Imperial Tile

image of business Imperial Tile

4.0 / 5 stars, out of 10 reviews

1140 Broad St
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

Phone: (732) 389-5511

Review Summary

Imperial Tile is a flooring store located at 1140 Broad St in Shrewsbury, NJ. With a rating of 4.0 and a total of 10 reviews, this store has made a positive impression on its customers.

One customer had been searching for a specific tile design and had come across it at a high-end store in Manhattan. However, the price was too high for them to afford. They had given up on the idea until they discovered Imperial Tile. This customer was thrilled to find the same medieval-looking tile at a more affordable price. They were impressed with the quality and were grateful that they didn’t have to compromise on their vision.

Another satisfied customer had chosen Imperial Tile for their bathroom renovation project. They were renovating both their full bath and half bath and decided to get both tiles and vanities from this store. The customer was delighted with the extensive collection of tiles available at Imperial Tile. They found the perfect options for their bathrooms and were impressed with the quality of the products.

One reviewer had an awesome experience with Imperial Tile and praised the store for its excellent customer service. They mentioned that the staff, particularly Deborah, was great to work with. The customer appreciated the attention and assistance they received while selecting their tiles. They were also impressed with the product quality and found the prices unbeatable.

Overall, Imperial Tile has proven to be a reliable and customer-oriented flooring store. With a diverse collection of tiles, great customer service, and competitive prices, they have left a positive impression on their customers. Whether you’re looking for a specific tile design or planning a bathroom renovation, Imperial Tile is definitely worth considering.

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