Video Transcription

Hi, mrs. Product reviews here, and I’m going to be doing a review on the urban decay, 24 seven glide on iPad pencil. It’s waterproof long lasting it’s in the color called empire. Now this coronavirus quarantine has got me kind of going stir crazy and I go days without putting makeup on and it has been really depressing. So I’ve kind of doubled down to had a shopping day the other day, and bought a bunch of urban decay, pencils and things. And this was a classic for me. It’s what I use in place of black. I no longer wear black around my eyes is too harsh. I’m over 40. And so this is a nice substance plus I have green eyes. And so this ends up being dramatic, as well as creating a counterpoint. People don’t realize that I’m not wearing black and it definitely highlights my green eyes and makes them look greener.

So this is what it looks like going on. See, isn’t that interesting is it’s softer than a black, but it’s not a Brown. It still has the depth that the cool colors create and, and, um, which is why it’s my favorite. And I’m frequently replacing it because I, I live in this as a replacement to the black of my youth. So anyway, what I’ve noticed is it does in fact, still, it’s still blendable. If you blend it right away and you can go back and reinforce the color. And as you can see, this is really what we, all, all of us, people who use makeup, we ended up using our own faces as this canvas to create and express. And so we learn to use the features and, uh, and behaviors of the various makeup products that we’re using. And this is one of the nice things about this is it will, it’s blendable.

I’ve also noticed that it stays on pretty well. Again, I am not going to say that it’s 100% where I place it is where it’s at at the end of the day, even though it’s my favorite color. And I keep coming back to it. I also noticed that I have to actually put a primer on underneath and I, and I’ll get to that in a matter of review. And that when I put the primer on this color stays in place exactly where I leave it all day, but I have been very, very happy with this. And again, it’s my substitute for black because it creates that strong contrast that emphasis, but without being so anybody over the age of 40 really needs to start modifying, and this is a great modification for black. And if you happen to have Brown eyes or green eyes or Hazel eyes, this is, or even blue eyes, the purples and the plum ranges are amazing in the effect that they can create on your eyes. So if you have found this review of the urban decay, 24 seven glide on I pencil waterproof and long lasting in empire, please like comment and subscribe. And for more information, you can click on the video description below. Thank you guys. And this is mrs. Product reviews out.