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What is up everyone? This is your boy, mr. Product reviews. And today we vote, we doing a review on the rink, fit adventure for Nintendo switch. So as you can see, this is a very coveted item at the moment, given this COVID-19 shelter in place, lots of people are staying home and they’re trying to find a way to exercise and play games. And this is like the perfect way to play games and exercise at the same time. So let’s go up right on the head and check out the three 60 around a box. So this is the artwork in front. And let’s go ahead and look at this side. I’m going to get real close. You guys want to check it out. UPC code over here and on the other side, looks like it’s more like that. So custom workout in some various languages, Cody level exercise, stats, results, things of that nature.

All right, moving on just a Nintendo Rhett logo over here. So nothing special. And then over here, more artwork. So you could play like, I guess, various different types of game adventure. You see if we get the text there. There you go. Yep. Good to see that here’s artwork. It looks pretty cool. Yup. Quick play. Yeah. All right. I think that pretty much. So that’s the plan that we did the rep at the walk around, around the edges. And then now let’s go ahead and look back. Yep. So let’s see. Let me just move this back. So you guys can see his full glory. So this is how it looks like, and I’m just gonna get a closeup, feel free to pause. So of course it comes with the game, right? And the reason why the box is so big is because of this ring over here and also the strap.

But I think mainly because of the ring, that’s why the box is square. And just move back a little bit, get on your feet and go save the world. And then in various other languages. So you have a late strap, the ring, as we talked about, then you move your body. Just lots of game, play images over here, flex, flex, flex to fight your enemies. That’s pretty cool. Okay. So you could do like, looks like you could do like various different types of, um, exercise over here initiative. You guys are interested and feel free to positive. You need to, so you can look at the fine print down here.

Alright. So there you go. This is a three 60 around the box in the next part where I’m going to go in to do is I’m going to open this and we’ll check out what’s inside. All right. So moment of truth. So let’s go ahead and open this box and see what kind of goodies we have in here. Hopefully it’s not a prank, right? So dare you go, Oh my God. Look at that. So this is the game still wrapped in plastic plastic. All right. So that’s the game and I, can I lift this? Oh, it looks like it might help you lift this open first. All so look that and boom, the rain. So this is the rain and get it out in plastic.

So let’s get a good probably, I don’t know if I bow, it looks like 12 inches of feet, maybe a little bit more in diameter. And then you have these grippy things is made up kind of like this, you know, those workout material that, that people wear. That’s kind of what it feels like kind of rubbery and Velcro ish, little bit. Um, yep. Pretty pretty springy. If you hold onto you, I guess you would do work out like that and stuff like that. And I guess this is the, a motion detector for the switch, tack the motion and you seeders the Nintendo logo emblem on the ring itself. So that’s the ring. And then this is the, uh, leg strap that you strap on to your leg. And I think it’s pretty easy. Yes, it’s Velcro. So it’s totally adjustable on how tight you need to speed.

You want this to be so it’s totally adjustable. So which is good. I made ups very springy material, so totally adjustable or most people. So it’s about, um, it’s about eight feet long, I guess maybe a little bit more than that, of a stretching material that you can find your legs on. And of course you put your, you know, we remote over here and I think you put maybe another one. Yeah. There’s the connector that you could put another one over here. Yep. So there you go guys, a quick review on the ring, fit adventure. I am not going to do a product demonstration because I’m pretty sure other YouTubers and viewers out there probably have a demonstration on that. And you guys, they probably do a way better job than I would, but if you, if any, one of y’all, once you see me do a product demonstration of this, I’m happy, happy to do one in subsequent videos if there is interested at, but I want to keep this review short, just in case you guys are kind of wondering if this is the right, you know, um, work for you for you or, you know, or this is something that you are interested in.

I just want to save you time on that. So if you happen to, you know, enjoy my review, uh, be sure to comment like, and definitely subscribe to my channel. And also there should be a buy link somewhere in DeVito description street, you are interested in buying this right now. It is kind of still kind of hard to get this on Amazon. I did purchase this on target and I had to literally buy at 3:00 AM in the morning. I got an email 2:00 AM. I happened to be awake. And I, and I think around 3:00 AM I check my email, I got this product, but it’s pretty hard to get still at this moment. So I wish you guys best of luck in trying to get a ring fit adventure. So other than that Mr. Product Reviews out!