Video Transcription

Hi mrs. Product previews here and I’m going to be doing a review today on the urban decay 24 seven glide on iPad pencil. It’s in the color of overdrive. It’s a very interesting color of green. It says it’s waterproof and it’s long lasting. Now I’ve been using urban decay for a while now and I find varying amounts of waterproof and long lasting just depending on the texture and the formula for each color. It has been my experience that the creamier, the pencil, the more it smudges or the more frostier iridescent it is based on the Mica and other iridescent ingredients, the more likely it is to spread and creep underneath that, around the eyes or into places that I did not place it. So let me just give you a review on this. We bring this up into focus. You can see it all. So there you go.

There’s the color. It’s an overdrive. Now my eyes are a naturally occurring green. There are kind of a gray green, so I typically don’t buy green. I will buy something at sort of a teal or a blue purple or a moth. But this was unusual. I want to show you this has got just the right amount of blue into it. While it is still very clearly a green, it has just enough Baloo to where it creates a counterpoint with my green eye. It does not gray out my green eye. It actually highlights it by having just that tiniest little bit of blue in it. Now you can also tell that it’s got just a little bit of an iridescence in it and what that means for me is it’s not going to be really, it’s not going to really stay in place. It’s going to mostly stay in place and then you have it.

Now had I put this on and just left it without touching it and left it as a hard line, it probably would stay in place mostly throughout the day, but that’s not the way most of us. People who wear makeup wear our makeup. We become artsy. We modify it for our features and our style and so being able to anticipate how it will move, how it will stay, maybe blending it and then reapplying it for a very specific effect. You know, an ad you’re blending in for a hard to a gradiation, you know, where we’re our own artist’s palette. So whatever art that we’re doing with the makeup on the canvas that has our face, we are using the medium in the best way that we know and the interpretation and adaptation. And that’s exactly what the urban decay knows. I do wish this were truly a 100% waterproof, but it’s pretty good.

It’s anyway, there it is. There is my, um, my review of the urban decay 24 seven glide on eye, pencil, waterproof, long lasting and overdrive. Pretty happy. I’m going to give this a four star out of five because it’s not 100%. You know, it doesn’t stay in place completely. It does move around. Otherwise I’d give it a five star. So this will be my four star review. So if you have found this helpful, please like, comment and subscribe and for more information, you can look at the videos description down below. Thank you for viewing my, uh, my review, mrs. Product reviews over now.