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what is up everyone? This is your boy, mr. Product views. And today we will be doing a review on the eight terabyte Seagate, uh, external hard drive. And, uh, unfortunately when I got this product through Amazon, it didn’t really come with the nice, you know, product box and what have you. Uh, this could be a, uh, you know, from a distributor or what have you. Uh, so I just kinda got this, you know, a Brown box and uh, trust me, there is a hard drop in there. So, uh, just a real quick, uh, the spec for this, uh, hard drive is a eight terabyte Seagate and the model number is, um, S T, G Y, uh, 8,400 in case you’re looking for a specific model. So this is the model for this specific hard drive. It is a external hard drive, a USB 3.0 and supposedly compatible with PC and Mac.

And just real quick, uh, like I always do all my video, let’s do a three 60 of this box. Um, as you can see, this box is nothing fancy. It doesn’t really come of any marketing material and what have you, but this is the box that came up. So I decided to just do a quick three 60. And in the next step thing we’re going to do is we’re going to do a unboxing. And then after that at the unboxing, we’ll, uh, plug this in into my Mac and, uh, we see how that performs. Welcome did he, um, boxing portion of this video. And so right now I’m just going to open this box. Nothing fancy here. And as you can see, there’s like kinda like, you know, this compartment here where it has, uh, which looks like this is USB three cable that comes up with the blue, uh, color on, on a thing.

So it comes with a USB cable. I think it’s really interesting that it does come with like quite a bit of a different types of adapters, I guess in the event. Uh, it looks like this might be so internationally, so maybe that’s why there’s all these adapter that you can choose from. So, um, so this is kind of like very helpful if you tend to be traveling with external hard drive and you need the proper, um, you know, uh, outlet attachment for the respects of country. It seems like there’s quite a bit here. Uh, I’ll probably need to figure it out, uh, in a bit as to which one I need to use. And then it comes with, uh, the guys out there. And I guess you would put that, uh, attachment into here and then that’s how it works in. So there’s that, there’s audio adapter and let me just get these and then pretty much the star of this review is the hard drive itself. Uh, comes with, let’s see, films with, um, some material. I think it might be too bright. Let me just change my camera. But there you go. So, uh, any

event you guys want to read this, uh, you can pause this and read it and uh, it looks like some more support material on the Seagate drive. Um, so pretty structional stuff. Um, so feel free to pause the video should you need to want to read this or not. But thought I would just, you know, do a three pan angle here for you guys. Okay, cool. So this is, you know, as I mentioned, the star of give your view and this kind of openness, check it out. All right, so this is uh, basically the external hard drive. And so it’s a flat surface on one side. And over here it’s kind of interesting design. There’s these a geometric shape that goes on and on. Let me see if the camera pick it up. So there are some angling with these geometric geometric shapes as you can see here.

Uh, so pretty interesting cause it’s an interesting design. I own many Seagate hard drive, uh, for my work. Uh, so this is definitely an interesting touch, uh, to their case design. Um, most of the case that I’ve gotten in the past are pretty much just a flush a flat in all surfaces. So this is a nice little added design here that it’s kinda cool. So it’s like jump and trick on, on the back of basically on the bottom and being on top, assuming that this is how you would lay your hard drive. But if you lay on a side and that doesn’t make a matter, and in there it looks like these hole looks like, are they ventable yeah, these are definitely real events. Uh, these hoes, uh, oops, sorry. Uh, you guys didn’t catch on the camera. So basically these hoes are, um, basically ventable with looks like they’re the most, the heat will pass through here. Uh, these looks like maybe not. It looks, maybe this is more of a design thing than anything else. Let me see. Uh, yeah, just maybe, yeah, maybe it’s designed. So a Seagate logo over here and uh, so basically this is the hard drive. Oh, it looks like there’s a computer this plastic off. I usually like to do that. So, so there you go.

Start with the product demonstration portion of the video. I just really wanted to highlight the different, uh, power adopters that it, uh, I should have say power adapter attachment, sorry. Uh, that it comes with, it looks like it comes with six different attachments. So there’s six of them here. Uh, interesting part about is maybe, uh, one of the YouTube viewer can enlighten me. So one of the, so these two problems, to me, it looks relatively the same, uh, only differences. This one has a hollow hole. Uh, you know, there versus this one doesn’t. I think these are the ones that I’ve seen. Uh, I live in North America, so this is the one that I will be using. Uh, so I’m, I’m thinking about going off of that, but if any of the viewers have any idea why this one doesn’t have one, uh, please enlighten me and maybe put in a comment section, let me know, that’d be perfect.

But it comes to a six attachment here as you can see. And I come and zoop a little attachment here that, that just, uh, that just shoes it for the time being. So you just open it up and then you would just receive, put in the proper attachment for your respective country. Uh, what have you. So it’s pretty easy to, uh, put this on here. So you just kind of like line this up, notice how it lining up right here and just push it down and pretty much, boom, that’s it. Now director. So like this is, um, I would say this is very ideal, especially if you’re traveling around with your external hard drive and, um, and you’re in different countries and you need different attachment for it. Uh, so there’s, here’s a one of them that looks like that. I’m just going to turn around and go, so you guys can see what attachment comes through.

