You need a new monitor and you want the latest 4k resolution like everyone else on your block, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money for it. Luckily you have a budget around $250. What kind of brand name 4k monitor you can get for that amount of money?


Samsung offers a 28″ 4k monitor, UE510, at the $250 price range.  Watch the video below for a live preview and demo of this monitor from unboxing to hooking it up to a gaming rig.


My Review

I used the monitor for 7 days, mainly for gaming.  If you have an old monitor from 10 years ago, this would be a major upgrade to you.  However, if you happen to be spoiled with monitors in the $1,000 range within the last 5 years, this will be a so-so monitor.  I wouldn’t recommend this monitor for gaming or design work like Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or video work.  If you are using this for work like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, this monitor will be perfect for that.  Also a great monitor for college work and so-so- experience for gaming.