Video Transcription of Cowin E7 Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

What is up everyone, this is your boy, Mr. Product reviews. And today we are going to you, I’ll do a review on Cohen East seven pro. Uh, so the reason why I um, got this, um, a headphone is because, um, so am I in my real work, uh, it looks like they’re doing some you structuring, we’re moving offices and it looks like I’m going to lose my office and so I’ll be working in cubes and I um, you know, I tend to get distracted quite easily with noise and movement and things like that. So I figure I should probably get myself a, a noise canceling headphone just so I could at least, you know, have some ways to focus. Uh, with my work and my daily day job, I do a lot of, you know, data analysis, programming and, and whatnot. So I really need to, you know, find a way to focus and be, uh, less distracted.

Cause currently right now I’m in office, so like I’m, I don’t have that type of distraction, but once I move into cubes is going to be kind of crazy. So that’s why I got this headphone, just so I could, uh, you know, uh, be able to focus with my date, day to day work and I’m where I picked up this product, I picked up this product in Amazon and I, and um, I think this is still one of the best sale, um, best seller and a on Amazon and other reviews. Looks pretty solid. So I decided to, hey, why not, you know, let me purchase this and give it a try and see. So as you can see, this, uh, packages, so string wrapped, I haven’t opened it yet yet. So, uh, we will, you know, do the unboxing together. Uh, so see you in a bit.

All right. So I just removed the shrink wrap and I sort of just, you know, uh, um, Bucko Kinda like this box a little bit cause it takes a little bit open because of all the air suction and whatnot. So I just barely opened it. So, uh, now I’m just going to open a box and then in it, uh, it looks like there’s a little, uh, thank you. Now. Um, so you know, if you guys want to read what it says, you could pause the video and I assumed that bill, uh, Yep. You’re is probably the CEO or you know, somebody important, uh, in, in this, given that the brand name is also his last name. So, uh, this is kind of Nice to get a little, you know, Carla, see nothing in the back. So a little thank you card. So that’s Kinda Nice. Um, all right.

So, uh, after that, um, you see that a, it comes with a pretty, um, few, it’s pretty nice. Is uh, um, definitely not hard. Not Harsh Shell plastic, but definitely I have a little plastic feel to it is, it doesn’t feel bad that that I can tell you that as soon. A few speeding. So it’s nice. It comes with a case, which I am a, for me, I’m kind of surprised that it does come with a case, which is nice because then you can really protect, you know, your, uh, your headphone. Uh, so it’s nice to have as a product. So I’m just going to remove this box for a sec. All right. So let’s go ahead and just kind of like unzip this and zip it and then what’s in here if boom. So pretty nice presentation. He got some stuff going on. Um, so to have phone is here, which we will go in a bit.

So what does it come with? It comes with a user guy and a pretty standard. Um, I’m, I might read it if I don’t know how this stuff works, but pretty much, um, I, I’m a user experience designer in my past life and uh, you know, if it’s not plug and play, I think it’s poor user experience. Uh, but uh, and we need to, we’ll come back to this. So a user guy and um, USB cable to charge your headphone. So, okay. And then what is this? Oh, this is a analog, a headphone Jack. If you want to use the headphone Jack Instead of Bluetooth. Yeah. So one thing I forgot to mention is this is Bluetooth enabled headphone. Uh, but you can use the analog if you want to a VIP card. What is this about the Ip card. Okay. So VIP card and it says register as a VIP, extend your warranty.

Uh, so okay, that’s nice. Just another way to um, you know, get my email so you guys can send me stuff. Um, uh, I like the branding. I like that the fact that you guys call it a VIP and makes me feel like a VIP. I liked the black card, like a credit card, so, um, nice branding, nice marketing. Um, definitely, uh, I think just by calling it VIP, I think, um, you, you, you guys will probably get quite a bit of conversions on that and with, you know, people getting to register and whatnot, so I may consider it. And then what it says, $1 for every child, a fair chance. So that, okay. So a little bit charity stuff going on. Okay, cool. Cool. All right. So then there’s that inside the case and, um, just, you know, before we get into the headphone, so like, just want to show you the case so it has a little pocket where you can put all your wires up there and you know, nothing too special or fancy with the, you know, Cohen brand name on it.

