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What is up everyone. This is your boy, mr. Product reviews. And today we will be doing a review on the CU catty backseat organizer. And this is basically what it is. It comes in a box and then inside a box there’s plastic bag around it. And, uh, I’m gonna quickly inbox this in a bed and I will get to see kind of what’s written on this piece of paper and whatnot. And I, for OG you that are just here, maybe you know, you are on the verge of purchasing Dez and you’re looking for a promo code or whatever. You should see a promo code somewhere in this screen. Hair is, should give you a 20% off in Amazon. So like a, again, it’s somewhere in this screen. So a positive you need to and what have you. So what I’m going to do next is I’m going to quickly unboxed this.

Just take this off the plastic and we’ll see kind of like what’s in this letter and kind of like what we’re looking at. All right. So I’m, I got this removed from the plastic, and as you can see, this, uh, organizers actually quite large. This is actually just, you know, fold it in half. So like, if you really want to see, kinda like how like, you know, tall it is, like this is basically the bottom and then, you know, it keeps going and don’t mean to, uh, mess up my, uh, Stan here. So like she can see I’m folding in half just for the purpose of this review for now. Uh, so it’s quite tall. It looks like he could, uh, you know, uh, you could put a lot of stuff in. And I also comes through this kinda like letter from the CEO, CEO of KU catty.

Uh, and I, I’ve always enjoy kinda like when I’m boxed video or do a video with, I always enjoy kind of like the personal touch, uh, from, you know, product owners. And it looks like this is a, in feel free to positive. You want to read this through. Uh, but it looks like this is a family owned business in the, in the, in the United States. Uh, and, uh, you know, it looks like there’s a link where you can, uh, you know, join their, uh, VIP club and what have you. And so I said, I always enjoy kinda like, you know, this personal touch, uh, from product owners. So again, positive video, if you guys just want to read this group. And so let’s go ahead and take a look at, um, you know, at this kind of like backseat organizer thing. So immediately what I noticed and Oh, and by the way, this is a two pack, so this is so you could put one on the driver’s seat, right?

And then you could put, it looks like this has got hope somewhere. Um, all right, so let’s see. Yeah, so, so one, you know, you could put on a driver’s seat and the other one you could put on the passenger seat. So this is a two pack. Uh, so this is like perfect, right? And immediately what pops up for me was USB charging. Super, super awesome. So if you have kids in the back seat, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, what have you, we’ve got you covered, right? So, you know, uh, so you could hook up your USB in there, uh, and it looks like, um, there’s a couple of, uh, you know, cup holders, uh, or let’s say you could coffee cups here or what have you. And there’s another pocket here. It looks like maybe like an iPad and it’s transparent so you can put your iPad there so that it’s protected from the element and what have you, uh, again, looks like two additional, uh, cup COTA.

I think these are probably the official cup holder, um, for it. And just more pockets at the bottom. So this is a pocket down here. You could button it and then button it. And I, and again, I guess just more cup holder down here. Should you need to, I mean, it doesn’t have to be cut, but you know, uh, so this is pretty much the front of it. So I always start from the top again. So a USB and it looks like a tablet. Uh, you could put in here or maybe iPhone, right? Uh, and then just, and then you have, you know, pockets of the bottom. And let’s go ahead and take a look behind. Uh, what’s so like, yeah, so this is a pretty standard, like there’s not much behind here, just a cover. But uh, so this is where you would, uh, so this is where you hook up to your USB in front of your car so that it gets power from the front.

Right? Uh, so just be down here and Dan looks like there’s, Oh, actually these two, there’s two more of these little flap that comes out. So I guess you can put additional cups or whatever on the side too. So I guess the front would look more like this, I guess on the bottom. So just to this part sticks out so you could put additional stuff. And also it looks at those, it looks like there’s some hooks. So let’s say at the top you can, uh, secure it. Uh, this latch here, uh, it looks like this just kinda came off, but I think you guys get the idea. So you secured a nap latch at the top, and at the bottom it looks like there is these hooks that you can secure. At the bottom. Embassies. So your whole get it a bottom, the bottom of your seat.

Uh, so it looks like, let me make sure, Oh there, it looks like, it looks like there. Looks like you can put like a Kleenex box here, like in between. So this definitely looks a, you could put like Kleenex here for the kids and what have you. Uh, definitely it looks very kid friendly. Uh, definitely, definitely for kids in your back seat. Um, and it looks like this is pretty, pretty much the same thing, so there’s really no difference. So you just get two of these guys. Uh, so in my next part, what I am going to do is I am going to put this, uh, I’m going to install one of these, uh, into my Prius and uh, we’ll take a look at it and see, uh, how that works. All right, so welcome to the product demonstration part of this video. So she can see, I got this cool caddy, a backseat organizer thing all set up, uh, in this car.

