Flat River Group Recalls Children’s Bicycles Due to Crash and Injury Hazards; Violation of Federal Safety Regulations for Bicycles

This recall involves HolaBelle NextGen 10-inch, 12-inch, 16-inch, and 20-inch children’s bicycles. The bicycles were sold in black, blue, red, purple, and pink. The NextGen logo is printed across either the top tube or down tube of the frame on the bikes.

Recalled NextGen 10-inch Children’s Bike (Black)

Recalled NextGen 12-inch Children’s Bike (Blue)

Recalled NextGen 16-inch Children’s Bike (Pink)

Recalled NextGen 20-inch Children’s Bike (Red)

Potential Risks or Issues

The bicycles do not meet U.S. safety standards for bicycles, posing crash and injury hazards to children. The 10-inch, 12-inch, and 16-inch bicycles are equipped with hand brakes but no footbrakes. The 20-inch bicycles are not equipped with a chain guard, and the pedals do not come with reflectors. Federal regulations require bicycles with seat heights that measure at or below 25 inches to be equipped with foot brakes and require a full coverage chain guard, intended to prevent entrapment of clothing or body parts.

Has Anyone Been Injured?

None reported

About the Recall

This recall was initiated by Flat River Group due to the non-compliance of the HolaBelle NextGen children’s bicycles with U.S. safety standards for bicycles.

For more information on this recall, visit the CPSC website.

Where to Find Unique Identification of this Product

The unique identification of this product can be found on the NextGen logo printed across either the top tube or down tube of the frame on the bikes.

How Many Units Are Affected?

About 22,700 units of the HolaBelle NextGen children’s bicycles are affected by this recall.

Affected Batch/Date Range

The recall includes HolaBelle NextGen children’s bicycles sold from October 2020 through November 2022.

Who is the Distributor(s)?

The distributor of the recalled bicycles is Flat River Group, located in Belding, Michigan.

Places Where Recalled Product was Sold

The recalled bicycles were sold at various retailers including Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Amazon, Fingerhut, Groupon, HSN, Kohls, Lowe’s, Macys, Overstock, QVC, Target, Tractor Supply, and Walmart.

Where was This Manufactured?

The HolaBelle NextGen children’s bicycles were manufactured in China.

Actions for Consumers

Consumers who have purchased the recalled bicycles should immediately take the bikes away from children, stop using them, and contact Flat River Group for instructions on returning the bicycles for a full refund.

Remedy Process

The remedy process for this recall is a full refund. Consumers should contact Flat River Group for instructions on returning the bicycles and receiving a full refund.

Additional Information

For additional information about this recall, consumers can contact Flat River Group toll-free at 833-857-1010 anytime or visit their website at www.Flatrivergroup.com/nextgen-recall/ or www.Flatrivergroup.com and click on “Recall” at the top of the page.

Regulatory Compliance

The HolaBelle NextGen children’s bicycles do not comply with U.S. safety standards for bicycles, leading to this recall.

How Can I Protect Myself From Falling Victim?

  • Check for any recalls or safety issues before purchasing children’s bicycles.
  • Ensure that the bicycle meets all safety standards and regulations.
  • Regularly inspect the bicycle for any potential hazards or issues.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use and maintenance of the bicycle.
  • Register the product with the manufacturer to receive any recall notifications.

Final Thought

It is crucial to prioritize the safety of children when purchasing bicycles. This recall serves as a reminder to thoroughly check for compliance with safety standards and regulations to prevent any potential crash or injury hazards.