Uh, but yeah, feels pretty good. Yeah, I mean it feels pretty sturdy. I think, uh, it, it could definitely sustain a fall, a drought or something if we had phone happens to be in itself. So cool. Awesome. Alright, now comes the moment that we’ve been waiting for. So this is the Koan east seven pro. I want to be very clear that this is the east seven pro and not the east seven. Uh, so this is the pro version of the e seven. And uh, so this is to have fun, uh, looks, you know, it looks pretty nice. And I think in previous generation, most of the parts were made of plastic. Um, so with the east seven pro, I think they did some iteration on it, maybe from customer feedback and what have you. Um, looks like they added some, um, feels like pleather like fake leather.

Right. Um, so, so fake leather, uh, around, around the a headband and then, uh, and then here’s the kind of like, let me just flip it right here. Maybe easy. Yeah. Um, so, uh, again, more pleather around. Um, so is there you go. Phew. Is pretty good. Um, few square you good here too. And um, in this part pretty much is made of plastic and then, and then this is probably some type of plastic on it, but it feels pretty nice as this kind of like a rough, smooth texture. I don’t know that the chemical and check the CD, the UCD groove on it. Yeah. Yeah, I see casita group, so I kind of got this move in a rough texture at the same time. She was pretty nice. Um, so to me, without thinking too hard, I think these are the volume control over here.

Um, I would have done it as a user experience designer. I would have done it differently, that I would have put the plus at the top and minus at the bottom. So like, you know, as you increased the value press upright and then as you decrease the volume press down. Uh, but I’m sure you guys might have a reason why is inverse. Um, I don’t really understand why, but you know, again, this is just very, very minor. I would have plus d I would’ve put the plus at the top and mindset bottom, but that’s just me. Um, again, uh, Cohen branding on the sidings on both of it. So very nice. Very nice. And I think this is the a power indicator to let you know Dennis on as my assumption. That is, um, so does it tell you? Yeah. So, oh, you hear it go, I don’t know if the camera catches.

Yeah, so he tells you this is the left side and let’s see. Yeah, there we go. This is the right side. So, yeah, so like most of this party stuff are still in plastic. Um, so yeah. Um, I, I don’t, you know, I though it would be very hard for me to, uh, tell you, um, how I’m going to show you how it sounds like, but this is kind of like, um, I mean my experience and my opinion, uh, of this, uh, product, uh, I know I have friends who are like basically audio file. They could hear like, you know, uh, you know, the, the sum range on things that like I myself, can I even Phantom of herring? Uh, but they do. Um, so I’m not like exactly kind of like, you know, like your, you know, high end audio file. Um, all I wanted was really something that has noise cancellation in this.

Um, heaven does come with noise cancellation. So let me just show you, um, were the power switches. So here we go. So here’s the house which I was off in. Then you have Bluetooth mode and you have noise cancellation mode. Uh, and also you could put your headphone Jack too. Uh, if, uh, you don’t want to use Bluetooth, so you could do, you have on Jack Us. Wow. And, um, so, you know, going back to the sound, um, I sort of did a little bit of research before I purchase this two. And a lot of people are saying that like when you’re in noise cancellation mode, it tends to kind of cut out Dee Dee lows. Um, uh, you know, uh, of, uh, of the music that you’re listening to you and also cuts off the high of the music that you’re listening to. Uh, I myself, uh, didn’t feel that per se.

Uh, you know, when it’s in noise cancellation mode, but when, when a is in noise cancellation mode, I do feel there’s a little, it’s hard to describe it as almost like this really, really fade like [inaudible] that’s the best kind of like sound. I can parrot describe a very, very fade and I did some research on it and basically what noise cancellation is, it tries to cancels out, kind of like the noise does not supposed to be music and then it does this weird frequency thing. So, um, to some people it feels like there’s a pressure change. Uh, to me, I would just kinda like, I, I that I do feel that pressure change slightly. Um, and, and, and I also that moon sound, but like, it’s very, very faint, very faint. I mean, uh, I, I could hear it, but like, it’s not bad. Like, but I also feel like when it is in noise cancellation mode, uh, I, uh, am able to, um, to, to feel like I’m more zone in with my stuff.

