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Crush Them All is a retro-styled RPG featuring fast-paced gameplay and a variety of humorous animation sequences. It takes place in a dark and scary forest and you will fight monsters in a rather fast paced battle system. It’s the perfect party RPG for fans of the genre, as well as anyone looking for a fun, action-packed game to play this summer.

Main Features

Some of the amazing features includes:

  • An outstanding, colorful cartoon-style interface
  • More than four quirky characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Fun and engaging combat system, with over 20 different types of attacks
  • Numerous customizable items
  • An arsenal of ludicrous weapons, which let you get creative with special attacks
  • More than more than four different playable characters, each with their own battle stats, spell effects, and health
  • Recruit your four teammates, each with a different set of skills and varying combos
  • Intuitive touch controls, with one-button auto-battle and precise commands to control your allies
  • The main currency in the game is Flooz which is used for buying any type of available material
  • Expedition is not about PvE or PvP, it’s basically a neutral category for getting different materials for the upgradation of weapons and awakening of heroes


The game focusses and works mainly on staging strategy. Whenever you start it, you run towards the right side, it goes on by cleaning different levels of stages. This process is known as staging in this game. It becomes less essential whenever the game proceeds.

It consists of two activities of groups, the first one is PvP and the second one is PvE. PvP means Player vs Player and PvE means Player vs Environment. The PvP activities mostly include Guild Wars, Blitz, and Arena. On the other hand, PvE includes Guild Slay Events, Daily Dungeons, and Staging.

The game is very casual, so you can play it while watching TV or any other mobile device.


  • Easy to understand UI, great UX, short and sweet
  • A lighthearted, fast-paced experience
  • Detailed stats for each class of magic
  • Thought-provoking story and characters
  • Customizable spells, equipment, actions, inventory


  • Casual game (in case you’re a serious gamer)

Is It Worth Playing or Not?

Yes, it’s worth it. The game is very short and it’s worth spending some quality time in it. The storytelling is one of the highlights. The story is told through game play. It’s good for short bursts of time.

Overall, Crush Them All is a fun, lighthearted game that can be played while watching TV or on a mobile device. We recommend it as an excellent value for the money.  If you play it for only a couple of minutes per day that’s all you need to keep the ball rolling