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Hims Male Hair Loss Kit Review

Watch my review on Hims Male Hair Loss Kit. About Hims Hims Complete Hair Kit is an affordable program for prevention of male hair loss. This is a monthly subscription and currently priced at $44 per month. Each month you will receive the following: Finasteride – 30 x 1 mg pills The Shampoo – DHT […]

NeoGenesis Recovery Serum Review

Stem Cells in Skin Care Really Work? Not because of the stem cells themselves, but because of the secretions that these stem cells produce. It’s similar to why we buy speakers. It’s not the speakers that we’re seeking per se, but the high quality and astounding clarity of the sound it produces…which IS, of course, […]

Joovv Review – My 4 Months Experience as a Middle-aged Adult on my Skin, Hair, Energy Level, Cognitive Skills, and Combining Supplements

Disclaimer: We will be going over some supplements I use in this review combine with Joovv red light therapy. I am not a medical professional and this video is for informational purposes only, please seek advice and recommendations from your healthcare provider on the course of treatment that is right for you. Now, back to […]

Joovv Mini, Infrared and Near-Infrared Light Therapy, Review

Backstory For the folks who would rather watch than to read my review, you can see my video below: So my wife and I have been raving to my mother and father-in-law on how great red light therapy is making a dramatic improvement to our health.  Unbeknownst to us, they went ahead and purchased a Joovv […]

MAC Eye Shadows – Shadowy Lady & Haux Reviews

A Review of MAC’s Matte & Satin Shadows I’ve been using MAC products for over 14 years. . . and I still find them to be the longest-wearing, deeply saturated and concentrated colors, and highly versatile makeup around for street fashion. Recently I replenished some of my favorites: Shadowy Lady & Haux. MAC Shadowy Lady […]

Joovv, Red Light Therapy Review – Does red and near-infrared light work for older adults?

Update:, I wrote a follow-up piece on my experience with Joovv, red light therapy, after 4 months, you can read all about it here. To watch my video reviews or learn more about red light therapy, you can access my YouTube playlist to jumpstart your knowledge on red light therapy. When you’re ready to make […]

Nutrafol, Hair Loss Thinning Supplement Review, Our Personal Experience

Update 3: Nutrafol has been awarded, Allure’s Best of Beauty Breakthough Awards: The Most Amazing New Beauty Products of 2018 Update 2: Our hair mineral analysis came back and we did a review on it, check it out! Update: If you are using Nutrafol for three months, you’re entitled to a Hair Mineral Analysis ($250 […]

TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet for Pore Care

Needing Something to Make Your Skin Look Younger and Smoother?  Try TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet So, you know how your skin gets when you’re over the age of 35 years of age…or more? Yes, you know? You’re fighting this, too? How about when it starts looking perpetually reddened? Or when your skin looks grainy, you’re […]

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