Needing Something to Make Your Skin Look Younger and Smoother?  Try TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet

So, you know how your skin gets when you’re over the age of 35 years of age…or more?

Yes, you know? You’re fighting this, too? How about when it starts looking perpetually reddened? Or when your skin looks grainy, you’re starting to lose elasticity, and your pores sag open even though you no longer have the oily skin of a teenager. It’s so frustrating!

We spend all these years religiously using SPF 35+ daily, even multiple times a day, using the latest peptides and amino acid-enhanced serums, only to have hormonal changes trying to push us through the “old door.” Augh!!!

Because you’re most likely well informed, I’ll guess that you’re already working with your ObGyn, or on some form of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) because you know the many benefits you’ll keep by supporting your body’s changes, including preserving your skin’s firmness and strength by preventing the rapid loss of your skin’s elasticity that unsupported perimenopausal and menopausal goes through. Balancing Your Hormones = Younger-Looking Skin among other things. (Also keeps your bones healthy, your sleep patterns regular, and your mind clear.)

So, the payoff to all of this good preventative care should be obviously firm and younger-looking skin, right? Well, I do look better than my mother or grandmother did at my age. Of this there is no doubt. But…it could be better.

TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet Pore Care…?

I purchased a collection of TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet off of Amazon and I’ve been cycling through them all, taking note of each one’s specific benefits, performance ingredients, or lack thereof. I’d read a little bit about this Red Wine Mask online and really wanted to try this out.

You see, my husband and I were socializing with some of his work friends, who I’d never met before, and I wanted to feel confident. And looking my best gives me more confidence. You know how this goes.

Backstory: I’m significantly older than my husband. He chased me when we met in graduate school; I eventually let him catch me; and turns out his boyhood fantasy has always been older women, even women older than I currently am! I have an interesting and sophisticated guy.

So…back to the TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet. I wanted to make a good impression and I regularly try new things. Having a professional skincare background which adds a dimension to my curiosity which I leverage here, even though I do other things now.

And yes, I still worry a bit about my appearance. The skincare industry naturally brings this out. In short, this was the perfect opportunity to try TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet for Pore Care.

Do You Do This, Too?

I prepped my skin with a good creamy cleanser and exfoliated with rice bran enzyme powder, avoiding my eye area.

I opened the TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet packet as usual, from the bottom. After I took out the sheet mask, unfold it, and apply it, I always save the packets. They’re full of extra serum! I fold these saved packets in half lengthwise and funnel out this remaining serum, applying it to my neck, eyes, chest, hands, earlobes, etc. I’m dedicated.

While this added serum is still wet, I typically use my handheld ultrasound wand for one (1) minute per region on my face. (NEVER directly over my eyes…and you shouldn’t do this, either.) After I use the ultrasound on these added areas, I also used it right over the sheet mask itself. (As long as your mask is still wet from the serum saturating it, the ultrasound wand just glides right over it.)

When I was done using the ultrasound wand over this mask, I just let the mask set for the remaining time suggested by the manufacturer…maybe a bit longer.

Of course, I never wash sheet mask serums off. These serums stays on and I smartly layer my other serums, essences, and SPF creams right over the top.

Why Red Wine?

I know that Red wine is a well-known miracle superfood, because of the high amounts of resveratrol it contains. Resveratrol is a potent natural antioxidant, known for its anti-aging effects, and is produced by plants when they are subjected to stress, such as in a wine press.

And this powerful antioxidant is a powerful anti-aging ingredient. It falls into the category of antioxidants known as polyphenols that work by stimulating cell proteins, which in turn promote longer cell life in the body. Younger cells live longer, they function better than older cells, and this is why we’re always looking for performance ingredients that do exactly this on our skin and in our bodies.

Resveratrol also helps to diminish redness, a sign of inflammation from oxidative activity in the skin, another sign of aging skin and stress. Resveratrol is found in other plants and fruits, but the highest amounts of resveratrol are known to naturally occur in the skin of grapes, and of course, in red wine.

Conclusion: Would I use TonyMoly’s Red Wine Mask Sheet Again?

Wow! My skin looked plump, smooth, and felt firm. I kept looking at it up close in the mirror. My complexion was calmer and more clear, too. The texture was smooth, poreless, and perfect. Now, this is a mask! Seriously, give this TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet a try. With or without the ultrasound wand, this is the bomb!

That day my makeup looked fantastic. I even used a new, sheer, cushion cream foundation from Japan, and this was all the foundation I needed. I’m not kidding.

Heck, with the effectiveness of this Red Wine Mask, I could see using this TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet as a quick fix if I haven’t slept well the night before, if I’ve had a bit too much to drink the night before, or even if I’ve been stressed out. I really didn’t expect this much performance from a simple sheet mask in a pouch.

I do know that the hydration effect is temporary as the hyaluronic acid, the major plumping ingredient, is a large molecule that sits on top of the skin. But still….this overall effect is very impressive.

And next time I order, I’m going to order just the TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet. This has become a new quick fix I keep in my closet.

While this won’t take decades off of your appearance, I urge you to give this a try. And whether you use the ultrasound wand to enhance it, or not, I think you’ll still be impressed with the results.

Hmmm…  I wonder what would happen if I used this TonyMoly Red Wine Mask Sheet 3x a week?