So it comes from one of these, uh, is that this one doesn’t have a ho in it. Not sure why, but there’s another attachment. And then here’s this one and then followed by this one with, uh, the two prongs on it. And, uh, it looks like this might be an identical one. It just kinda came with it for some reason. So here’s the identical one. You’re gonna get two of these for some reason. Uh, so there you go. Uh, this, I would say this is very perfect. If you are traveling and traveling internationally and you need to, uh, plugging your hard drive in different countries and what have you, I think this would be a perfect, uh, for your traveling needs, uh, in the next portion. Uh, we will do a quick demonstration, uh, of the product. Welcome to the product demonstration portion of this video.

Before I start, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up in terms of my setup and what kind of, um, not quite issue but just, you know, roadblocks that I have encounter and let you guys know. So I am connecting this external hard drive on my Mac and I did run into an issue that I have to open this utility. I did have to do a petition, uh, the, uh, desktop so that my Mac can recognize it and then, and then so that I can create folders and write files to it and whatnot. Um, I’m not gonna go through how to petition a hard drive, things of that nature. I think that goes beyond the scope of this product review. But I just want to let you guys know that I did come into some roadblock, uh, with, uh, setting this up. It’s not quite plug and play as I used to remember in terms of, uh, purchasing external hard drive.

I mean, no big whoops. Uh, took me about 10 minutes to figure it out and everything was fine afterward, but just do realize that if you have a Mac and you are connecting this heart drive to the Mac, uh, you might running into some issues, uh, in terms of getting it, you know, plug and play. So, you know, just, you know, be prepared to spend a little bit of time doing some research in terms of how to get your hard drive set up properly. But for me, it just, you know, 10 minutes of my time, no big whoops. Um, again, so that’s a that, so that’s that. And so, um, I have the external hard drive turn on right now and the indicator that you know that this hard drive has turned on is this white light right here. So I one is off. You won’t see that.

So this tells me that this device is on. So this is your indicator that a device this on is connected to my Mac right now. And I’m just going to bring my camera really close and hopefully it can pick up the nuances to sound as making is actually very, very quiet. Um, but then like, you know, you get really close to, you could kind of hear the fan, but like it’s like, I mean if you get really close to it, like where I’m standing right now, I can’t even hear the hard drive, but I just wanted to bring it really close. You see if my camera can pick it up. Uh, just in case if noise level is something that, uh, you are concerned with. And then after that, so this is the Idaho state. After that I will transfer some big video files, uh, into dishearten drive so that this hard job is under stress. And, uh, we’ll see how loud, you know, the, you know, traditional hard drive. You hear the clicking noise. We’ll see how loud that would be. And I’ll try to bring my camera as close as I can so you guys can, you know, be to judge whether this is the right product for you or not. So I’m just going to bring my camera really close to you so you guys can check out. Like how quiet this is at D idle level.

All right, so now I just brought this, um, you know, really close and this is where kind of like the fan and get air van comes out. So I figured this would be a good part where you could hear the noise. So I’m going to be quiet for a few seconds. Uh, you guys can be to judge whether you hear anything or not. All right? So that’s about five seconds of silence. Uh, for me where I’m standing, I have to get my ear really close. I could hear like a low humming noise, uh, you know, to it. But beyond that, you don’t really hear much. So in the next part, what I’m going to do is, uh, I’m going to transfer some files and we will do this, uh, portion again. Okay. So right now I actually have some really big video files that I’m currently transferring into this hard drive. Now. Uh, if I can make it really close, I could hear the clicking noise play back to get my ear really close. So again, I’m going to, uh, be quiet for a couple of seconds and let you be the judge whether you can hear anything or not. And I’m hoping that my camera can at least pick up something.

All right, so that’s a couple of seconds of silence. Uh, like I mentioned, I do hear a very, very faint clicking noise, like very faint. I mean, if I was like say Oh feet or two away, there’s no way I would have hear anything. Uh, so, um, and this is kind of like a reason why I’ve, I’ve been a Seagate fan for many years. I use Western digital in the past. Uh, and I was teetering between Seca and Western digital for a while, but pretty much nowadays I exclusively buy Seagate simply because of the fact that they have great customer service. Um, and also, um, their hard drive was just really, really quiet for the most part. And I’ve enjoyed the product quite a bit. So there you go. There guys. There you have it. So this is the Seagate, uh, you know, eight terabyte hard drive review. And, uh, if you liked this video, please like, comment and subscribe. It would mean a lot to me. Uh, for additional info, please check, you know, the video description below, uh, if you know, to four places to buy or you want to read my written review and contact information and whatnot. Uh, and again, thank you for watching. Uh, mr. Product reviews out