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What is up everyone? This is your boy, mr. Product reviews. And today I will be doing a review on D yes, skirt, 18 inch ring, light, and truth to be toe. This is actually my second ring light. I got the same one again, because I love the first one so much, and I needed a second ring light and I didn’t have to do a library search. I just got a second one and truth be told. I didn’t even think about doing a review on the first one, but I liked it so much. I really want to do a review on this. And initially when I purchased this about, I think six months ago or 46 months ago, it was about $80 and this is my second one. And on Amazon, it is right now. Last I checked was about one 40 ish and you know, prices do fluctuate.

So this is, you know, a high popularity item. Um, chances are maybe present, might still go up, but this is a very, very good ring light. And this is the reason why I bought a second one. And without further ado, this, go ahead and take a closer look around a box so that you guys can check out your specifications. So I’m just going to take the camera off real quick. And as you can see, uh, that’s the logo, right? Uh, yes, sir. Over there, I believe that’s how you pronounce it. And this is a 18 inch ring light for a photography free, a webcast and makeup. And this is the model number. So it is Y S K R L 18. Andy power. I’ll put a 65 Watts color temperatures between 3,200 to 5,600 Kelvin. External diameter is 45 centimeter. And again, a specification here, if you guys, uh, if this is of concern for you guys, uh, pauses and check it out.

So in the next part I’m going to do is I’m going to open a box and let’s see what’s inside. When you first take it off on a box, you’ll see two items. One is deep bag and delight is actually inside of back and also the tripod in plastic. And let’s go ahead and see what’s inside that bag. Okay. So now I basically took the items out from the back and here’s the ring light and I removed the plastic as well, just for time’s sake. And also, uh, this is the adapter they came with initially. And I am actually in the middle of returning this because it actually came with the wrong, uh, N let me just do a zoom over here real quick. Yup. So it came up the wrong and here and I am in the United States. So as you know, this is definitely, definitely not a standard us power adapter.

So I am in the middle of trying to get a new one from this company from yesterday. It is. And we’ll see, I actually put this at the end of this video to let you guys know what my result is with their customer service, because I think that’s also very important, uh, mistakes do happen, right? So this is an honest mistake. I mean, they probably processed thousands of order or hundreds of orders every day. So, you know, things could go wrong. So we’ll see what happens when I raised this issue to customer support and see what happens. But because I already have a second ring light, I can show you exactly the specifications on the proper adopter that I have here. So this is my first ring light. So maybe spec might’ve changed since they may be updated, upgraded, or updated to ring light, but this is the first ring light power adapter.

And this is the spec. Should you guys are interested in it? Let me just zoom in real quick, I think. Yep. There you go. So, so in the back, it comes to a vein, of course, their ring light, right. Um, and then comes with the power adapter. And then next thing it comes with is it comes with a, I think this is called a horseshoe at the chapter, and I will show you once we set that thing up, set the ring light up, and I’ll also comes away adapter for your iPhone or Android phone. And what have you kind of looks at this and you could shove away it, and then you can turn this to increase so they can fit various sizes of iPhones. But this is great. And also comes with a Bluetooth remote, which is super awesome so that you don’t have to stand up.

Right. You know, turn on the camera and walk back, sit down things of that nature. So with the remote, is there convenient if you’re doing like makeup videos, things like that. So where you’re sitting down. All right. So in the next portion, what I’m going to do is I will stand this light up and we’ll turn it on to see if this second light will work or whether I have to call customer service again. So stay tuned. One other thing actually I forgot to mention is that it comes with an instruction manual. And I think that’s very important to also showcase that in case you guys are interested to see what that looks like. So feel free to pause the video. Shoot. You want to just look at the instruction manual and whatnot. So I’m just going to just, you know, slide this through. So that’s the front, then this is a guest back


All right. So that’s the instruction manual. And then also came with this thank you card. We provide 30 days free return replacement. And when your, that is good to know, if you’re not happy, feel free to email us with your order number. Do you support it? Yes. our customer service team will help you to best help you best. I’m sorry. If you love your order, please take a few minutes, share your thoughts and experience. So it’s a thank you card. And then, Ooh, look like I am a luckiest one to get one of the free gift us following, seeing your review link, order number, address, and gift type you like to yesterday, or just to give will be subbed to you. Well, we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll send them a link on my YouTube review, and then we’ll see if I get one of these, a free gift us, they have mentioned.

So there you go. So that’s also, what’s in the box. And again, sorry, now we will get to putting this together and see if this thing would turn on or not just a quick update. I did manage to contact their customer support and they were able to help me all in all. It took me about a week to get this, you know, we bought it back and forth with emails and things like that. I did have to send them an image, providing them that they get sent me to Brown power supply. And after that, they were more than happy to send me a new one. And it did take a little bit of time, but no big whoop, right? I am happy that this happened because I get to show you guys whether the people yesterday in this case stand behind your product and they do, and this is actually really good news.

