all be out. And so in making a, uh, subs subsequent purchase to replace it, it will not have wasted any.

And of course one of the other things is we’re looking at coverage and we looked at, she see if you can see the colors that are included in here. Let’s make sure I can get it close enough to where you can see the colors and the names. I’m gonna see if I can get, there we go. So um, the far left, this really pale color is called shrimp in their palette. Then have stark frisk cover primal UN undone and you can see they’re in the neutral cools. Now coverage is another thing and I’m going to go ahead and demonstrate a little bit of this on the back of my hand because you can see the coverage pretty quickly. So starting with this, just that, look at that. That is really good coverage. So a little will go a long way. And I think the first mistake I made when I was trying this was I was assuming it would not have a saturation of color.

I was assuming it was going to be a fair to Midland coverage and I needed to back off and use less product, which I have no problem with. And I adjusted pretty quickly, but it really did a lot of coverage and you can kind of see right there. So a little goes a long way and I, that’s a nice bonus. And so I’m just going to go ahead and show you what each of these colors look like on my skin and if they’re are kind of disappearing into the skin that was of course very intentional in my purchase and then this will be used as a nice eyeliner. So this is how they end up translating. And again, I’ve been very, very happy with this. I think the only thing that I, my only complaint was that the, uh, overall palette, the compact is much smaller than I expected.

I was expecting something about, Oh, at least a quarter to a third larger. I was expecting something about like that and I got something this small. So, uh, well there you have it. And uh, I’m still overall still very happy with this purchase. So there you have it. It’s my review of the urban decay naked two basics palette. If you have found this review to be helpful, uh, if you liked it, like comment and subscribe and for more information, you can look down below in the video description. Thank you so much, mrs. Product review out.