First Impression

I was always curious about the Chromebook for a very long time.  Today, I had the pleasure of reviewing one.  First of all, I love love love the color!  Fiesta red with gradients depending on where the light hits it.  It looks like a sports car for laptop

The width of the Chromebook is thin like most of the high-end laptop, in case you need to impress the tech bros next to you in the coffeshop

How Does It Perform?

For the most part, I know these are not gaming machines, so my expectation coming in wasn’t too high.  But I was blown away by how fast, snappy, and responsive it is.  I experienced no lag time when I interact with the touchscreen.  It was quite responsive

A little history on my experience with Android, I switched from Android to Apple about 10 years ago simply the Android UI at the time was slow and laggy.  Possibly due to additional app bloat from the manufacturers.  Samsung has made the right choice not to throw crappy apps into this beautiful machine.  The setup was quite pleasant as well.  I can get to the Chrome desktop with less than 5 taps or clicks if I browse as a guest.  (Even Apple haven’t achieved that)

I would say the keyboard is on par with the Apple keyboard.  The mouse is responsive and the sensitivity was just right

Do I recommend this Chrome to my friends?  Read on to the next section to find out

Conclusion and My Verdict

If one of my buddies is shopping for a Chromebook, this is definitely one I would recommend.  I also think this Chromebook is a good Apple contender to the iPad Pro since it is slightly cheaper.  $699 for the Intel i3 model and $329 with trade-in credit.  SSD hard drive, you wouldn’t need to worry about hard drive crashes.  Lastly, the fiesta red, I can rave enough about it.  It just looks great!  This Chromebook experience has definitely renewed my interest in Android