And so this is a Prius C, uh, this is a, my wife’s car. And, sorry about the mess. And, um, so I’m going to try my best to, uh, you know, get a pretty good demo, uh, with this backseat organizer with her car. Unfortunately, I don’t have a minivan, but, uh, this, I think this product will be perfect for, um, like a minivan, like a family man and whatnot. So, uh, so yeah, just real quick. Uh, the installation was pretty easy, so basically you, these little, uh, so you install, you know, you basically hook it up at the top and then also there’s another latch that you can do, uh, in the middle to secure it. And in my case there also came with hooks and I just wanna like leave it out here for you guys to see. So if you guys have this escrowed latch, you know, underneath your seat, you can, you know, at that end you can hook it up, you know, um, at the bottom so that like, it’s like further secures this.

But in my case, I don’t really need to use it, so I’m just gonna like probably be tied up after, you know, this product demonstration. Um, and, uh, over here, um, you probably saw that I have an iPad over here and I do realize that if you have a much older, uh, iPad, it might be a little bit hard to put it in, but it will fit in there. Uh, but just realize if you have an older iPad, it might be a little bit snug when you try to put that in. But it will fit even with a cover without a cover is much easier. So just a FYI, I do have a older, uh, iPad, uh, I couldn’t demo it because it ran out of battery, so I decided to use a more recent, uh, generation iPad. I can’t remember just maybe a third or fourth gen.

and, um, and so this particular one, uh, it, it doesn’t really seem to pick up the fingerprint sensor well a bit, but it is still touch sensitive so you can still enter your password, you know, in past code or what have you and get in there. So, uh, the screen is, is touch sensitive, which is good. Uh, one of the thing is like, do realize that it’s really hard to like turn it off. Uh, so, uh, just just realize cause that’s where the power button is to turn off the screen. So like, do you realize that? But if you have any type of, um, auto shutdown, like, you know, uh, on your iPad, it should be fine. And so, yeah, let’s go over some of the other features real quick. Uh, so here’s the USB charging and, uh, so I basically have this wire hooked all the way back there or something.

My wiggle, I, if there’s a USB thing, uh, hooked up to the front of the car there. So, uh, the, the wire, you know, it depends on the mottoes and other cars. So like, uh, in this particular model, which is the Prius C, uh, I have two fish, basic official wire all the way out there. If you have a USB, a, you know, a court extender, you can probably put it in even underneath the seat. So, you know, this becomes less of a eyesore, but you know, all in off awful road ship and stuff like that. I think is fairly acceptable, you know, and also, uh, gives you a four extra charging station, uh, should you need it. Right. Uh, so, so that’s the USB. And uh, so, uh, one thing I didn’t really talk about was these holder earlier in my a review is that these are actually insulated.

So I just want to shoot one to show you guys the installations that these are insulated. So he’s going to keep things cool, warm, uh, what have you, and if there’s two of them, this is kind of nice and a little net over here for you know, cards or whatever. And Dan Kleenex box, right. You know, kids, right. And then down here, and I want to see if these are insulated as well. Yep. So the bottom one over here is also insulated and there’s another one over here as insulated as well. Uh, and then you have a little pocket that you can like push stuff in and this button, do you know, you could open it so you could like, you know, if you don’t, if you want the extra space or if you don’t, it’s just, you know, put it back in there. And you also have two more additional cup holder over here.

Uh, it’s not insulated, so just a FYI. So if there’s one, and then there’s one, and I think I talked about this in the previous, uh, part of the review. Uh, but yeah, so pretty much this is the coup daddy, uh, you know, back seat, um, organizer and this pretty much concludes the, you know, demo portion, uh, this video. All right. So I hope you enjoy this view on the a CU caddy backseat organizer. I hope you guys, you know, learn a thing or two, um, about this product. And again, if you’re interested in purchasing this product, uh, there should be a coupon code somewhere on this screen, uh, for, uh, I believe 20% off. And also if you want to get the link to where you can buy this product, uh, on Amazon, does she be a link in the video description below? If you want to, you know, check it out. So again, uh, thank you for watching. And if you enjoy my channel, please comment, like, and subscribe. Definitely. That would mean a lot to me. So other than that, mr. Product reviews out.