First Impression

I honestly don’t know what to expect from the Steelseries Rival 3 wireless mouse when I first did the review.  I am aware of the brand given its appearances in eSports tournaments.  Other than that, I am curious about this mouse since it won IGN Best Gaming Mouse

Design of Rival 3 Wireless Mouse

I love the mouse’s sleek design and hi-grade polymer material.  Fits to the touch and the material affords grip even when your hand starts to sweat.  In a competitive environment, I think the grip is key

How was the Setup?

Setup was plug and play for me.  Plug in the USB dongle and turn on the mouse and it automagically installed itself

If you want all the bells and whistles on this mouse, you’ll need to install the SteelEngine app, you should get a prompt when you first connect the mouse.  The system I used to test is a Windows 10 box.  If you don’t see the prompt, you can download the SteelEngine app here

Within the app, you can customize everything to the finest details.  You’ll also need the app if you want to customize the middle button’s color

How was the Performance?

For testing and optimal responsiveness, I selected the 2.4gHz connection instead of Bluetooth.  The game I used to test was Red Dead Redemption.  The mouse performed flawlessly.  No lag time, quick response, and ergonomically speaking, very easy on the hand.  In fact, this mouse performed better than my Logitech gaming mouse


I’m now a believer in pro-series accessories.  The engineers who designed them really know what they’re talking about.  As they say in eSports, every millisecond counts.  If you’re serious about eSports, get yourself a nice mouse and keyboard.  Don’t go cheap!