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Video Transcript on Sparthos Back Support Belt

What is up, everybody. This is your boy, Mr. Product Reviews and today we are going to review Sparthos Back Brace. Actually, I did not even intend to do a review on this back brace. So, a little bit of a backstory is that I have a bulging disc in my back. So, there are times when my back will go out and then I will just be in terrible, terrible pain. It’s just not fun. Not very comfortable. And so I actually bought this back brace just to see if it works.  As I said, I was not even intending to do a review on this, but I feel like I really need to kind of get the words out there on Sparthos Back Brace.

I’m sure there are competitors out there that kind of have something similar to this, but this is the product I chose. I did a little bit of research when I was in Amazon. Then this to me was kind of like the product that I decided to get, just to try out. So, in terms of the package, this is how it looks like when it comes through the mail. It’s just a little packet right here. It has a little zip lock at the top; some instruction and whatnot in English and German and what have you. This product claims that it is designed in Germany. So, if you guys are into the whole German engineering, and things like that, this is it. Some information, and definitely washing instructions. Do not tumble dry and do hand wash. Do not dry clean and do not iron. Make sure of that this if you do plan to clean them.

So, this is how it looks like. I will definitely open a product and let you see. So this is how the back looks like. There’s this little cut out here, which I will explain in a bit. This is some instructions here. Step one, two and three. I’m going to get into the instruction on how to wear this in my next video. I found this a little bit confusing when I was looking at this infographics. But, once you get it, this makes sense. But just by looking at it without understanding the product, it’s a little bit confusing. As I was doing research on this, there were some users that basically said, “This didn’t work for me, like, at all.”

And my hypothesis is that like maybe they didn’t read the instruction on how to properly tightened this and wear it properly. That’s my hypothesis. Hard to say. But I think probably some of that is that. And I didn’t find any videos that I can find that can easily help me know the correct way on wearing this back brace. I think it would answer a lot of questions if someone shows you how. I’ll get to this later on in this video. I will show you how to properly wear this back brace and show you guys how you’re supposed to wear it. I think it would answer a lot of questions as to why it didn’t work and whatnot. And I think honestly, some of the users, the reason why it didn’t work was that they weren’t properly wrapping this back brace onto themselves and weren’t paying attention to the instructions.

So, let’s go ahead and open this bag and check out the back brace, right. So this is the back brace. The branding of this goes in the front. Unfortunately, the brand label stays on the back brace. You can’t really take it off. Nope, you can’t take it off. It stays, unfortunately. The material is kind of spring-y and rubbery, to support the various different body sizes. This back brace that I got is small. I am a small framed guy. So, I got a small and this seemed to work really well for me. In this back brace, you see here, you have this little cutout. You could take it off. It’s Velcro. You can take it off and you can just put it on.

Just make sure that basically the larger the larger triangle you see here, this part points up toward your head, and this part points towards your feet. So make sure that this goes up and this goes down. So that’s the direction. So I’m just going to put it back here, I’m trying to make it as exact as I can into the middle. This looks pretty good. It has these supports that hold your back. I don’t know if you guys have worn a corset before? For the females, I’m sure you are familiar. There are male corsets out there. So this kind of feels like wearing a male corset, or just a corset. There’s really no gender-specific terms for that. (This is called a men’s waist trainer).

I guess it’s kind of like wearing a corset. This is kind of how it looks like; this is the material. And in my next video, I’ll show you how to properly put this on your back so that you get the maxim support from this back brace. So see you in a bit.

All right. So what I am going to do is show you the wrong way to wear this back brace. Then I’ll show you the correct way on how to wear this thing. Initially, when I got this, I basically just put this around. I Thought, “Oh, you just kind of wrap this around just using this velcro here and boom, you’re done.”

What happened was I was feeling okay. But, I feel like there’s some support, but it doesn’t really feel like it is supporting me all that much. It feels a little bit loose. Then I went back to the instruction and that’s where I found out this additional step, step three that I was showing you earlier. This is basically the wrong way to do it. So, if you just happened to purchase this, and just wrapped it around your back like this, you’re actually not done yet. To properly wear this follow this: You see this logo right, you want to tear this back. So that’s one side. And actually, there’s another one, right here. You want to tear this one back. So then what happened is step one is you want to wrap this.

So adjust this like that. Okay. Now, that’s step one. So now you have these two tabs from each side. Now what you want to do is you really want to stretch it over your back where it’s nice and tight. Depending on how tight you want it, “I like it a little bit tighter so that I feel that I have some support” it’s kind of like wearing a corset if you’ve worn one. So, depending on how tight you want it, I want it a little bit tighter, you don’t want to make it so tight such that you can’t breathe, right? Just make sure that you don’t make it too tight whereas you’ll having trouble breathing. Right now I can feel there’s way more support now on my back and I feel like my posture is 100 percent better; honestly 200 percent better, for me.

I just feel like my posture is better. I know my body is lifted up. I feel very good about it. I feel there’s support on it. Then, if you happen to be wearing this while you’re eating, it will be kind of hard. So, when I have lunch or dinner, I just pull this back so that I have some slack to eat and then once I’m done eating or drinking water, or what have you, I just basically cinch it back. So I get that nice support. I mainly wear this while I’m sitting in my office doing work. I’m more of an office type kind of person. This helps me. This gives me a good sitting posture. I have really bad sitting posture to be honest with you.

So this helps me and it supports me. When I walk I just feel so much better with this support on my back. Like I mentioned before, I wasn’t even planning to do a review on this to be honest with you, but it just feels so good. I feel the support of this product and I just feel so good. I feel like I need you to spread the word. As I mentioned, they didn’t really have any video that would really show you how to put on this back brace. So, I hope that by me demonstrating this on this video, you guys would know how to properly put this back brace on your back. As I mentioned, it feels great! So, there you go. My review on the Sparthos Back Brace. If you guys happen to like my video, please like, comment, and subscribe to my site. It would mean a great deal to me.

Other than that, Mr. Product Reviews, out.