image of business LeahDDesigns

5.0 / 5 stars, out of 2 reviews

Providence, RI 02906

Phone: (310) 343-8947

Review Summary

LeahDDesigns is an interior design business located in Providence, RI 02906. With a rating of 5.0 and 2 positive reviews, LeahDDesigns has proven to be a reliable and creative choice for those in need of interior design services.

One reviewer mentioned that they needed an interior decorator to refresh their house after 12 years, but had no idea where to start. They were looking for something that would look good and suit their taste. Fortunately, LeahDDesigns was able to help them out. The reviewer was impressed with the professional and creative approach that Leah took. With her expertise, she was able to provide the guidance and recommendations needed to transform the reviewer’s home. This positive experience speaks to Leah’s ability to understand her clients’ needs and deliver results that exceed expectations.

In another review, a client expressed their need for a major change in their house. Leah took the time to listen to their needs and preferences, and then devised a game plan to bring their vision to life. The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome and praised Leah’s professionalism and creativity. This testimonial is a testament to Leah’s ability to not only understand her clients’ desires, but also to translate them into tangible design solutions.

Overall, LeahDDesigns is a highly recommended choice for anyone in need of interior design services. With her professional and creative approach, Leah has proven to be a reliable and skilled designer. Whether it’s a small refresh or a major transformation, LeahDDesigns has the expertise to bring your vision to life.

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Meridian Custom Homes

image of business Meridian Custom Homes

2.5 / 5 stars, out of 3 reviews

One Richmond Sq
Ste 117C
Providence, RI 02906

Phone: (866) 455-6806

Review Summary

Meridian Custom Homes is a company that specializes in general contracting and interior design. With a rating of 2.5 stars and three reviews, it’s clear that their services have received mixed feedback.

The first reviewer had a terrible experience with the builder, advising others to steer clear. They express their frustration, mentioning that a simple Google search could have saved them a significant amount of time. Unfortunately, they gave the company a rating of 1 star.

On the other hand, the second reviewer had a completely different experience. They hired Meridian Custom Homes to build their custom home in Rehoboth MA, and working with Chris Kelley was a pleasure for them. They mention how enjoyable it was to design their house with him and give a glowing 5-star rating.

The third review echoes the sentiment of the first reviewer, with a strong warning to avoid this so-called “custom builder.” They describe a nightmare of broken promises, poor communication, and extensive delays lasting for over two years. They also gave a rating of 1 star.

Based on these reviews, it’s clear that Meridian Custom Homes has had both positive and negative experiences with their clients. It’s important for potential customers to thoroughly research and consider these reviews before making a decision.

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Oden Home

image of business Oden Home

2.5 / 5 stars, out of 2 reviews

383 W Fountain St
Ste 118
Providence, RI 02903

Phone: (401) 486-2749

Review Summary

Oden Home is a general contractor and interior design company located at 383 W Fountain St, Ste 118, Providence, RI 02903. They have a rating of 2.5 stars based on 2 reviews.

The first review is from a customer who had a residential extension done by Oden Home. The customer mentions that the work included a peaked ceiling, a redesigned kitchen, a new bathroom, and the refinishing of two exterior decks. They are pleased with the excellent finish work and give a rating of 4 stars.

The second review is from a customer who hired Oden Home to renovate 3 bathrooms in their historic house. The customer mentions that the contractor provided a timeline of six weeks for the project. However, in retrospect, the customer feels that the timeline was not met and expresses their dissatisfaction with the delay. They give a rating of 1 star.

Based on these reviews, it seems that Oden Home has a mixed reputation. While one customer is satisfied with the finish work of their project, another customer is dissatisfied with the timeline of their renovation. It is important for potential customers to consider these factors and communicate their expectations clearly when working with Oden Home.

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