So as you can see, this is about power adapter, just like the one I have for my first slide. And, you know, as you can see, this is the proper adapter for us. So there you go. Okay. So come to the assembly of this ring light is actually pretty simple. So you prop the tripod up is pretty straightforward, I think. And then you just basically put this ring light on top of the STEM. So it’s pretty simple as you can see here, right? You pretty much just do this, the NBC, we could get my yep. There it goes. So, so like that right now, that is in, and then pretty much to tighten it. You just, you know, turn this over here. Right. And pretty much you’re done once you kind of like tightened it up. Oops. Wrong direction. So you tighten that up so pretty much.

Oh, yup. So sorry. So you tighten that up and the reason why this is swimming back and forth, because I haven’t tightened the knob over here, but as you can see, can go up and down as well, which I can, uh, do a quick demo later on, but pretty much pretty easy, easy installation installing the iPhone. Adapters is actually pretty simple. So you have this, a horseshoe at that they’re here and this is the iPhone mountain adapter, if you will. So you pretty much just shoot as turn us, uh, just turned us it’s that I’m not going to tighten it too much. I will do need to do some calibration later, but just want to show you guys a quick demonstration and then to put it into this, uh, apparatus here, there’s, uh, there’s your horseshoe Mount and you just push that in and then you just turn this like that, like, you know, over here, you have your turn that, and then you’ll just tighten it in.

And I said, I will do calibration later, but I just want to show you guys real quick, how easy it is to put that horseshoe Mount on and also the iPhone adapter. So in this portion, I just want to demonstrate the swollen angle of the ring light, just in case you’re wondering, you know, how far can we swivel, right. For the bright light that fusion, if you will, because I think that comes to new play for some photographer and bloggers and what have you. So I just really want to demonstrate that, so this is on basically just as the front of the light. And as you can see, um, this is at a, uh, let’s just call a zero degree angle. Right. But you know, the inverse of you. Well, right. And then let’s go ahead and see how far we can turn this. So we’re at the 90 degree, right?

And then it goes all the way down. So pretty much you have a one 80 degree swivel with just ring light. See, do you need to do some light that fusion in this part, I want to show you what the back looks like. So here you can see there’s two Knopps and this is the on and off NOP. So you could hear to click. So this is off and you could turn on all the way on and that I believe that would control the brightness of the light. And I will, I’ll definitely turn this on in a bit. And then dis basically controls the color temperature of delight. So here you see, let me get a zoom. Let me lock that in. Yep. So as you can see, this is from 3,200 K to 5,600 K. So this is how you would control the color of the light.

It does go all the way to the left and it does go out with your brain and it does stump. So, and then this is where the power adapter would go. And also if you have something that you need to charge such as your iPhone and whatnot or audio equipment, there is a USB, uh, outlet here, uh, five volts at one app just in case you need it. So in the next portion, let’s go ahead and turn this baby on and see what happens. All right, guys. So here is the moment of truth. We show, see if this light will turn on with the power adapter that I originally have remembering the earlier part. I mentioned that they sent in a Brown adopter. So we’ll see if this will work or my house is on fire, which is not ideal. So we’ll see. So let’s go ahead.

And I said, pretty easy. You just turn on the knob over here and boom. So you see the light. So let’s go ahead and turn that around and see this baby. So this is, I think this is the default at the extreme left, I guess that would be 3,200 Calvin. And I will do a quick demonstration on the different light color in a bit, but just wanting to, do you see that this thing does turn on this really bright? I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s really bred on my end. So this is how it looks like. All right. So in the next part, let’s go ahead and check out the various temperature color. All right. So let’s go ahead and check out the temperature color of ring. Like, so I’m starting from the extreme left, which is at 3,200 Kelvin and I have the camera locked at a certain level.

So just to, we can just so we can get a good baseline of the color of the light. So this is at 3,200. I am going to slowly because there’s enough. I’m slowly gonna ramp that up all the way to 5,600. So there you go. Let’s see my true, here we go. So I’m going to turn in, I’m turning, I’m turning more to the bright and I can see the lights turning more white rather than more. And I’m going to keep turning. And as you can see, is becoming brighter and wider on my end. I hope the camera would pick it up. So now I’m on the extreme man. So this is 5,600 Calvin, and I’m just going to knock it back down to 3,200, just so in case you guys missed it the first time. So I’m going to slowly ramp that down. I’m ramping it down right now as we speak and it’s getting warmer as you can see, it’s getting warmer, warmer, and there you go.

That’s 3,200 Calvin on the other end of the spectrum. Should we say that’s where we started. And so that pretty much concludes the demonstration of this ring light. So there you go. Y’all this is my review on yes, speaker 18 inch ring light. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope you guys learned something from this. And if you happen to want to purchase this, there should be a link somewhere in the video description below to Amazon where I purchased this light. So just to make it easy for you guys, if you guys want to pick this up and thank you for your time, thank you for watching. And if you happen to like my video, please like comment and definitely subscribe to my channel. It will mean a lot to me. So other than that, mr. Product reviews out,