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What is up everyone? This is your boy, mr. Product reviews. And today we will be doing a review on first leaf. So I’m not sure about you guys, but I’ve been quarantine COVID-19 right. 20, 20 worst year ever. No, one’s going out. So I’ve been targeted by quite a bit like on Facebook and Google and whatnot on these wind subscription services. So I thought, why not? Let’s go ahead and make it review so that you guys can be educated and you guys want to get, uh, a wine subscription surface. And right now I think it’s a really great time to try out these services because they have really good introductory prices for first time customers. So if you were curious about firstly or another competitor, naked wines, if you’ve heard of them, they’re pretty active on that ad space as well. This is a great time because I think right now there’s this kind of like race to the bottom to provide the cheapest wine and at the highest customer service level.

So I think this is a win win for customer. Not so I don’t know so much about the company, but as a consumer, this is a great time to try out audience minds. So today that’s what I’m doing. Firstly, I’m curious, curious about their service. I’ve been seeing, I know them for a while. So this first box that I got is 39 95 is free shipping. So I’m like, why not? So let’s go ahead and open this box and see what I got. All right. I got the box unopened. And as you can see, there’s great attention to detail just around a box. So this unboxing experience is actually quite good in my book. So I’m going to bring the camera closer and you know, we’ll get to see kind of what ADI texts and stuff is all about.

So she can see over here basically what’s next is that I will give these wines and tastes and discover a new favorite. And then I would, you know, log in and then rate it and leave feedback. The next thing is base on how I rate and feedback. It will pick, you know, uh, we’ll try to pick the next perfect wines for my next box. So supposedly I wanted a website. So, so supposedly how it works is that each box will get better and better as it understands what your preference is in terms of the wines that you like. So supposedly every box does get better. And I want to get another, so over here, just a thank you note looks like from the founder, Philip James. So go ahead and pause it if you want to read it. And then also I got this, I guess this welcome pamphlet over here and then like a letter over here.

Should you guys want to pause it and read it, feel free? So the next part is just going to open this up and see what’s inside. All right. So let’s go over it. You see what’s inside this envelope, so here’s, what’s inside his envelope. So I’m just going to go through it real quick. Um, so again, this is, looks like some welcome packet and feel free. Let me just change over so you guys can read it. Yep. So as you can see, you guys can read it some welcome material over here. Feel free to pause and anything in the back. Oh, so it does have some nice graphic, top five ways to personalize your first leaf. So to get the most of your wine club. All right, cool. And then firstly feature. So there you go. Should you want to read all this stuff? Feel free to pause it and anything else on the other side. And it looks like some nice images.


Can we just have wine? All right. So it looks like, um, I’ll be getting a shimmer, Rosie, at least that’s what I assume that’s in this box. That’s why I’m seeing this pamphlet, but we shall see, um, some description about the wine and the profile and what’s good to pair ’em I do like fried chicken. So I’m a paradise with fried chicken goosey and it gives you some more information about the stats and whatnot, where is from, and then it gets just some nice images of Mendocino coast. I think that’s where the wine is from. Right? So that was advocate, Pinot Grigio, again, profile pairing stats, some description about the wine and more beautiful images of nature. All right, guys. So this is the moment of truth. So where they are going to uncover is covering here and let’s go ahead and see what kind of wine we got.

And also I am not going to do a wine tasting review on any of these wine, because I think there are people that are way, way better than I am on YouTube. That can give you a better sense of what these wine are, their profile, how it tastes light and all that stuff. So, you know, I will show you the bottle. I’ll give you the closeup of the bottle and you can perhaps do further research on whether this is why you want to get or not. So let’s go ahead and uncover this moment of truth. So it looks like I got three wine, six. I don’t know. There might be something on a bottom, but we shall see. So let’s go ahead. So this one broken, I guess, broken earth,

Broken earth winery. At least that’s what it looks like sometime 2012. Oh wow. Okay. Pasta roll. Bless. Nice. I know where that is. It’s close by here. So does this don’t mind? I’m going to do ended up close up. Guys. Want to see the bottle? And Derek are some embossed on the sticker here, which is quite nice, nice attention to detail and the top. And then here’s the back. If you want to read it. All right. Next one. So looks like this one is from fifth note sellers. This is a Grenache. It looks like it’s a blend. It’s a blend of cup of wine Cabernet, Sauvignon, Grenache, a bearer in harmony with tomato, Italian oregano and garlic. So just my, I assume goes well, we were with, um, pasta and stuff like that. Maybe spaghetti meatballs. So this is nice top. Like I liked that. That was pretty cool. Stickers, not bad. I like the first one better. Uh, and then the back, if you guys want to read it to try to do a little twisty turny thing here, I know there’s some

Plus going on with the light. So sorry about that. But I hope you can read this looks like these are the different things you can pair with perhaps. So again, this is say far, far away, look up the one. All right. Next one. I think this it’s the shimmer rosacea we saw earlier. So I liked the bottle. I like, I like the touch. I like just how creative the sticker is and the whole bottle and whatnot. Like how it shimmer, just like the sticker of set top, nothing special. And then I don’t know if the camera can pick it up. I think it’d be kind of hard to read. So sorry guys. Um, that’s the sticker. If you want to read it, I think you special front a bottom, but there you go. Far away view of the wine. All right. So I think I want to say I have three more to go. So, so there are more stuff, more stuff. Yay. More wine. All right. Another fifth note sellers wine. This looks like maybe it’s the same committee and should they’re slightly. Oh, I see. The plan is slightly different. So this uses a petite over here versus this one using Grenache. So there is a slight difference, but the other two is the same Barbera cab Cabernet Sauvignon. And this one is the same thing. So only one ingredient is different. So this is like a, these are like red blends. If you will then top, you guys see it, check it out and in the back.

Alright. And then this is the whole auto again. Should you guys want to check it out? All right. Two more to go.

W T and this is a Chardonnay from Napa Valley. Whew. Nice. All right. Napa Valley, 2017 Chardonnay WT. Wow. The top looks like that. I think special. And I’m back and you know, very traditional type kind of design here. Right? They’re traditional. Alright. So last one, last one. Psych, I got devil’s advocate 2018, peanut green geo. I think we saw that in one of the pamphlet that was introduced to us. So it looks pretty nice. Yeah. I’d like to embark on the sticker. That’s a nice touch. And then the back, you want to see the top? It’s a nice little touch here. This design up here too like that. And then the steel far wave view of this.

Yep. So that’s, I believe it’s the last bottle. I don’t think there’s Eagle. So there you go, guys. Six bottle for an introductory price of, I believe is 39 95. And that includes shipping from first leave. So it looks like I got three whites and three reds. I think I’m going to have a really good time these wine. And if you guys want to try it out, be sure to check out the video description below and audio information. I’ll make sure I’ll put it there too. So be sure to check that out. And if you happen to learn something, you like my review, please like comment and definitely subscribe to my channel. You can, it would mean a great deal to me. So edit and dad, mr. Product reviews out