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hi, mrs. Product reviews here. And I’m going to do a review on the urban decay, 24 seven glide on pencil. It’s in the color called LSD. Now truth be told this was an accidental purchase on my part. I clicked the wrong button. I meant to click the button beside it, but I decided to give this a try and I have been delighted. I would not have tried this on my own. I would have been put off initially by the high frost or the moderate frost. I don’t. You’ll see. And I have been so delighted and surprised, so it claims to be waterproof and long lasting. And what I have found within all pencils there’s any amount of frost, especially if it’s a mid or a high frost or a iridescent, it tends to make it spreadable. It just blends and spreads of its own accord.

So it that’s just a factor. And so I was anticipating not being particularly happy with the performance, even if I ended up liking the color. And what I found was the performance was actually better than expected. It’s still blended and kind of moved a little bit after about eight to 10 hours, but it was still there after eight to 10 hours. And I could just refresh it just a little bit and it looked crisp and clean and defined around my eyes. And that was the worst of it, which is not at all bad at all. So let me show you the color, the unexpected accidental purchase. This, look at that. So it looks like black and it’s a deep midnight blue with the slide is a little bit of green in it. I mean, there’s, it’s just barely there. It’s barely there, but you can tell by the high spreadability, which is a hallmark of any of the pencils, regardless of the brand that have any of the frost, the Mica and the formula, which gives it that wonderful glisten.

There you go. You can see that pretty well. That ingredients inclusion also is that it is that products. Um, spreadability so if you just anticipate that you’re going to have to use a really good makeup primer to fix it. So once it’s spread where you leave, it is where it stays, but I have been extremely happy. And again, this was an accident. This has been the COVID, um, coronavirus sheltering in place, and I’ve been going a bit stir crazy. And so I just went shopping the other days on things that I normally would buy, but I needed to start putting makeup on as part of my mental health, at least four days a week. And I feel like myself, I feel better. So this was part of, I guess, my mental health. I haven’t made a makeup purchase in a while, so I just did a cluster in like 12 hours.

And this is part of it. But again, I’m very happy with this color. It’s not something I would have chosen. It’s got a lot, it’s more of a, a deep midnight blue, but it does have this light iridescence. And I’m going to say not a lot of, it’s almost like a deep purple midnight blue, but I can also tell you, especially when I blend it, you can really see that residual green. If, if this is a camera as allowing you to see what my naked eye can see here, don’t know if the camera is picking up the subtle color nuances, but again, it’s mostly a blue with just a tiniest bit of green anyway, but that’s my review. I’m going to give this four stars again. It would be five stars if it stayed where you put it without any spreading over the entire 12 or 24 hours of where that would be five stars, but until our formulation and our ingredients for formulation change or B or some other method or fixing ingredient comes into existence, this is the best I think our technology can produce. And it’s still pretty darn good. So if you have found this review of the urban decay, a 24 seven glide on pencil in the color called LSD, please like comment and subscribe. And if you’d like more information, click on our video description below. Thank you so much for your, uh, tuning in and mrs. Product reviews over and out.