Like I could, like, I could like, like for example, if my wife was telling me something while, while I’m in noise cancellation mode, I couldn’t, I couldn’t hear her. Uh, you know, so I mean, that’s really the point of, of me buying this headphones. So that zone, the sound, this sounds in my surrounding out so that I could do my work, you know? So I think to me, that’s when, so if I was like, am I office, uh, I would probably have this on in noise cancellation mode so that I could really focus in the zone. Now everyone, uh, I mean, that’s really the point so that I can focus. Um, but then like, you know, I, but then when I don’t need to kind of a zone people out, you know, and things like that, I did try to like, you know, put this on my gaming machine just to kind of like play games with it.

And I just haven’t Bluetooth, uh, simply because I, I, I’m not a big fan of that kind of like pressure change and that little faint cell in the back. I’m just not a big fan of it and as I really need to use it. So like when I’m playing games or whatever, I usually just have on Bluetooth mode. Um, so another thing is too, one thing I wanted to find out too is can I sync this Bluetooth headphone with multiple device? Uh, I’m sorry, multiple devices. And uh, so far in my research the answer is no. So I sync this with my work computer fruit, Bluetooth, and I try to sync this with my gaming machine. However, when I do sync sync it on my gaming machine, I lose the connection in my, um, in my work computer. So, to me, my research have shown that I, I can’t do that.

I’m sure there are hacks that you can do and people that are way more technical than me can probably do a way better job, but just from out of the box, you know, five to 10 minutes of research, to me the answer is no. So what I do is like, you know, when I use it for work, I use, I have it on Bluetooth and then when I, uh, just, you know, have it, uh, when I’m just playing games, what I can do is, um, I could turn this puppy on and I just plug in my headphone and that would pick up the sound from that. Um, so then, uh, the sink on your, on your say your work computer is still connected. So one in like disconnect. I sink all together. So, um, so there you go. Like, you know, uh, if, you know, that’s how I like, you know, sync it with um, two devices if you will.

Uh, let’s see what else is steadier. I want to talk about, um, if, um, I guess if you guys are interested, I’m just interested in seeing the back of the box. This is kind of held it back of the box. Looks like, um, you know, we’ve emailed support, uh, is seems to me like my first impression of Cohen is that, uh, I feel like they really care about the products. They, they, there were multiple points of uh, uh, uh, of, of contacts I see in their boxes and in the thank you card and whatnot. So I feel very good in terms of the customer support. I have yet to use the customer support since, um, I have no trouble, uh, using, uh, these headphones. Oh. And another thing is, um, are these heavy, um, they’re not from what I saw in PR in other reviews is that the east seven?

Nothing, not this one. This one is the ESM and pro, uh, the [inaudible]. Um, there are reviews that says that this is heavy. It is heavy, but heavy in a good way. Um, to meet this one I feel like is probably, to me it doesn’t really feel heavy. If I would say like medium weight is a good, it’s a good weight for me. Um, and also too, if you happen to wear glasses, especially glasses that have really, um, you know, like the, uh, the, the, um, I don’t even know what you call what you call it, but basically the little, uh, uh, the, the, the side, the glasses if you site is really thick, um, you know, and when this headphone presses against it, it might kind of like, cause a little bit of discomfort around your ear. Um, so like, just to just realize that if you’re wearing glasses, that’s something that you might want to test out.

And it’s hard to say to, uh, it really depends what your classes are like. I have a lot of different pair of glasses. So the only reason why, how I found out was because I have classes that have really thick size and then I have glasses, I have really thin ones. And what I’ve noticed is if I have really thick though, if I wear glasses, I have really fixed size. It tends to kind of like cause some discomfort on my, around my ear. But if I was wearing like a really thin side kind of glasses, thin frame, then it doesn’t. So that’s just something that you might want to be aware of. Um, Yep. So anyway, uh, this is my review on a Cohen, uh, east seven pro. Uh, thank you so much for watching. If you find this helpful, uh, definitely pleased, like, you know, comment. Uh, and also, definitely if you can subscribe to our channel, uh, it would definitely mean a lot to us. Um, so anyway, MR product reviews out.