New Castle Flooring

1.0 / 5 stars, out of 1 reviews

1617 Broad St
New Castle, IN 47362

Phone: (765) 521-0244

Review Summary

New Castle Flooring is a flooring company located at 1617 Broad St, New Castle, IN 47362. They specialize in flooring services and have a rating of 1.0. Unfortunately, they have received a negative review from a customer.

The reviewer had a terrible experience with New Castle Flooring. They mentioned that it is the WORST flooring company EVER. They left a bad review on the company’s Facebook page, but instead of addressing their concerns, New Castle Flooring decided to block and harass them. This is highly unprofessional and reflects poorly on the company’s customer service.

The reviewer also mentioned that New Castle Flooring measured incorrectly, which resulted in a major issue. This is a significant mistake that should never happen in a professional flooring company. Customers rely on accurate measurements to ensure a seamless and satisfactory installation process.

Based on this negative review, it is clear that New Castle Flooring lacks proper customer service and attention to detail. It is important for a flooring company to prioritize customer satisfaction and rectify any mistakes made. Unfortunately, New Castle Flooring failed to meet these expectations.

If you are in need of flooring services, it is recommended to consider other options and avoid New Castle Flooring. There are plenty of other reputable flooring companies that prioritize customer satisfaction and provide high-quality service.

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