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What is up everyone? This is your boy, mr. Product reviews. And today we won’t be doing a review on the InMotion Compaq Strider. And let’s go ahead and just take a look around the box and we’ll go from there. So as you can see, this is, I guess the zero number of this particular product. Should you guys need to know? 55 dash one six zero three B. And that’s the logo over here. And if you guys are curious, here are some additional information. I think the stuff that’s probably very important for some of you is that dimension. So here is the dimension 20 by 13, by 12 and five eight. And, um, this is the gross weight, which is 13.7 kilogram. I’ll let you guys figure that out with Google in terms of how, how much that is when I translate two pounds. So this go ahead.

I already kind of opened a box, but it’s kind of heavy. Let me see if I could turn it. Okay. Yup. I can. So let’s go ahead and open a box over here. And in the next part, what I’ll do is I’ll take the items out and we will do a quick inventory count. All right. So let’s go ahead and do a quick inventory of everything that I found inside the box. So let’s go. So this is the part where I almost missed it and good dang. It did say, do not throw away contains part number 37 Bay sports. So this is the phase four. So it’s inside this carton cover. So make sure that you don’t accidentally fro away this or forgot about it. So isn’t, it’s inside a box somewhere. You just gotta look for it, but it’s there. And then here are some nuts and bolts.

It looks like, let me just see if I can zoom in over here. Maybe I’ll do another shop quick, shut up these items in the, in the next scene, but it looks like we have the necessary tools to install this elliptical machine. And it looks like you probably don’t need any additional tools to get this going. However, during my installation, which I’m not going to show, because then it would just take too much of your time watching my review. So if I come upon any snack or difficulties, I will make sure that I will report back to you guys to let you know what I discovered. So it just looks like it’s one of the base support system that you put underneath and it looks like these are the two pedals left and right. And of course the starved a moment, right, is the, this is the whole elliptical machine.

It does have a L E D display, a very simple led display over here. And then over here, we have some instruction materials and is, I guess, product registration, product registration, sorry, can talk today, product registration cart that you guys can. Let me see if I can zoom in. Yep. And feel free to pause it. If you want to read this, we’ll say, okay, move it out a little bit over here. Yep. So feel free to read it if you need to. And then this is the owner owner’s manual to see what kind of good stuff it has in here. Uh, it looks like here’s a coupon code if you want to redeem it. So feel free to use it. If you want to. They’ll like, there’s some clear, let me see if I can fix that for you guys. Some coupon code over here. If you guys want to take advantage of that table, content more stuff, and this is how it should look like once we have completed the installation and then at one 800 number, should you need any technical assistance? And then just more stuff, hardware, identification, identification, charts, all the nuts and bolts from this to install this inventory count. And it looks like these are the instruction.

And then just more stuff on how to use the meter, replacing the battery. So what’s really cool about this too, is you’ll notice there’s no power supply, which is kind of nice. So I guess for the most part, this is probably powered by a yep. Like a really small battery, just what just 40 led screen and pretty much that’s about it. And I think there are some resistance control along with this elliptical machine, which is nice. I will test that out as well and just more stuff. And then it even gives you some instruction on doing some stretches prior warranty, information, legal jumbo, mumbo, mumbo jumbo, I guess. Um, wow. This is like really detailed stuff over here. Um, I’m not sure I need to know all this, but, um, this is cool. Very cool. Uh, 40 engineers, right?

And then the parts lists very detailed parts, lists, more parts, and then customer service register your product. And that concludes our tutorial or should I say, um, a walkthrough of the instruction manual? So in the next part, what I am going to do is I am going to install all of this stuff here. I will not show the installation because they’re just like too long. And then let’s just take a look at it and will do a quick product demo. And we’ll go from there. All right guys. So this is how it looks like once this is installed and I will do a quick three 60 around. So you guys can emyr is full glory. So all in all, it took me about 10 minutes to install this. And I think if you know what you’re doing, you’ll probably take like five minutes for some of the job.

It took me 10. But I guess if for step folks that really have problem, maybe 20 max. So it’s fairly simple to install. It’s pretty much like they’re just couple of nuts and bolts that you need to bolt on. For example, back here, those are two boats and then to two boats on a pedo, two boats on a pedal over here. And then there’s also additional two boats down beneath for this sport. And one caveat is this floorboard over here, just make sure the foam side is facing down and not upward. So just make sure the form is facing towards the ground so that you can see the foam because it’s touching the ground. Right. And right now, so just make sure the foam is touching the ground. So there you go. Right. Looks pretty good. And then this is the LCD screen. So as I pedal, I think just turn on, maybe not, Oh, there we go.

See your thing. Yup. See, I did like couple of steps. I was testing out the, the, uh, apparatus. And also this is your resistance control. So if you turn more to the right, there will be more resistance. So this will be, yeah, this is way harder for me to move now than before. And if I was turning off turns back to the other side, which is the loosest setting. So this is the looser center. I can’t even go anymore. Right. Or left or whatever, but, uh, you get my drift. And so let’s see. Yeah. So right now it’s just my boy, way, way, way easier for me to peddle this. So there you go. This is the closeup. And what I am going to do next is I am going to give you a quick demonstration. So one thing you want to be careful of is you don’t want to step on the step that’s wrapping down, given that you might lose your balance.

So you should always step on the step that’s flatter, which is decide in this case. Just want to make sure you guys are catching that. So I haven’t had a lot of practice and this is my first stationary elliptical. So bear with me for a sec. I’ll try my best to do a product demonstration. I think it’s just a matter of me finding the right balance and getting used to the machine and be sure too, that if you are doing this at home, I would recommend that you have some type of rail or balance just in case you lose your balance so that you could catch on to something. So just in case for the viewers at home, so I’m gonna step over here. I’m gonna start over here and we’re just going to create some forward momentum. So as you can see, I’m having a little bit trouble, but once I get that for women and it’s pretty easy, so here we go.

Yep. So it gets, yup. There you go. Yep. So as you can see, I’m still getting, trying to get the hang of it, but I try to do my best to do this demonstration. If I’m in front of my desk, I would probably hold on to my desk while doing this so that I could get some bounds. So, so far so good. Yeah, we wouldn’t do a couple more and as you can see, you don’t really hear a lot of noise. It’s really quiet too. So you won’t be bothering anyone while you’re exercising, except for maybe you breathing really hard, but the machine is fairly quiet. And of course, once you get the hang of this, you could always increase your resistance so that you could get a better workout. But so far I’m doing pretty good. I haven’t been out for a while, you know, shelter in place.

COVID-19 so this is a pretty good setting for me. And I’m already kind of sweating while doing this workout. So that’s how our shape I am. So I am really happy that I got this machine so that I can work in front of my desk and you know, and I, and so I could shave some weight off my belly. I’m not sure if the camera can catch that, but so there you go, guys, this is a demonstration of the InMotion elliptical machine here. And if you guys are interested in buying this product here, there should be a bit of description somewhere below in, you know, for you to buy. And if you’ve learned something, you enjoy my review, be sure to comment like, and definitely subscribe to my channel. It will mean a great deal to me. So other than that, Mr. Product Reviews out