Just like the original Nintendo Switch, the New Nintendo Switch OLED is a portable system that works as a home console. A lot of people don’t like the idea of using a portable system as a portable system, but that’s the only way they can play Switch games. However, since the New Nintendo Switch is based on a 3DS, the major difference between the two is the fact that the top screen is a touchscreen, which supports HD rumble.

Main Features

The design of the New Nintendo Switch OLED is pretty much identical to the original Switch, with just a few cosmetic changes and the addition of the OLED screen. The stand and the Switch port have been changed, and there’s a stand built-in that helps you attach it to your TV.

The new Nintendo Switch console has 6GB of RAM and a 512-bit CPU. The Nintendo Switch OLED has 8GB of RAM and a quad-core CPU, while the original Nintendo Switch has 6GB of RAM and a dual-core CPU.

The size of the New Nintendo Switch OLED is slightly bigger than the original Nintendo Switch. The new version is 129.8 mm wide, by 75.2 mm tall, and 19.4 mm thick. The original one is 129.7 mm wide, by 71.4 mm tall, and 18.4 mm thick. It’s almost the same size as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The difference is that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is quite a bit bigger than the Nintendo Switch LED TV.


It looks almost exactly the same as the original Nintendo Switch. Let’s see its plus points.

  • It comes with a built-in OLED screen. The OLED screen offers richer colors and contrast.
  • Built-in stand makes attaching the system to the TV easy.


The Nintendo Switch OLED is the ideal portable console for those who don’t want to carry the Switch around. However, it also has a few cons.

  • It is extremely hard to get during this holiday seaon due to chip shortages, global supply chain issue, and high demand due to the populartiy of the device

Improvements from the Original Switch

Both systems have an IR Blaster built-in. The original Nintendo Switch doesn’t have an IR Blaster, but it works with Bluetooth accessories. Since this system is portable, it’s possible to use the Switch without the included AC adapter.

The New Nintendo Switch OLED also has a MicroSD card reader built-in, and the original Nintendo Switch has a MicroSD card reader. The New Nintendo Switch also comes with an HDMI Cable, unlike the original Switch, which only came with a USB-C to USB-C Cable.

General Information

The New Nintendo Switch OLED also has Bluetooth 4.1, a microphone, HDMI-in, and a MicroSD card reader. The original Nintendo Switch does not have these features, but it can be adapted to work with some third-party peripherals.

Should You Buy It?

For people who were really interested in the original Nintendo Switch but were afraid to spend big money on it, the Nintendo Switch OLED is a great alternative that costs almost half the price. If you’re not interested in games for the first-party consoles, you can use the Switch as a portable device to play some games on the go. All you need to do is hook it up to a TV and play a Switch game.