Video Transcription

what is up everyone. This is your boy, mr. Product, the views. And today we will be doing a reveal on naked So naked wine is basically a wine subscription service, where you pay a subscription every month, a certain dollar value. And then you basically use that dollar value against the wine that you’ll get every month and based on customer customer support. They did tell me that if you don’t use your subscription for that month, that credit does get rolled over to the next month. So you could basically apply that. Should you want to skip a month? So the credit does row over according to customer service. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and open this box and check out what kind of wine I got. All right. So when a box is open and this is my first box with naked wine, this is what they call a introductory box.

I simply clicking on an ad on Facebook, I believe, and it was $40 and he sent me 60 random bottles of wine. And here he is, and I’m not going to do a wine tasting on any of these. I think there are people in YouTube that does a lot better job than I do. So instead of just show you what kind of wines I got, and you can be the judge as to what a disservice, a service that is right for you or not. And inside a box, it also comes with these fun taps things from tad eating, I guess, that you can put around the neck of your wine, give it to your friends and what have you. So it does come with these fun little stuff. And so without further ado, let’s go ahead and check out what kind of wine I got. So I got this one over here. Let me just, yep. So I got a Chardonnay on Oak central coast, 2018, Rick Boyer. And if you guys wanted to see a closeout with that, all right. So again, what it looks like, okay, next bottle. This is by Jen Pfeiffer,

rocket like a redhead. That sounds fun. The rebel Savi I’m blank, 2019, like the artwork, like the bottle. So looks like this is a mix of white and red. So I apologize. I think I said red earlier. So this is a mix of white and red, my apology. So there you go. Here’s the bottle right next. So do this one is by Benjamin. I can, I’m not going to butcher his last name. So that just caught Benjamin. Um, all right. 2018 looks like a writ. I’m not familiar with the name of this, but you guys can look it up online or look up, look at YouTube video for review on this bottle comes with that. Next one is Scott Kelly. [inaudible], uh, Oregon, 2018 Oregon wine. Interesting.

Right? So that’s that. And then this one’s Bruno 2018. [inaudible] I actually been there. It’s a pretty nice place, right by Morro Bay and here’s the back. So they would go Bruno and last but not leaks. Last one here is F Stephen Miller, serratus, Lodi also pass by leader. Joe passed her a couple of times, never stop in NoDa, but it’s part of the kind of thing we do in Napa. When I do wine tasting, sometime I do see wine from Lodi as well. This is a 2018 angels reserve reserve. I like that. I like the name of that reserve. Okay. So that’s the back and that’s the front. So there you go, guys. Six bottles of wines from naked And if you like it, there should be a link below where you can get some dollar value off. I think you could get, um, don’t quote me on it. I believe is about a hundred dollars off on your first order. So be sure to check out that link below. And if you happen to like my review, be sure to like comment and definitely subscribe to my channel. It will mean a lot to me. So other than that, mr. Product reviews out,