Triple L Plumbing & Heating

image of business Triple L Plumbing & Heating

3.0 / 5 stars, out of 2 reviews

415 W 4th St
Leadville, CO 80461

Phone: (719) 486-5255

Review Summary

Triple L Plumbing & Heating is a plumbing and HVAC company located in Leadville, CO. With a rating of 3.0, they have received mixed reviews from their customers.

One customer, who gave them a 5-star rating, had a positive experience with the company. According to the review, Michael, a representative from Triple L Plumbing & Heating, provided them with outstanding customer service. Michael worked closely with them throughout a challenging new home project, ensuring that everything was taken care of from start to finish. This customer was highly satisfied with the level of service they received.

However, another customer had a negative experience with the company. They rated them 1 star and expressed frustration over the lack of response to their phone calls. According to the review, the customer attempted to contact Triple L Plumbing & Heating but received no reply even after waiting for three days. This customer felt that the lack of communication demonstrated a lack of care for people and believed that the company already had enough work to handle.

It is important to note that these reviews reflect the experiences of individual customers and may not be indicative of the overall quality of Triple L Plumbing & Heating’s services. It is recommended that potential customers consider these reviews along with other factors when making a decision about hiring the company.

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