Country Flooring Direct

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4.0 / 5 stars, out of 10 reviews

536 Us-70
Pegram, TN 37143

Phone: (615) 646-0366

Review Summary

Country Flooring Direct is a reputable flooring company located in Pegram, TN. With a rating of 4.0, they have received positive feedback from their customers. They specialize in flooring, carpet installation, and carpeting, catering to a variety of needs.

One satisfied customer, Jason, had an exceptional experience with Country Flooring Direct. He praised the company for their outstanding customer service and their ability to provide tailored advice to meet his specific requirements. Jason was impressed by their attention to detail and their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. He highly recommends their services.

However, not all experiences with Country Flooring Direct have been positive. Another reviewer, who preferred to remain anonymous, had a disappointing encounter. They had previously used the company and were satisfied, but upon hiring them again a few years later, they encountered issues. The reviewer claimed that several boxes of their belongings were stolen by the crew. This unfortunate experience left them dissatisfied with the service they received.

Similarly, another reviewer expressed disappointment with Country Flooring Direct. They initially believed that by supporting a local business, they would receive premium flooring products. However, they felt that the company did not live up to their expectations. The reviewer was left feeling that they paid a premium for subpar flooring options, which did not align with their initial intention of supporting a local business.

While there have been mixed reviews, it is important to note that Country Flooring Direct has received positive feedback, indicating that they have satisfied customers. It is advisable for potential customers to thoroughly research and communicate their expectations with the company to ensure a positive experience.

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