For the folks who prefer to watch my review, video below:

My History with Seagate Hard Drives

To date, I have owned 9 Seagate hard drives from internal to external of various sizes.  I go between Western Digital and Seagate for the most part based on price in the past.  The last few years my preference has been with Seagate due to its reliability and durability compared to Western Digital drives.  But I digress… Since you’re here to read about my experience with Seagate 8TB drive.

Seagate Expansion 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive Review

To date, this is my fourth Seagate 8TB drive.  I love the design of the shell.  Minimal and sleek.  For the last couple iteration of this drive, the hard drive shell hasn’t changed much since my first one so when I lined them up on my shelves, it doesn’t look out of place from an aesthetic point of view.  The drive runs very very quiet compared to Western Digital under heavy load.  This would be a good buy if you get distracted easily.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of listening to hard drive clicking when it is retrieving data.  From my earliest experience with Seagate, Seagate has always been cognizant about minimizing the clicking noise of their drive.  Personally, I felt they have perfected it.

Like any external hard drives, they do run hot.  I prefer to keep a slight air gap between them for better heat dissipation.  Unsure if this will prolong the life of my hard drives, but that’s my theory at least…

Seagate Warranty and Customer Service

My last Seagate 8TB hard drive malfunctioned after about 9 months.  This was my first time dealing with a warranty return with Seagate.  My initial expectation was that it was going to be difficult and arduous because what company would want to take a loss and give you a free hard drive right?  Boy, was I wrong!

The return policy is pretty much a self-serve portal.  You simply register, sign in, and fill out the online form.  And poof!  You get a return mailing slip, pack your hard drive in a box, and ship it to them (I can’t remember if I pay shipping or not… but the price is nominal).  In about 1-2 weeks, you’ll get your brand new drive.  Do plan on this downtime if storage is an issue.  No phone calls needed and no annoying on hold music which I despise.   Overall, I felt the process was rather seamless and easy.

This further confirms to me that Seagate is a great buy and that they stand behind their products.


A bit of foreshadowing in my introduction of this review.  From my experience, Seagate has consistently delivered superb quality external drive in my home office.  Honestly, I don’t even shop for competitors at this point.  Even if the price is slightly more expensive I would still go for Seagate.  I know for a fact they honor their warranty and service.   Just wanted to make sure readers understand this since there are a lot of phonies selling warranty insurance on electronics and whatnot.  Seagate warranty comes with the purchase of the product with no extra charges.  They stand behind their product so you can have a peace of mind of what you’re getting.  Until next time, Mr Product Reviews out!