Kung Fu Z Video Review

This is a mid-game playthrough and review just to give you a taste of what its like after unlocking some interesting skills while playing the game.  Without further ado, video is below and I’ll list some tips and strategies below the video for your reference.

General Tips and Strategy

  • Buy the $4.99 booster pack, comes with a dog, scrolls, and purple gems (this will help jump-start your game), most helpful is the dog
  • Only spend purple gems on jade points, don’t waste them on scrolls
  • Ultimate goal, collect as many purple gems and/or jade points
  • Permanent Upgrades – focus on maximizing your jade points first (maxes out at level 6),  I like to focus on attack then health after that, but it’s more of a preference at this point
  • Upgrading permanent stats are the quickest way to unlock high waves
  • Focus upgrades on shirt and pants, forget about headband upgrades, just not worth it from a DPS (damage per second) perspective
  • After mastery, you will lose all your armor items and will begin with your default armor items
  • After mastery, your shirt, pants, and headband armors skill level will decrease in exchange for jade points and items (read next tip on how to retain armor levels)
  • After completion of mastery, occasionally you will get armor drops as rewards, equal those ASAP, this is the only way to retain your respective armor skill levels
  • Tapping left or right of the character will move the character to the respective direction
  • Tapping on the character will increase your attack speed, extremely effective on mini-boss and boss fights
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Farming Strategy

Best way to farm in this game is to keep the game on while you’re working on something else.  Check back occasionally, upgrade your character, let game run on auto.  Get to a wave where you can no longer progress, perform mastery.  Upgrade permanent stats if you have the available jade points.  Rinse.  Wash.  And repeat.

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